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Abdullah, Erlina and Abidin, Nurhayati Zainal and Aminudin, Norhaniza and Abdullah, Noorlidah (2022) Characterization of Cytotoxic Proteins from King Tuber Oyster Medicinal Mushroom, Pleurotus tuber-regium (Agaricomycetes), Sclerotium for Human Breast MDA-MB-231 Cancer Cells. International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, 24 (5). pp. 45-56. ISSN 1521-9437,

Ahmad, Rahayu and Sellathoroe, Srivani and Ngadi, Ehwan and Saharuddin, Tengku Shafazila Tengku and Zakaria, Iffah Izzati and Selvakumaran, Suguna and Wan-Mohtar, Wan Abd Al Qadr Imad (2021) Isolation, identification, cultivation and determination of antimicrobial beta-glucan from a wild-termite mushroom Termitomyces heimii RFES 230662. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 37. ISSN 1878-8181, DOI

Alghamdi, Samia Q. and Low, Van Lun and Alkathiry, Hadil A. and Alagaili, Abdulaziz N. and McGarry, John W. and Makepeace, Benjamin L. (2021) Automatic barcode gap discovery reveals diverse clades of Rhipicephalus spp. and Haemaphysalis spp. ticks from small mammals in `Asir, Saudi Arabia. Parasites & Vectors, 14 (1). ISSN 1756-3305, DOI


Chan, Zi-Yang and Krishnan, Premanand and Hii, Ling -Wei and Mai, Chun-Wai and Leong, Chee-Onn and Low, Yun-Yee and Wong, Soon-Kit and Ting, Kang-Nee and Yong, Kien -Thai and Lim, Kuan-Hon (2021) Unusual diarylheptanoid-phenylpropanoid adducts and diarylheptanoid alkaloids from Pellacalyx saccardianus. Phytochemistry Letters, 46. pp. 36-44. ISSN 1874-3900, DOI

Chan, Zi-Yang and Krishnan, Premanand and Modaresi, Sayed Mohammadhossein and Hii, Ling-Wei and Mai, Chun-Wai and Lim, Wei-Meng and Leong, Chee-Onn and Low, Yun-Yee and Wong, Soon-Kit and Yong, Kien-Thai and Leong, Alyssa Zi-Xin and Lee, Mei-Kee and Ting, Kang-Nee and Lim, Kuan-Hon (2021) Monomeric, dimeric, and trimeric tropane alkaloids from pellacalyx saccardianus. Journal of Natural Products, 84 (8). pp. 2272-2281. ISSN 0163-3864, DOI


Elia-Amira, N. M. R. and Chen, Chee Dhang and Low, V. L. and Lau, K. W. and Haziqah-Rashid, A. and Amelia-Yap, Z. H. and Lee, H. L. and Azidah, Abdul Aziz. and Sofian-Azirun, Mohd. (2021) Assessment of the susceptibility status of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) from Interior, Sandakan and Tawau divisions of Sabah, Malaysia based on WHO diagnostic doses of larvicides. Tropical Biomedicine, 38 (2). pp. 196-204. ISSN 0127-5720, DOI


Fong, X.K. and Phan, C.W. and Shamsuddin, N. and Zulkifli, L.M. and Tan, Y.S. and Sabaratnam, V. (2021) Poisoning Cases Of Noxious Substances Eaten As Food: A Retrospective Study At A Teaching Hospital In Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 21 (2). pp. 178-189. ISSN 16750306, DOI


Hossain, Md. Sanower and Sharfaraz, Ashik and Dutta, Amit and Ahsan, Asif and Masud, Md. Anwarul and Ahmed, Idris Adewale and Goh, Bey Hing and Urbi, Zannat and Sarker, Md. Moklesur Rahman and Ming, Long Chiau (2021) A review of ethnobotany, phytochemistry, antimicrobial pharmacology and toxicology of Nigella sativa L. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 143. ISSN 0753-3322, DOI


Kamaruzaman, Intan Noor Aina and Mokhtar, Muhamad Aiman Mohd and Ting, Hong Wei and Yuan, Yong Kai and Shah, Azim Wafiy Gulam and Loong, Tan Wan and Shaharulnizim, Nurshahirah and Reduan, Mohd Farhan Hanif and Hamid, Fathin Faahimaah Abdul and Noralidin, Nur Amalina and Manaf, Nur Athirah Abdul and Zalati, Che Wan Salma Che Wan and Loong, Shih-Keng and Clegg, Simon and Abu-Bakar, Luqman (2022) Molecular detection of pathogenic Leptospira spp. in urban rodents from wet markets in northeast Malaysia. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research, 9 (2). 275 -281. ISSN 2311-7710, DOI

Kazemipoor, M. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Begum, K. and Yaze, I. (2012) Screening of antibacterial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented vegetables against food borne pathogens. Archives des Sciences, 65 (6). pp. 192-201. ISSN 1661-464X,

Kazemipoor, M. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Cordell, G.A. and Yaze, I. (2012) Potential of traditional medicinal plants for treating obesity: A review. 2012 International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences, 39. ISSN 2010-4618,

Kazemipoor, M. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Cordell, G.A. and Yaze, I. (2012) Safety, efficacy and metabolism of traditional medicinal plants in the management of obesity: a review. International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications, 3 (4). pp. 288-292. ISSN 2010-0221, DOI

Kazemipoor, M. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Hajifaraji, M. and Cordell, G.A. (2014) Preliminary safety evaluation and biochemical efficacy of a carum carvi extract: Results from a randomized, triple-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trial. Phytotherapy Research, 28 (10). pp. 1456-1460. ISSN 0951-418X, DOI

Kim, Jue Young and Kim, Jin and Bandara, B. M. Ratnayake and Tilakaratne, Wanninayake M. and Kim, Dokyeong (2022) Leaf extract of Osbeckia octandra induces apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells. BMC Complementary Medicine And Therapies, 22 (1). ISSN 2662-7671, DOI


Lai, Meng Yee and Suppiah, Jeyanthi and Thayan, Ravindran and Ismail, Ilyiana and Mustapa, Nur Izati and Soh, Tuan Suhaila Tuan and Hassan, Afifah Haji and Peariasamy, Kalaiarasu M. and Lee, Yee Leng and Lau, Yee Ling (2022) RNA purification-free detection of SARS-CoV-2 using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP). Tropical Medicine and Health, 50 (1). ISSN 1348-8945, DOI

Leong, K.H. (2014) Antiplasmodial and Antioxidant Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Dehaasia longipedicellata. Planta Medica, 80 (7). pp. 599-603. DOI

Leong, K.H. (2012) Cytotoxic and antioxidant Compoundsfrom the stem bark of goniothalamus tapisoides Mat Salleh. Molecules Online, 18 (1). pp. 128-139. DOI

Leong, K.H. (2013) Induction of apoptosis in melanoma A375 cells by a chloroform fraction of Centratherum anthelminticum (L.) seeds involves NF-kappaB, p53 and Bcl-2-controlled mitochondrial signaling pathways. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 13. pp. 166-173. DOI

Leong, K.H. (2014) Kingianic acids A–G, endiandric acid analogues from endiandra kingiana. Molecules Online, 19 (2). pp. 1732-1747. DOI

Leong, K.H. (2012) Spectaflavoside A, a new potent iron chelating dimeric flavonol glycoside from the rhizomes of Zingiber spectabile Griff. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 22 (11). pp. 3831-3836. DOI

Leong, K.H. (2014) Subditine, a new monoterpenoid indole alkaloid from bark of nauclea subdita (Korth.) steud. induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells. PLoS ONE, 9 (2). e87286-e87286. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Leong, K.H. (2012) Triterpenes and steroids from the leaves of Aglaia exima (Meliaceae). Fitoterapia, 83 (8). pp. 1391-1395. DOI

Lim, Win Yee and Chan, Eric Wei Chiang and Phan, Chia Wei and Wong, Chen Wai (2021) Tyrosinase inhibiting extracts from coastal plants as potential additives in skin whitening formulations. Current Applied Science and Technology, 21 (3). pp. 481-494. ISSN 2586-9396,


Mariod, Abdalbasit Adam and Mustafa, Makarim Mutasim Mohamed and Nour, Abdelazim Ahmed Mohamed and Abdalla, Mahmood Ameen and Salama, Suzy Munir and Al Wajeeh, Nahla Saeed (2021) Antioxidant activity and acute toxicity of two Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standl. Varieties from Sudan Antioksidacijska aktivnost in akutna toksičnost dveh sort vodnjače (Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standl.) Iz Sudana. Acta agriculturae Slovenica, 116 (2). pp. 261-271. ISSN 1581-9175, DOI

Mousavi, Seyyed Mojtaba and Hashemi, Seyyed Alireza and Behbudi, Gity and Mazraedoost, Sargol and Omidifar, Navid and Gholami, Ahmad and Chiang, Wei-Hung and Babapoor, Aziz and Rumjit, Nelson Pynadathu (2021) A review on health benefits of Malva sylvestris l. nutritional compounds for metabolites, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antimicrobial applications. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2021. ISSN 1741-427X, DOI


Ng, Tze Chang and Teo, Chin Hai and Toh, Jia Yong and Dunn, Adam G. and Ng, Chirk Jenn and Ang, Tan Fong and Abdullah, Adina and Syed, Ayeshah and Lim, Hooi Min and Yin, Kathleen and Liew, Chee Sun (2022) Factors influencing healthcare seeking in patients with dengue: Systematic review. Tropical Medicine and International Health, 27 (1). pp. 13-27. ISSN 1360-2276, DOI


Prakash, V. (1964) Chromatid Interference in Neurospora Crassa. Genetics, 50 (3). pp. 297-321. ISSN 0016-6731, DOI 17248216.


Suryawan, A. and Jalaludin, Muhammad Yazid and Poh, B. K. and Sanusi, R. and Tan, V. M. H. and Geurts, J. M. and Muhardi, L. (2022) Malnutrition in early life and its neurodevelopmental and cognitive consequences: A scoping review. Nutrition Research Reviews, 35 (1). pp. 136-149. DOI


Takaoka, Hiroyuki and Fukuda, Masako and Otsuka, Yasushi and Low, Van Lun and Ya'cob, Zubaidah (2022) Redescription of Simulium (Gomphostilbia) omutaense Ogata & Sasa (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Japan and its phylogenetic relationship with other members of the S. batoense species-group. Acta Tropica, 225. ISSN 0001-706X, DOI

Takaoka, Hiroyuki and Low, Van Lun and Huang, Yao-Te and Fukuda, Masako and Ya'cob, Zubaidah (2021) Two new black fly species of the Simulium (Gomphostilbia) asakoae species-group (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Taiwan. Acta Tropica, 222. ISSN 0001-706X, DOI

Tan, Choo Hock and Bourges, Aymeric and Tan, Kae Yi (2022) King Cobra and snakebite envenomation: On the natural history, human-snake relationship and medical importance of Ophiophagus hannah. Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases, 27. ISSN 1678-9199, DOI


Vejayan, Jaya and Yahya, Yasmin and Chakravarthi, Srikumar and Ibrahim, Halijah and Yun, Aida (2021) Aphrodisiac potential of Polyalthia bullata (Tongkat Ali) in fowl. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction, 10 (2). pp. 75-81. ISSN 23050500, DOI


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Zahari, Norazah and Yeoh, Si Ling and Muniandy, Siva Rao and Bah, Mohd Nizam Mat (2022) Pediatric rheumatic heart disease in a middle-income country: A population-based study. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 68 (1). ISSN 0142-6338, DOI

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