Investigation on the use of graphene oxide as novel surfactant to stabilize weakly charged graphene nanoplatelets

Kazi, S.N. and Badarudin, A. and Zubir, M.N.M. and Ming, H.N. and Misran, M. and Sadeghinezhad, E. and Mehrali, M. and Syuhada, N.I. (2015) Investigation on the use of graphene oxide as novel surfactant to stabilize weakly charged graphene nanoplatelets. Nanoscale Research Letters, 10. p. 15. ISSN 1931-7573, DOI

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This paper presents a unique synergistic behavior between a graphene oxide (GO) and graphene nanoplatelet (GnP) composite in an aqueous medium. The results showed that GO stabilized GnP colloid near its isoelectric point and prevented rapid agglomeration and sedimentation. It was considered that a rarely encountered charge-dependent electrostatic interaction between the highly charged GO and weakly charged GnP particles kept GnP suspended at its rapid coagulation and phase separation pH. Sedimentation and transmission electron microscope (TEM) micrograph images revealed the evidence of highly stable colloidal mixtures while zeta potential measurement provided semi-quantitative explanation on the mechanism of stabilization. GnP suspension was confirmed via UV-vis spectral data while contact angle measurement elucidated the close resemblance to an aqueous solution indicating the ability of GO to mediate the flocculation prone GnP colloids. About a tenfold increase in viscosity was recorded at a low shear rate in comparison to an individual GO solution due to a strong interaction manifested between participating colloids. An optimum level of mixing ratio between the two constituents was also obtained. These new findings related to an interaction between charge-based graphitic carbon materials would open new avenues for further exploration on the enhancement of both GO and GnP functionalities particularly in mechanical and electrical domains.

Item Type: Article
Funders: High Impact Research (MOHE-HIR) grant UM.C/625/1/HIR/MOHE/ENG/45, IPPP grant PV113/2011A
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The authors would like to thank members of Low Dimensional Materials Research Centre, Department of Physics and Colloid and Surface Science Lab, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya for the continuous support and assistance. 0 SPRINGER NEW YORK NANOSCALE RES LETT
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