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Abidin, Zamri Zainal; Bahari Ramadzan Syed Adnan, Syed; Ibrahim, Zainol Abidin (2010) RFI profiles of prime candidate sites for the first radio astronomical telescope in Malaysia. New Astronomy, 15 (3). pp. 307-312. ISSN 13841076

Al-Azri, K.; Md Nor, R.; Al-Ruqeishi, M.S.; Amin, Y.M. (2010) The influence of substrate location and deposition time on ZnO nanostructures. Malaysian Journal of Science, 29 (2). pp. 180-187. ISSN 13943065

Al-Azri, K.; Nor, R.M.; Amin, Y.M.; Al-Ruqeishi, M.S. (2010) Effect of source temperature on the morphology and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanostructures. Applied Surface Science, 256 (20). pp. 5957-5960. ISSN 0169-4332

Al-Ruqeishi, M.S.; Nor, R.M.; Amin, Y.M.; Al-Azri, K. (2010) Carbon assisted growth and photoluminescence of silicon nanowires fabricated without a catalyst. Silicon, 2 (1). pp. 19-24. ISSN 1876-990X

Al-Ruqeishi, M.S.; Nor, R.M.; Amin, Y.M.; Al-Azri, K. (2010) Direct synthesis of beta-silicon carbide nanowires from graphite only without a catalyst. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 497 (1-2). pp. 272-277. ISSN 0925-8388

Al-Ruqeishi, M.S.; Nor, R.M.; Amin, Y.M.; Al-Azri, K. (2010) Direct synthesis of β-silicon carbide nanowires from graphite only without a catalyst. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 497 (1-2). pp. 272-277. ISSN 0925-8388

An'amt, M.N.; Radiman, S.; Huang, N.M.; Yarmo, M.A.; Ariyanto, N.P.; Lim, H.N.; Muhamad, M.R. (2010) Sol-gel hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth-TiO2 nanocubes for dye-sensitized solar cell. Ceramics International, 36 (7). pp. 2215-2220. ISSN 02728842

Anwar, N.S.; Kassim, A.; Lim, H.N.; Zakarya, S.A.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles via sucrose ester micelle-mediated hydrothermal processing route. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (2). pp. 261-265. ISSN 01266039

Chew, K.H.; Stamps, R.L. (2010) Influence of an interface layer on the effective coupling at a ferromagnet/antiferromagnet interface. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322 (9-12). pp. 1327-1329. ISSN 0304-8853

Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Yusoff, M.; Goh, S.C.; Haw, C.Y.; Ahmadi, S.H; Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Size and crystallinity-dependent magnetic properties of CoFe 2O 4 nanocrystals. Ceramics International, 36 (2). pp. 605-609. ISSN 02728842

Gan, W.C.; Abd Majid, W.H. (2010) Dependence of Pyroelectric Properties of La0.03Sr0.255Ba0.7Nb2-yTiyO(6-y/2) Ceramic on Electric Field, Grain Refinement and Ti/Nb Crystallite Sizes. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (6). pp. 1007-1013. ISSN 0126-6039

Huang, N.; Chiu, W.; Khiew, P.; Cloke, M.; Isa, D.; Lim, H.; Tan, T.; Radiman, S.; Abd-Shukor, R.; Hamid, M.A.A.; Chia, C. (2010) Heterogeneous seeded growth: synthesis and characterization of bifunctional Fe 3O 4/ZnO core/shell nanocrystals. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (18). pp. 8212-8218. ISSN 19327447

Huang, N.M.; Chiu, W.S.; Khiew, P.S.; Cloke, M.; Isa, D.; Tan, T.K.; Radiman, S.; Abd-Shukor, R.; Hamid, M.A. Abd; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H. (2010) Photocatalytic study of two-dimensional ZnO nanopellets in the decomposition of methylene blue. Chemical Engineering Journal, 158 (2). pp. 345-352. ISSN 13858947

Huang, N.M.; Goh, S.C.; Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Yusoff, M.; Haw, C.Y.; Ahmadi, S.H; Lim, H.N. (2010) Hydrothermal preparation of high saturation magnetization and coercivity cobalt ferrite nanocrystals without subsequent calcination. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 120 (1). pp. 31-35. ISSN 02540584

Huang, N.M.; Haw, C.Y.; Mohamed, F.; Chia, C.H.; Radiman, S.; Zakaria, S.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents. Ceramics International, 36 (4). pp. 1417-1422. ISSN 02728842

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Kassim, A. (2010) Microstructure of brushite crystals prepared via high internal phase emulsion. Central European Journal of Chemistry, 8 (1). pp. 202-206. ISSN 18951066

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Kassim, A.; Lee, K.H.; Syahida, A.; Chia, C.H. (2010) High internal phase emulsion as reaction medium for precipitating brushite crystals. Ceramics International, 36 (5). pp. 1503-1509. ISSN 02728842

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Radiman, S.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S.; Hashim, R.; Chia, C.H. (2010) Sucrose ester micellar-mediated synthesis of Ag nanoparticles and the antibacterial properties. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 353 (1). pp. 69-76. ISSN 09277757

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Mohamed Saeed, G.H.; Gasaymeh, S.S.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Mild hydrothermal synthesis of NiCu nanoparticles. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2010. pp. 1-5. ISSN 16874110

Khandaker, M.U.; Otuka, N.; Kim, G.; Kim, K. (2010) Cyclotron production of the Ag-105,Ag-106m, Pd-100,Pd-101, Rh-100,Rh-101m,Rh-105 radionuclides by Pd-nat(p,x) nuclear processes. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 268 (14). pp. 2303-2311. ISSN 0168-583X

Khandaker, M.U.; Kim, K.; Kim, G.; Otuka, N. (2010) Cyclotron production of the Ag-105, Ag-106m, Pd-100,Pd-101, Rh-100, Rh-101m, Rh-105 radionuclides by Pd-Nat(P,X) nuclear processes. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 268 (14). pp. 2303-2311. ISSN 0168-583X

Khorsand Zak, A.; Abd. Majid, W.H. (2010) Characterization and X-ray Peak Broadening Analysis in PZT Nanoparticles Prepared by Modified Sol-Gel Method. Ceramics International, 36 (6). pp. 1905-1910. ISSN 02728842

Kufian, M.Z.; Majid, S.R. (2010) Performance of lithium-Ion cells Using 1 M LiPF6 in EC/DEC (v/v=1/2) electrolyte with ethyl propionate additive. Ionics, 16 (5). pp. 409-416. ISSN 0947-7047

Kufian, M.Z.; Majid, S.R.; Arof, A.K.; Shuhaimi, N.E.A.; Alias, N.A. (2010) Application of chitosan/iota-carrageenan polymer electrolytes in electrical double layer capacitor (EDLC). Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 14 (12). pp. 2145-2152. ISSN 1432-8488

Lim, H.N.; Kassim, A.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Preparation and characterization of calcium phosphate nanorods using reverse microemulsion and hydrothermal processing routes. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (2). pp. 267-273. ISSN 01266039

Lim, H.N.; Kassim, A.; Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Yarmo, M.A.; Yeong, S.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S. (2010) Three-component olive oil-in-water high internal phase emulsions stabilized by palm surfactant and their moisturizing properties. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 31 (1). pp. 95-101. ISSN 01932691

Majid, S.R.; Arof, A.K.; Buraidah, M.H.; Teo, L.P. (2010) Characteristics of TiO2/Solid electrolyte junction solar cells with I-/I-3(-) redox couple. Optical Materials, 32 (6). pp. 723-728. ISSN 0925-3467

Majid, S.R.; Arof, A.K.; Kadir, M.F.Z. (2010) Plasticized chitosan-PVA blend polymer electrolyte based proton battery. Electrochimica Acta, 55 (4). pp. 1475-1482. ISSN 0013-4686

Majid, S.R.; Arof, A.K.; Shuhaimi, N.E.A.; Teo, L.P. (2010) Transport studies Of NH4NO3 doped methyl cellulose electrolyte. Synthetic Metals, 160 (9-10). pp. 1040-1044. ISSN 0379-6779

Ooi, C.H.R. (2010) Laser cooling of molecules by zero-velocity selection and single spontaneous emission. Physical Review A, 82 (5). ISSN 1050-2947

Ooi, C.H.R. (2010) Superintense fields from multiple ultrashort laser pulses retroreflected in circular geometry. Journal of Applied Physics, 107 (4). ISSN 0021-8979

Ooi, C.H.R.; Berman, P.R. (2010) Preservation of bosonic commutation relation: explicit evaluation of quantum Langevin operator products. Physica E-Low-Dimensional Systems & Nanostructures, 42 (3). pp. 407-410. ISSN 1386-9477

Ooi, C.H.R.; Kam, C.H. (2010) Controlling quantum resonances in photonic crystals and thin films with electromagnetically induced transparency. Physical Review B, 81 (19). ISSN 1098-0121

Ooi, C.H.R.; Kam, C.H. (2010) Echo and ringing of optical pulse in finite photonic crystal with superconductor and dispersive dielectric. Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, 27 (3). pp. 458-463. ISSN 0740-3224

Ooi, C.H.R.; Lan, B.L. (2010) Intense nonclassical light: controllable two-photon Talbot effect. Physical Review A, 81 (6). ISSN 1050-2947

Ooi, C.H.R.; Tou, T.Y. (2010) Superintense laser fields in circular array: effects of phase and pulse jitters. Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics, 101 (4). pp. 825-832. ISSN 0946-2171

Osman, Z.; Isa, K.B.M.; Ahmad, A.; Othman, L. (2010) A comparative study of lithium and sodium salts in PAN-based ion conducting polymer electrolytes. Ionics, 16 (5). pp. 431-435. ISSN 0947-7047

Pua, F.L.; Chia, C.H.; Zakari, S.; Liew, T.K.; Yarmo, M.A.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Preparation of transition metal sulfide nanoparticles via hydrothermal route. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (2). pp. 243-248. ISSN 01266039

Suriani, A.B.; Nor, R.M.; Rusop, M. (2010) Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized from waste cooking palm oil. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 118 (1382). pp. 963-968. ISSN 1882-0743

Tong, G.B.; Muhamad, M.R.; Rahman, S.A. (2010) Optical properties of annealed Si:H thin film prepared by layer-by-layer (LBL) deposition technique. Physica B-Condensed Matter, 405 (23). pp. 4838-4844. ISSN 0921-4526

Yau, Y.H.; Lee, S.K. (2010) Feasibility study of an ice slurry-cooling coil for HVAC and R systems in a tropical building. Applied Energy, 87 (8). pp. 2699-2711. ISSN 03062619

Zak, A.K.; Abd Majid, W.H.; Darroudi, M. (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Sot-Gel Derived Single-Phase PZT Nanoparticles in Aqueous Polyol Solution. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 12 (8). pp. 1714-1719. ISSN 1454-4164

Zakarya, S.A.; Kassim, A.; Lim, H.N.; Anwar, N.S.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Synthesis of titanium dioxide microstructures via sucrose ester microemulsion-mediated hydrothermal method. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (6). pp. 975-979. ISSN 01266039

Conference or Workshop Item

A. Zabidi, N.; A. Kassim, H.; Shrivastava, K.N. (2010) Crossing points in the electronic band structure of vanadium oxide. In: Meeting of the American Physical Society, 15-19 Mac 2010, Portland, USA. (Submitted)

Ahmad Zabidi, N.; Abu Kassim, H.; Shrivastava, K.N. (2010) Ab initio calculation of the electronic structure of Fe and Cr interlayers. In: Meeting of the American Physical Society, 15-19 Mac 2010, Portland, USA. (Submitted)

Shrivastava, K.N. (2010) The value of h/e2 from quantum hall effect. In: Meeting of the American Physical Society, 15-19 Mac 2010, Portland, USA. (Submitted)

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