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Abd Halim, Adyani Azizah and Abdul Kadir, Habsah and Tayyab, Saad (2008) Guanidine hydrochloride-induced denaturation of bovine serum albumin: A comparative study and analysis using different probes. Malaysian Journal of Science, 27 (2). pp. 9-17. ISSN 1394-3065,

Abdullah, Fauziah (2008) A note on the nocturnal beetle fauna of Lalang Island in the Straits of Malacca. Malaysian Journal of Science, 27 (3). pp. 113-118. ISSN 1394-3065,

Abdullah, Fauziah and Sina, Ibnu and Fauzee, Fatmahjihan (2008) The Ground Beetle Fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of Kenyir Water Catchment, Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 11 (21). pp. 2478-2483. ISSN 1028-8880, DOI

Abdullah, Ramli and Khadijah, W.E.W. and Rahman, A.N.M.A. (2008) A review of reproductive biotechnologies and their application in goat. Biotechnology, 7 (2). pp. 371-384. ISSN 1682296X, DOI

Abdullah, Ramli and Ng, S.C. and Chan, W.K. and Liow, S.L. and Wan-Khadijah, W.E. and Rahman, A. (2008) Prolonging the interval from ovarian hyperstimulation to laparoscopic ovum pick-up improves oocyte yield, quality, and developmental competence in goats. Theriogenology, 70 (5). pp. 765-771. ISSN 0093-691X, DOI

Abdullah, Ramli and Wan-Khadijah, W.E. and Rahman, A.N.A. (2008) Gametogenesis, fertilization and early embryogenesis in mammals with special reference to goat: a review. Journal of Biological Sciences, 8 (7). pp. 1115-1128. ISSN 17273048 , DOI

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Agamuthu, Pariatamby and Chitra, S. (2008) Solidification and stabilization disposal of medical waste incinerator fly ash using cement. In: International Conference On Hazardous Waste Management , 1-3 Okt 2008, Crete, Greece. (Submitted)

Agamuthu, Pariatamby and Khidzir, K.M. (2008) Evidence-based policy formulation: contribution of a cross-disciplinary academic community. Malaysian Journal of Science, 27 (2). i-ii. ISSN 1394-3065,

Agamuthu, Pariatamby and Khidzir, K.M. (2008) Food security, the environment and a brave new world. Malaysian Journal of Science, 27 (1). i-ii. ISSN 1394-3065,

Agamuthu, Pariatamby and Wong, L.P. (2008) Solidification/stabilization treatment of spent catalyst (v2o5) from a sulfuric acid plant using ordinary portland cement (opc) and an additive. Malaysian Journal of Science, 27 (1). pp. 7-18. ISSN 1394-3065,

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Chen, C.D. and Andy-Tan, W.A. and Loke, S.R. and Lee, H.L. and Yasmin, A.R. and Sofian-Azirun, Mohd (2008) Effectiveness of Pyriproxyfen-Controlled Release Block against Larvae of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dengue Bulletin, 32. pp. 199-206. ISSN 1020895X,

Chen, C.D. and Seleena, B. and Chiang, Y.F. and Lee, H.L. (2008) Field evaluation of the bioefficacy of diflubenzuron (Dimilin (R)) against container-breeding Aedes sp mosquitoes. Tropical Biomedicine, 25 (1). pp. 80-86. ISSN 0127-5720,

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Chin, H.C. and Kurahashi, H. and Marwi, M.A. and Jeffery, J. and Dhang, C.C. and Zuha, R.M. and Omar, B. (2008) A new record of Bengalia emarginata Malloch, 1927 (Diptera: Calliphoridae) from Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine, 25 (3). pp. 262-263. ISSN 0127-5720,

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Eamsobhana, Praphathip and Dechkum, N. and Yong, Hoi Sen (2008) Biochemical genetic relationship of Thailand and Hawaii isolates of Parastrongylus cantonensis (Nematoda: Angiostrongylidae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 36 (1). pp. 51-54. ISSN 0305-1978, DOI


Faravani, M. and Bakar, B. (2008) Directionality and dispersion analysis on branching patterns in straits rhododenron (Melastoma Malabathricum L). In: International Weed Science Congress, 23-27 June 2008, Vancouver, Canada. (Submitted)

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Harivaindaran, K.V. and Rebecca, Ow Phui San and Somasundram, Chandran (2008) Study of Optimal Temperature, pH and Stability of Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Peel for Use as Potential Natural Colorant. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 11 (18). pp. 2259-2263. ISSN 1028-8880, DOI

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Hashim, Rosli and Freidberg, A. and Dohm, P. and Kovač, D. (2008) Biology of the oriental bamboo-inhabiting fly felderimyia gombakensis and observations on mating trophallaxis in felderimyia (Insecta, Diptera, Tephritidae, Phytalmiinae, Acanthonevrini). Senckenbergiana Biologica, 88 (2). pp. 311-318. ISSN 00372102,

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Hidayati, H. and Nazni, W.A. and Mohd, S.A. (2008) Determination of homozygous susceptible strain in Culex quinquefasciatus (Say), using single raft sib-selection method. Tropical Biomedicine, 25 (1). pp. 75-9. ISSN 0127-5720, DOI 18600207.

Hossain, A.B.M.S. and Boyce, A.N. (2008) Influence of ethanol on the longevity and delayed senescence of bougainvillea flower. Journal of Applied Horticulture, 10 (2). pp. 149-153. ISSN 09721045,

Hossain, A.B.M.S. and Boyce, A.N. and Majid, H.M.A. (2008) Vase life extension and chlorophyll fluorescence yield of bougainvillea flower as influenced by ethanol to attain maximum environmental beautification as ornamental components. American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 4 (6). pp. 625-630. ISSN 1553345X ,

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Lee, H.L. and Chen, Chee Dhang and Masri, S.M. and Chiang, Y.F. and Chooi, K.H. and Benjamin, S. (2008) Impact of larviciding with a Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis formulation, vectobac wg®, on dengue mosquito vectors in a dengue endemic site in Selangor state, Malaysia. The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 39 (4). pp. 601-609. ISSN 0125-1562,

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