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Atroosh, Wahib M. and Al-Mekhlafi, Hesham Mahyoub and Al-Jasari, Adel and Sady, Hany and Dawaki, Salwa S. and Elyana, Fatin N. and Al-Areeqi, Mona A. and Nasr, Nabil A. and Abdulsalam, Awatif Mohamed and Subramaniam, Lahvanya R. and Azzani, Meram and Ithoi, Init and Lau, Yee Ling and Surin, Johari (2016) Different patterns of pfcrt and pfmdr1 polymorphism in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Tehama region, Yemen. PeerJ, 2016 (7). e2191. ISSN 2167-8359, DOI

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Mahmud, Rohela and Lee, Amir and Anuar, Khairul and Nor, Zurainee Mohamed and Surin, Johari (2000) Rupture of the caecum due to invasive amoebiasis. Journal of the University of Malaya Medical Centre (JUMMEC), 5 (1). pp. 51-52. ISSN 1823-7339,

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