The validity and reliability of motion analysis in patellar tendon reflex assessment

Tham, Lai Kuan and Abu Osman, Noor Azuan and Wan Abas, Wan Abu Bakar and Lim, Kheng Seang (2013) The validity and reliability of motion analysis in patellar tendon reflex assessment. PLoS ONE, 8 (2). e55702. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

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Background: The deep tendon reflex assessments that are essential to the accurate diagnosis of neurological or neuromuscular disorders are conducted subjectively in clinical neurology. Our aim was to assess deep tendon reflexes objectively with a new reflex quantification method. Methodology/Principal Findings: The present study used a motion analysis technique to collect quantitative measurements for both the input and output of normal patellar tendon reflex. Reflex responses were measured as knee angles. The patellar tendon reflexes of 100 healthy subjects were examined using 6 levels of tendon taps, where all the assessments were captured using motion capture system. A linear relationship was found between the experimental maximum tapping velocity and tapping angle (coefficient of determination = 0.989), which was consistent with the theoretical values. Tapping velocities were predictable according to tapping angles. The findings proved the reproducibility of tapping method in producing consistent input. The reflex amplitude was consistent between two randomly assigned groups, and linearly proportionate to the tapping velocity. Conclusions/Significance: The findings on reflex amplitude indicate that motion analysis is a valid and reliable method of assessing and measuring deep tendon reflexes. © 2013 Tham et al.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Accuracy; adult; article; clinical assessment tool; controlled study; female; functional assessment; human; human experiment; male; motion analysis; neuromuscular function; normal human; patella tendon; reliability; reproducibility; tendon reflex; validity; Humans; Motion; Patellar Ligament; Reference Values
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