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Adnan, S.B.R.S. and Halim, Z.A. and Mohamed, N.S. (2017) Effects of Mg2+ interstitial ion on the properties of Mg0.5+x/2Si2-xAlx(PO4)3 ceramic electrolytes. In: 6th International Conference on Solid State Science and Technology (ICSSST 2017) and Workshop on Advanced Materials Technology: Growth and Characterization, 13-16 November 2017, Olive Tree Hotel, Penang.

Ahmad, Harith and Hassan, H. and Safaei, R. and Thambiratnam, K. and Ismail, M.F. and Amiri, I.S. (2017) Molybdenum disulfide side-polished fiber saturable absorber Q-switched fiber laser. Optics Communications, 400. pp. 55-60. ISSN 0030-4018, DOI

Al-Wajeeh, N.S. and Hajrezaei, M. and Al-Henhena, N. and Kamran, S. and Bagheri, E. and Zahedifard, M. and Saremi, K. and Noor, S.M. and Ali, Hapipah Mohd and Abdulla, Mahmood Ameen (2017) The antiulcer effect of Cibotium barometz leaves in rats with experimentally induced acute gastric ulcer. Drug Design, Development and Therapy, 11. pp. 995-1009. ISSN 1177-8881, DOI

Amiri, I.S. and Ariannejad, M.M. and Ghasemi, M. and Ahmad, Harith (2017) Transmission performances of solitons in optical wired link. Applied Computing and Informatics, 13 (1). pp. 92-99. ISSN 2210-8327, DOI

Amiri, I.S. and Ariannejad, M.M. and Ismail, Mohammad Faizal and Ahmad, Harith (2017) Analysis of semiconductor InGaAsP/InP coupled microring resonators (CMRR) by time-domain travelling wave (TDTW) method. Journal of Optics, 46 (3). pp. 311-319. ISSN 0972-8821, DOI

Azizan, S.A. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Manap, N.A. and Jenatabadi, H.S. (2017) Leadership style index in Malaysian halal small and medium enterprises. In: 1st International Halal Management Conference (IHMC 2017), 17-18 August 2017, Sejong University, South Korea.


Bashir, S. and Teo, Y.Y. and Naeem, S. and Ramesh, S. and Ramesh, K. (2017) pH responsive N-succinyl chitosan/Poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) hydrogels and in vitro release of 5-fluorouracil. PLoS ONE, 12 (7). e0179250. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI


Hasan, S.W. and Said, S.M. and Bakar, A.S.A. and Sabri, M.F.M. and Sajid, I.H. and Hashim, N.A. (2017) Optimization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes for enhanced power density of thermally driven electrochemical cells. Journal of Materials Science, 52 (17). pp. 10353-10363. ISSN 0022-2461, DOI

Hematpoor, A. and Liew, S.Y. and Sofian-Azirun, Mohd and Awang, Khalijah (2017) Insecticidal activity and the mechanism of action of three phenylpropanoids isolated from the roots of Piper sarmentosum Roxb. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 12576. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI


Jasim, Ali Abdulhadi and Ahmad, Harith (2017) A highly stable and switchable dual-wavelength laser using coupled microfiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer as an optical filter. Optics & Laser Technology, 97. pp. 12-19. ISSN 0030-3992, DOI


Khan, G. and Basirun, Wan Jefrey and Kazi, S.N. and Ahmed, P. and Magaji, L. and Ahmed, S.M. and Khan, G.M. and Rehman, M.A. (2017) Electrochemical investigation on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel by Quinazoline Schiff base compounds in hydrochloric acid solution. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 502. pp. 134-145. ISSN 0021-9797, DOI


Liu, H. and Yang, H.Z. and Qiao, X.G. and Wang, Y. and Liu, X.C. and Lee, Y.S. and Lim, Kok Sing and Ahmad, Harith (2017) Curvature and Temperature Measurement Based on a Few-Mode PCF Formed M-Z-I and an Embedded FBG. Sensors, 17 (8). p. 1725. ISSN 1424-8220, DOI

Low, Van Lun and Tan, T.K. and Prakash, B.K. and Vinnie-Siow, W.Y. and Tay, Sun Tee and Masmeatathip, R. and Hadi, U.K. and Lim, Yvonne Ai Lian and Chen, Chee Dhang and Norma-Rashid, Yusoff and Sofian-Azirun, Mohd (2017) Contrasting evolutionary patterns between two haplogroups of Haematobia exigua (Diptera: Muscidae) from the mainland and islands of Southeast Asia. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 5871. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI


Mamat, M.Z. and Musa, N.Z. and Hasbullah, M. (2017) Institutionalization of halal industry in Malaysia and Thailand: A preliminary study. In: 1st International Halal Management Conference (IHMC 2017), 17-18 August 2017, Sejong University, South Korea.

Mbous, Y.P. and Hayyan, M. and Wong, W.F. and Looi, C.Y. and Hashim, M.A. (2017) Unraveling the cytotoxicity and metabolic pathways of binary natural deep eutectic solvent systems. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 41257. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Mirsafian, H. and Ripen, A.M. and Leong, W.M. and Chear, C.T. and Mohamad, S.B. and Merican, A.F. (2017) Transcriptome profiling of monocytes from XLA patients revealed the innate immune function dysregulation due to the BTK gene expression deficiency. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 6836. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Mithoo-Singh, Paramjeet Kaur and Keng, Fiona S.L. and Phang, Siew Moi and Leedham-Elvidge, Emma and Sturges, William T. and Malin, Gill and Abd Rahman, Noorsaadah (2017) Halocarbon emissions by selected tropical seaweeds: species-specific and compound-specific responses under changing pH. PeerJ, 5. e2918. ISSN 2167-8359, DOI

Mohammadi, P. and Ibrahim, S. and Annuar, M.S.M. and Khashij, M. and Mousavi, S.A. and Zinatizadeh, A.A. (2017) Optimization of fermentative hydrogen production from palm oil mill effluent in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket fixed film bioreactor. Sustainable Environment Research, 27 (5). pp. 238-244. ISSN 2468-2039, DOI

Mohd Zain, S.N. (2017) Giardia duodenalis and Cryptosporidium parvum infection status among migrant workers in Peninsular Malaysia. In: British Society for Parasitology 2017, 2-5 April 2017, Dundee University, Scotland.

Mohd Zain, S.N. and Lim, Y.A.L. and Sahimin, N. (2017) Global migration and transmission of disease: A Malaysian case study. In: British Society for Parasitology 2017, 2-5 April 2017, Dundee University, Scotland.

Mokhtar, M.I. and Munir, S.M.I. (2017) Revisiting the Fiqh of halal-haram animals: An analysis on Malaysian fatwa relating to animal care and use. In: 1st International Halal Management Conference (IHMC 2017), 17-18 August 2017, Sejong University, South Korea.

Muniandy, Sithi Vinayakam and Khir, Roselina Johari Md (2017) Art of learning and discovering science through science theater. In: Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Research Conference (UM-LiTeR) 2017, 15-16 March 2017, Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar. (Unpublished)


Ng, B.K. (2017) Revisiting grassroots innovation initiatives in Malaysia: Concepts and applications. In: International Symposium on Economics and Social Science (ISESS 2017), 23-25 August 2017, Sapporo Convention Centre, Sapporo, Japan.

Ng, Fong Lee and Phang, Siew Moi and Periasamy, Vengadesh and Yunus, Kamran and Fisher, Adrian C. (2017) Enhancement of Power Output by using Alginate Immobilized Algae in Biophotovoltaic Devices. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 16237. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Ng, K.H. and Chan, J. and Tan, S.K. (2017) Quantile range-based volatility measure for modelling and forecasting volatility using high frequency data. In: 1st International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta 2017), 15-17 June 2017, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.

Ng, Poh Keng and Lin, Showe Mei and Lim, Phaik Eem and Hurtado, Anicia Q. and Phang, Siew Moi and Yow, Yoon Yen and Sun, Zhongmin (2017) Genetic and morphological analyses of Gracilaria firma and G. changii (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta), the commercially important agarophytes in western Pacific. PLoS ONE, 12 (7). e0182176. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI


Omar, H. and Nordin, N. and Hassandarvish, P. and Hajrezaie, M. and Azizan, A.H.S. and Fadaeinasab, M. and Majid, N.A. and Abdulla, Mahmood Ameen and Hashim, N.M. and Ali, Hapipah Mohd (2017) Methanol leaf extract of actinodaphne sesquipedalis (Lauraceae) enhances gastric defense against ethanol-induced ulcer in rats. Drug Design, Development and Therapy, 11. pp. 1353-1365. ISSN 1177-8881, DOI

Oram, David E. and Ashfold, Matthew J. and Laube, Johannes C. and Gooch, Lauren J. and Humphrey, Stephen and Sturges, William T. and Leedham-Elvidge, Emma and Forster, Grant L. and Harris, Neil R.P. and Mead, Mohammed Iqbal and Samah, Azizan Abu and Phang, Siew Moi and Ou-Yang, Chang-Feng and Lin, Neng-Huei and Wang, Jia-Lin and Baker, Angela K. and Brenninkmeijer, Carl A.M. and Sherry, David (2017) A growing threat to the ozone layer from short-lived anthropogenic chlorocarbons. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (19). pp. 11929-11941. ISSN 1680-7324, DOI


Phuah, N.H. and Azmi, M.N. and Awang, Khalijah and Nagoor, Noor Hasima (2017) Suppression of microRNA-629 enhances sensitivity of cervical cancer cells to 1′S-1′-acetoxychavicol acetate via regulating RSU1. OncoTargets and Therapy, 10. pp. 1695-1705. ISSN 1178-6930, DOI

Prasanna, B.M. and Praveen, B.M. and Hebbar, N. and Venkatesha, T.V. and Tandon, H.C. and Hamid, Sharifah Bee Abd (2017) Electrochemical study on inhibitory effect of Aspirin on mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid. Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences, 22 (1). pp. 62-69. ISSN 1815-3852, DOI

Priya, R. and Sneha, P. and Rivera Madrid, R. and Doss, C.G.P. and Singh, P. and Siva, R. (2017) Molecular Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Arabidopsis Thaliana Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase Gene: A Comparison with Bixa orellana and Crocus Sativus. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 118 (9). pp. 2712-2721. ISSN 0730-2312, DOI


Ramlan, S.N.A. and Basirun, Wan Jefrey and Phang, S.W. and Ang, D.T.C. (2017) Electrically conductive palm oil-based coating with UV curing ability. Progress in Organic Coatings, 112. pp. 9-17. ISSN 0300-9440, DOI

Raymond Ooi, C.H. and Ho, W.L. and Bandrauk, A.D. (2017) Effects of ultrashort laser pulses on angular distributions of photoionization spectra. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 6739. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Razak, Nurul Nadia and Latiff, Anas Abdul and Zakaria, Zahriladha and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi (2017) Q-switched Erbium-doped Fiber Laser with a Black Phosphorus Saturable Absorber. Photonics Letters of Poland, 9 (2). pp. 72-74. ISSN 2080-2242, DOI

Rothan, H.A. and Amini, E. and Faraj, F.L. and Golpich, M. and Teoh, T.C. and Gholami, K. and Yusof, R. (2017) NMDA receptor antagonism with novel indolyl, 2-(1,1-Dimethyl-1,3-dihydro-benzo[e]indol-2-ylidene)-malonaldehyde, reduces seizures duration in a rat model of epilepsy. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 45540. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI


Salarzadeh Jenatabadi, H. and Moghavvemi, S. and Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Babashamsi, P. and Arashi, M. (2017) Testing students’ e-learning via Facebook through Bayesian structural equation modeling. PLoS ONE, 12 (9). e0182311. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Saw, S.H. and Damideh, V. and Ali, J. and Rawat, R.S. and Lee, P. and Lee, S. (2017) Damage Study of Irradiated Tungsten using fast focus mode of a 2.2 kJ plasma focus. Vacuum, 144. pp. 14-20. ISSN 0042-207X, DOI

See-Too, W.S. and Ee, R. and Lim, Y.L. and Convey, P. and Pearce, D.A. and Yin, Wai Fong and Chan, Kok Gan (2017) AidP, a novel N-Acyl homoserine lactonase gene from Antarctic Planococcus sp. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 42968. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Shah, S.T. and Yehya, W.A. and Saad, O. and Simarani, K. and Chowdhury, Z.Z. and Alhadi, A.A. and Al-Ani, L.A. (2017) Surface Functionalization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Gallic Acid as Potential Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Agents. Nanomaterials, 7 (10). p. 306. ISSN 2079-4991, DOI

Shahid, M.M. and Ismail, A.H. and Al-Mokaram, A.M.A.A.A. and Vikneswaran, R. and Ahmad, S. and Hamza, A. and Numan, A. (2017) A single-step synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene sheets decorated with cobalt hydroxide nanoflakes for the determination of dopamine. Progress in Natural Science, 27 (5). pp. 582-587. ISSN 1002-0071, DOI

Shudirman, I. and Ali, Z.A. and Yahya, R. (2017) Green synthesis of ZnO nanostructures using different fruit extracts. In: 25th International Conference on Composite/Nano-Engineering 2017, 16-22 July 2017, Rome, Italy.

Sok, S.P.M. and Arshad, Norhafiza Mohd and Azmi, M.N. and Awang, Khalijah and Ozpolat, B. and Nagoor, Noor Hasima (2017) The apoptotic effect of 1’S-1’-Acetoxychavicol Acetate (ACA) enhanced by inhibition of non-canonical autophagy in human non-small cell lung cancer cells. PLoS ONE, 12 (2). e0171329. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Swarnavalli, G.C.J. and Dinakaran, S. and Raman, N. and Jegadeesh, R. and Pereira, C. (2017) Bio inspired synthesis of monodispersed silver nano particles using Sapindus emarginatus pericarp extract – Study of antibacterial efficacy. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 21 (2). pp. 172-179. ISSN 1319-6103, DOI


Tan, M.C. and Wong, W.Y. and Ng, W.L. and Yeo, K.S. and Mohidin, T.B.M. and Lim, Y.Y. and Lafta, F. and Mohd Ali, H. and Ea, C.K. (2017) Identification of 5-Methoxy-2-(Diformylmethylidene)-3,3-Dimethylindole as an Anti-Influenza A Virus Agent. PLoS ONE, 12 (1). e0170352. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Tan, M.K. and Artchwakom, T. and Abdul Wahab, R. and Lee, C.Y. and Belabut, D.M. and Tan, H.T.W. (2017) Overlooked flower-visiting Orthoptera in Southeast Asia. Journal of Orthoptera Research, 26 (2). pp. 143-153. ISSN 1082-6467, DOI


Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Hui, H. and Mohamed, N.A. and Jenatabadi, H.S. (2017) Family Food Security and Children’s Environment: A Comprehensive Analysis with Structural Equation Modeling. Sustainability, 9 (7). p. 1220. ISSN 2071-1050, DOI

Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J. and Manap, N.A. and Jenatabadi, H.S. (2017) Total Quality Management practices: A comparison study between Halal and Non-Halal food producer in Malaysia. In: International Halal Management Conference 2017, 17-18 August 2017, Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea.


Yaacob, J.S. and Hadi, H.A. and Mazli, F.F. (2017) Analysis of histone deacetylation activities in Ananas comosus var. MD2 after mutagenic treatment. In: International Congress on Science & Technology 2017 (ICST 2017), 8-11 December 2017, Bali, Indonesia. (Submitted)

Yahya, R. (2017) Polymer electrolytes derived from chemically modified natural resource. In: Scholar Summit 2017, 10-12 October 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yang, J.H. and Toda, M.J. and Suwito, A. and Hashim, Rosli and Gao, J.J. (2017) A new species group in the genus Dichaetophora, with descriptions of six new species from the Oriental region (Diptera, Drosophilidae). ZooKeys, 665. pp. 121-146. ISSN 1313-2989, DOI

Yap, F.C. and Wong, W.L. and Maule, A.G. and Brennan, G.P. and Chong, V.C. and Lim, S.L.H. (2017) First evidence for temporary and permanent adhesive systems in the stalked barnacle cyprid, Octolasmis angulata. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). p. 44980. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Yusof, Y.M. and Illias, Hazlee Azil and Shukur, M.F. and Kadir, Mohd Fakhrul Zamani (2017) Characterization of starch-chitosan blend-based electrolyte doped with ammonium iodide for application in proton batteries. Ionics, 23 (3). pp. 681-697. ISSN 0947-7047, DOI


Zhang, J. and Qiao, X.G. and Yang, H.Z. and Wang, R. and Rong, Q. and Lim, Kok Sing and Ahmad, Harith (2017) All-fiber magnetic field sensor based on tapered thin-core fiber and magnetic fluid. Applied Optics, 56 (2). pp. 200-204. ISSN 0003-6935, DOI

Zhang, P. and Yang, H.Z. and Wang, Y. and Liu, H. and Lim, Kok Sing and Gunawardena, D.S. and Ahmad, Harith (2017) Strain measurement at temperatures up to 800°C using regenerated gratings produced in the highGe-doped and B/Ge co-doped fibers. Applied Optics, 56 (22). pp. 6073-6078. ISSN 1559-128X, DOI

Zhu, Y. and Wang, T. and Huang, C. and Dai, T. and Yang, L. and Chong, K.Y. and Du, G. (2017) Petrology, geochemistry and geological significance of andesites of Jintan gold orefield in Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang. Journal of Central South University, 48 (10). pp. 2697-2708. ISSN 1672-7207,

Zulkifli, Ahmad Zarif and Abdul Kadir, N.A. and Ismail, E.I. and Yasin, M. and Jusoh, Z. and Ahmad, Harith and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi (2017) Dual-wavelength fiber laser with a bent single-mode multimode single-mode fiber structure. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 19 (3-4). pp. 127-131. ISSN 1454-4164,

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