A numerical analysis of electric field strength over planar microarray dot electrode for dielectrophoretic lab-on-chip device

Yafouz, Bashar and Kadri, Nahrizul Adib and Ibrahim, Fatimah (2012) A numerical analysis of electric field strength over planar microarray dot electrode for dielectrophoretic lab-on-chip device. In: 2012 2nd IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, IECBES 2012, 2012, Langkawi.

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Dielectrophoresis (DEP) has been proven as a method of manipulating and analyzing the electrophysiological properties of bioparticles by applying non-uniform electric fields generated through special electrodes. Various electrode geometries have been developed to address different applications. Simulation of the electric field strength over electrodes is essential in order to optimize the generated DEP force for enhancing cell manipulation. This paper describes the study of electric field distribution over planar multiple microarray dot electrode using numerical modeling of Comsol Multiphysics 4.2a®. Results show that the electric field strength is axisymmetrical around the centre of the dot aperture and that is higher at the dot edges than the dot centers. Further studies will be conducted to investigate the effect of applying different frequencies, varying dots size and adding ground plane in between the electrode dots. © 2012 IEEE.

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Additional Information: Conference code: 96763 Export Date: 29 January 2014 Source: Scopus Art. No.: 6498060 doi: 10.1109/IECBES.2012.6498060 Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Yafouz, B.; Medical Informatics and Biological Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MIMEMS) Specialized Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia References: Pohl, H.A., The motion and precipitation of suspensoids in divergent electric fields (1951) Journal of Applied Physics, 22, pp. 869-871; Pohl, H.A., Hawk, I., Separation of living and dead cells by dielectrophoresis (1966) Science, 152, p. 647; Kadri, N.A., (2011) Development of Near Real-time Assessment System for Cancer Cells, , Doctor of Philosophy PhD Thesis, Centre for Biomedical Engineering University of Surrey; Fatoyinbo, H.O., Kadri, N.A., Gould, D.H., Hoettges, K.F., Labeed, F.H., Real time cell electrophysiology using a multi channel dielectrophoretic dot microelectrode array (2011) Electrophoresis, 32, pp. 2541-2549; Pethig, R., Markx, G.H., Applications of dielectrophoresis in biotechnology (1997) Trends in Biotechnology, 15, pp. 426-432; Cao, J., Cheng, P., Hong, F., A numerical analysis of forces imposed on particles in conventional dielectrophoresis inmicrochannels with interdigitated electrodes (2008) Journal of Electrostatics, 66, pp. 620-626; Auerswald, J., Knapp, H.F., Quantitative assessment of dielectrophoresis as a micro fluidic retention and separation technique for beads and human blood erythrocytes (2003) Microelectronic Engineering, 67, pp. 879-886; Becker, F.F., Wang, X.B., Huang, Y., Pethig, R., Vykoukal, J., Gascoyne, P., Separation of human breast cancer cells from blood by differential dielectric affinity (1995) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 92, p. 860; Wang, X.B., Huang, Y., Wang, X., Becker, F.F., Gascoyne, P., Dielectrophoretic manipulation of cells with spiral electrodes (1997) Biophysical Journal, 72, pp. 1887-1899; Khoshmanesh, K., Zhang, C., Tovarlopez, F.J., Nahavandi, S., Baratchi, S., Kalantar-Zadeh, K., Mitchell, A., Dielectrophoretic manipulation and separation of microparticles using curved microelectrodes (2009) Electrophoresis, 30, pp. 3707-3717; Pommer, M.S., Zhang, Y., Keerthi, N., Chen, D., Thomson, J.A., Meinhart, C.D., Soh, H.T., Dielectrophoretic separation of platelets from diluted whole blood in microfluidic channels (2008) Electrophoresis, 29, pp. 1213-1218; Jang, L.S., Huang, P.H., Lan, K.C., Single-cell trapping utilizing negative dielectrophoretic quadrupole and microwell electrodes (2009) Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 24, pp. 3637-3644; Hughes, M.P., Morgan, H., Dielectrophoretic trapping of single sub-micrometre scale bioparticles (1998) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 31, p. 2205; Suehiro, J., Pethig, R., The dielectrophoretic movement and positioning of a biological cell using a three-dimensional grid electrode system (1998) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 31, p. 3298; Thomas, R.S., Morgan, H., Green, N.G., Negative DEP traps for single cell immobilisation (2009) Lab Chip, 9, pp. 1534-1540; Hoettges, K.F., Hübner, Y., Broche, L.M., Ogin, S.L., Kass, G.E.N., Hughes, M.P., Dielectrophoresis-activated multiwell plate for label-free high-throughput drug assessment (2008) Analytical Chemistry, 80, pp. 2063-2068; Iliescu, C., Yu, L., Tay, F.E.H., Chen, B., Bidirectional fieldflow particle separation method in a dielectrophoretic chip with 3D electrodes (2008) Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 129, pp. 491-496; Wang, L., Lu, J., Marchenko, S.A., Monuki, E.S., Flanagan, L.A., Lee, A.P., Dual frequency dielectrophoresis with interdigitated sidewall electrodes for microfluidic flow?through separation of beads and cells (2009) Electrophoresis, 30, pp. 782-791; Dürr, M., Kentsch, J., Müller, T., Schnelle, T., Stelzle, M., Microdevices for manipulation and accumulation of micro?and nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis (2003) Electrophoresis, 24, pp. 722-731; Fatoyinbo, H.O., Hoettges, K.F., Hughes, M.P., Rapid?on?chip determination of dielectric properties of biological cells using imaging techniques in a dielectrophoresis dot microsystem (2008) Electrophoresis, 29, pp. 3-10; Serway, Raymond, (1998) Principles of Physics, , 2nd ed. Fort Worth, Texas; London: Saunders College Publishing Sponsors: University Malaya; CBMTI University Malaya; Tourism Malaysia; Kumpulan ABEX Sdn Bhd; AMAN kampus
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