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Merican, A.F.; Hoque, M.A.; Fard, A.T.; Rahman, M.; Alattas, O.; Akazawa, K. (2011) Comparison of dynamic responses of cellular metabolites in escherichia coli to pulse addition of substrates. Biologia, 66 (6). pp. 954-966. ISSN 0006-3088

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Abdullah, R.B.; Khadijah, W.E.W.; Airina, R.; Nizam, A.R.M. (2011) Using fetal-heart size measured from ultrasound scanner images to estimate age of gestation in goat. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 10 (19). pp. 2528-2540. ISSN 1680-5593

Abdullah, R.B.; Khadijah, W.E.W.; Azlina, K.N. (2011) The effect of body weight on fresh sperm movement characteristics in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 10 (17). pp. 2215-2220. ISSN 1680-5593

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Agamuthu, P. (2011) Single use sin cre poducts and its waste management challenges. Malaysian Journal of Science, 30 (1). pp. 1-2. ISSN 13943065

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Agamuthu, P.; Fauziah, S.H. (2011) Pharmaceuticals in the environment, a prescription for disaster? Waste Management & Research, 29 (4). pp. 349-350. ISSN 0734-242X

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Amirdivani, S.; Baba, A.S. (2011) Changes in Yogurt Fermentation Characteristics, And Antioxidant Potential And In Vitro Inhibition Of Angiotensin-1 Converting Enzyme Upon The Inclusion Of Peppermint, Dill And Basil. Lwt-Food Science and Technology, 44 (6). pp. 1458-1464. ISSN 0023-6438

Arumugam, N.D.; Ajam, N.; Blackall, P.J.; Asiah, N.M.; Ramlan, M.; Maria, J.; Yuslan, S.; Thong, K.L. (2011) Capsular serotyping of pasteurella multocida from various animal hosts - a comparison of phenotypic and genotypic methods. Tropical Biomedicine, 28 (1). pp. 55-63. ISSN 0127-5720

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Emenike, C.U.; Agamuthu, P.; Fauziah, S.H. (2011) Characterization of active landfill leachate and associated impacts on edible fish (Orechromis Mossambicus). Malaysian Journal of Science, 30 (2). pp. 99-104. ISSN 13943065

Fauziah, S.H.; Agamuthu, P.; Wan Siti NurHajar, W.I. (2011) Heavy metal accumulation in ipomoea reptans and helianthus annuus. Malaysian Journal of Science, 30 (1). pp. 36-44. ISSN 13943065

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Hashim, R.; Hartbauer, M.; Siegert, M.E.; Romer, H. (2011) Neuronal correlates of a preference for leading signals in the synchronizing bushcricket mecopoda elongata (orthoptera, tettigoniidae). Journal of Experimental Biology, 214 (23). pp. 3924-3934. ISSN 0022-0949

Hashim, R.; Maruyama, M.; Kanao, T. (2011) A new genus of compactopediina (coleoptera: staphylinidae) associated with longipeditermes (isoptera: termitidae) in peninsular Malaysia with a key to and phylogenetic analysis of all genera of the subtribe. Insect Systematics & Evolution, 42 (4). pp. 349-364. ISSN 1399-560X

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Hashim, R.; Ito, F.; Billen, J. (2011) Functional morphology of the metapleural gland in workers of the ant crematogaster inflata (hymenoptera, formicidae). Invertebrate Biology, 130 (3). pp. 277-281. ISSN 1077-8306

Hashim, R.; Maschwitz, U.; Fiala, B.; Meyer, U. (2011) Pollination systems in pioneer trees of the genus macaranga (euphorbiaceae) in Malaysian rainforests. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 103 (4). pp. 935-953. ISSN 0024-4066

Hashim, R.; Ruedi, M.; Omar, H.; Adamson, E.A.S.; Bhassu, S.; Goodman, S.M.; Soarimalala, V. (2011) Phylogenetic relationships of Malayan and Malagasy pygmy shrews of the genus suncus (soricomorpha: soricidae) inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome B gene sequences. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 59 (2). pp. 237-243. ISSN 0217-2445

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Imdadul, H.; Wirakarnain, S.; Koshy, P.; Arash, R.; Shariff, H.A.B.M.; Mat, T.R. (2011) Valuable antioxidant and antimicrobial extracts from rhizophora mucronata of Asiatic Mangrove forests. Research Journal of Biotechnology, 6 (1). pp. 10-14. ISSN 0973-6263

In, L.L.A.; Azmi, M.N.; Ibrahim, H.; Awang, K.; Nagoor, N.H. (2011) 1 ' S-1 '-acetoxyeugenol acetate: a novel phenylpropanoid from Alpinia conchigera enhances the apoptotic effects of paclitaxel in MCF-7 cells through NF-kappa B inactivation. Anti-Cancer Drugs, 22 (5). pp. 424-434. ISSN 0959-4973

Jafari, N.; Othman, R.Y.; Khalid, N. (2011) Effect of Benzylaminopurine (BAP) pulsing on in vitro shoot multiplication of musa acuminata (banana) cv. berangan. African Journal of Biotechnology, 10 (13). pp. 2446-2450. ISSN 1684-5315

Jamaludin, A.A.; Daud, N.K.; Mohd Ariffin, A.R.; Hussein, H. (2011) Energy performance of three residential college buildings in University of Malaya campus, Kuala Lumpur. Journal of Design and Built Environment, 9. pp. 59-73.

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Conference or Workshop Item

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