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Abdullah, A.A.A.; Yassin, Z.; Zamzam, N. (2001) Reasons For Seeking Orthodontic Treatment A Pilot Study. Annals of Dentistry, 8 (1). pp. 13-19. ISSN 0128-7532

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Jeyaratnam, T.S.; Ahmad, T.S.; Kassim, N.M. (2001) The use of an aberrant flexor carpi ulnaris tendon with an ulnar artery island forearm flap for reconstruction of a dorsal defect of the hand. Hand Surgery (hs), 6 (1). pp. 99-102. ISSN 0218-8104


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Krishnan, R. (2001) Towards effective intersectoral cooperation for road safety in Malaysia. In: CAP National Seminar Changing Directions Towards Sustainable Transport in Malaysia, 07-10 Sep 2001, RECSAM, Penang.


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Yadav, H.; Wong, Y.L. (2001) Patient confidentiality, ethics and licensing in telemedicine. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, 13. S36. ISSN 1010-5395

Yadav, H.; Wong, Y.L. (2001) Teleprimary care in Malaysia: a tool for teleconsultation and distance learning in health care. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, 13. S58. ISSN 1010-5395

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