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Al-Idrus, A. and Carpentier, S.C. and Ahmad, M.T. and Panis, B. and Mohamed, Z. (2017) Elucidation of the compatible interaction between banana and Meloidogyne incognita via high-throughput proteome profiling. PLoS ONE, 12 (6). e0178438. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

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Asmawi, M.Z. and Ngaimin, N. and Mahamod, N.Z. and Noor, N.M. and Omar, H. (2017) Assessing the Forestry Environmental Condition Using GIS-AHP Approach in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Campus, Malaysia. Advanced Science Letters, 23 (7). pp. 6372-6376. ISSN 1936-6612, DOI

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Ayob, F.W. and Simarani, K. and Abidin, N.Z. and Mohamad, J. (2017) First report on a novel Nigrospora sphaerica isolated from Catharanthus roseus plant with anticarcinogenic properties. Microbial Biotechnology, 10 (4). pp. 926-932. ISSN 1751-7915, DOI


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Chuah, L.O. and Yap, K.P. and Ahamed Kamal, S.S. and Thong, Kwai Lin and Ahmad, R. and Liong, M.T. and Rusul, G. (2017) Floricoccus tropicus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Floricoccus penangensis sp. nov. isolated from fresh flowers of durian tree and hibiscus. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1466-5026, DOI


Dishaw, I.J. and Muniandy, S. and Teh, S.J. and Ibrahim, F. and Leo, B.F. and Thong, Kwai Lin (2017) Development of an aptasensor using reduced graphene oxide chitosan complex to detect Salmonella. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 806. pp. 88-96. ISSN 1572-6657, DOI


Foo, Y.Y. and Periasamy, V. and Kiew, L.V. and Kumar, G.G. and Malek, S.N.A. (2017) Curcuma mangga-Mediated Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles: Characterization, Stability, Cytotoxicity, and Blood Compatibility. Nanomaterials, 7 (6). p. 123. ISSN 2079-4991, DOI


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Halim, A.A.A. and Zaroog, M.S. and Kadir, H.A. and Tayyab, S. (2017) Alcohol-induced structural transitions in the acid-denatured Bacillus licheniformis α-amylase. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 21 (Spp.1). S349-S358. ISSN 1319-6103, DOI

Heo, C.C. and Latif, B. and Kurahashi, H. and Tan, S.H. and Chew, W.K. and Nazni, W.A. and Omar, B. (2017) Preliminary observations of necrophagous dipteran activities and a new host record of parasitoids on a high-rise building. Polish Journal of Entomology, 86 (2). pp. 165-180. ISSN 2299-9884, DOI

Hoe, S.L.L. and Tan, L.P. and Abdul Aziz, N. and Liew, K. and Teow, S.Y. and Abdul Razak, F.R. and Chin, Y.M. and Mohamed Shahrehan, N.A. and Chu, T.L. and Mohd Kornain, N.K. and Peh, S.C. and Koay, C.E. and Lo, K.W. and Ahmad, M. and Ng, C.C. and Khoo, A.S.B. (2017) CD24, CD44 and EpCAM enrich for tumour-initiating cells in a newly established patient-derived xenograft of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 12372. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Hossain, A.S. and Uddin, M.M. (2017) Callus cell, shoot and stem proliferation data from pineapple crown and banana inflorescence in vitro: Biochemical and antioxidant properties. Data in Brief, 10. pp. 340-345. ISSN 2352-3409, DOI

Husin, Maryam and Li, Abd Rashid and Ramli, Norfadhilah and Romli, Ahmad Zafir and Hakimi, Mohd Idham and Ilham, Zul (2017) Preparation and characterization of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose isolated from waste Leucaena leucocephala seeds. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4 (3). pp. 51-58. ISSN 2313-626X, DOI

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Ibrahim, M.H. and Kong, Y.C. and Zain, N.A.M. (2017) Effect of Cadmium and Copper Exposure on Growth, Secondary Metabolites and Antioxidant Activity in the Medicinal Plant Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr). Molecules, 22 (10). p. 1623. ISSN 1420-3049, DOI


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Lee, C.W. and Lim, J.H. and Heng, P.L. (2017) Viral dynamics during a phytoplankton bloom event. In: 14th Annual Meeting Geosciences Society (AOGS) 2017, 6-11 August 2017, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore. (Submitted)

Lee, H.K. and Abdul Halim, H. and Thong, Kwai Lin and Chai, L.C. (2017) Assessment of Food Safety Knowledge, Attitude, Self-Reported Practices, and Microbiological Hand Hygiene of Food Handlers. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14 (1). p. 55. ISSN 1661-7827, DOI

Liew, S.K. and Azmi, M.N. and In, L.L.A. and Awang, Khalijah and Nagoor, Noor Hasima (2017) Anti-proliferative, apoptotic induction, and anti-migration effects of hemi-synthetic 1&prime;<em>S</em>-1&prime;-acetoxychavicol acetate analogs on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Drug Design, Development and Therapy, 11. pp. 2763-2776. ISSN 1177-8881, DOI

Lim, K.S. and Ng, C.C. and Chan, C.K. and Foo, W.S. and Low, J.S.Y. and Tan, C.T. (2017) Ethnic variation of genetic (idiopathic) generalized epilepsy in Malaysia. Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy, 45. pp. 24-27. ISSN 1059-1311, DOI

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Mansor, M.R.A. and Hoo, C.L. and Taib, N.M. and Aizon, W.G.W. and Ilham, Zul (2017) The effect of increasing the percentage of hydrogen added to methane in direct injection spark ignition engine to the composition of CO and CO2 emissions. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 12 (10). pp. 3145-3150. ISSN 1819-6608,

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