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Iaccarino, C. and Kolias, A. and Adelson, P. D. and Rubiano, A. M. and Viaroli, E. and Buki, A. and Cinalli, G. and Fountas, K. and Khan, T. and Signoretti, S. and Waran, V. and Adeleye, A. O. and Amorim, R. and Bertuccio, A. and Cama, A. and Chesnut, R. M. and De Bonis, P. and Estraneo, A. and Figaji, A. and Florian, S. I. and Formisano, R. and Frassanito, P. and Gatos, C. and Germano, A. and Giussani, C. and Hossain, I. and Kasprzak, P. and La Porta, F. and Lindner, D. and Maas, A. I. R. and Paiva, W. and Palma, P. and Park, K. B. and Peretta, P. and Pompucci, A. and Posti, J. and Sengupta, S. K. and Sinha, A. and Sinha, V. and Stefini, R. and Talamonti, G. and Tasiou, A. and Zona, G. and Zucchelli, M. and Hutchinson, P. J. and Servadei, F. (2021) Consensus statement from the international consensus meeting on post-traumatic cranioplasty. Acta Neurochirurgica, 163 (2). pp. 423-440. ISSN 0001-6268, DOI

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Book Section

Balakrishnan, Y.K. and Rathinam, A.K. and Tung, T.S. and Waran, V. and Rahman, Z.A.A. (2011) Virtual method to compare treatment options to assist maxillofacial surgery planning and decision making process for implant and screw placement. In: Virtual method to compare treatment options to assist maxillofacial surgery planning and decision making process for implant and screw placement. 2nd International Visual Informatics Conference, IVIC 2011, 7066 L . Springer-Verlag., Selangor, pp. 361-367.

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