Differential effects of support conditions on dynamic parameters

Fayyadh, M.M. and Abdul Razak, H. and Khaleel, O.R. (2011) Differential effects of support conditions on dynamic parameters. In: 12th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, EASEC12, 2011, Hong Kong.

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Investigation of the influence of the differences in the support conditions on the dynamic parameters are presented in this study. Bridge girders are usually supported by elastic bearings and suffer deterioration during the service life of the bridge. Early stages of deterioration of the elastic bearing occur with decrease in its stiffness. Advance stages of deterioration causes total damage of the elastic bearing, whereby the bridge girder will be supported directly on the structural element below it. The deterioration can occur on one or both sides of the supports. In order to study the effect of this phenomenon, experiments were conducted on a simply supported beam supported on elastic rubber pads with different stiffness as well as on steel supports. The undamaged support condition was simulated by using new rubber pads with stiffness of 10MN/m. The damage support conditions were represented by using old rubber pads with stiffness of 3 MN/m and using steel supports to simulate the case of total deterioration of the rubber bearing pads. Natural frequencies and mode shapes were obtained from modal testing and compared using of Modal Assurance Criteria MAC. The results showed a direct relationship between the support stiffness and the natural frequencies and mode shape. The first bending mode was most sensitive to the changes in support stiffness followed by Mode 2. It was also observed that the other modes had similar but lower sensitivity to the state of deterioartion of the supports.

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Additional Information: Conference code: 86909 Cited By (since 1996):5 Export Date: 16 December 2013 Source: Scopus doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2011.07.021 Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Fayyadh, M.M.; Department of Civil Engineering, University of MalayaMalaysia; email: moatasem.m.f@gmail.com References: Choubey, A., Sehgal, D.K., Tandon, N., Finite element analysis of vessels to study change in natural frequencies due to cracks (2006) International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 83, pp. 181-187; Boroschek, R., Moroni, M., Sarrazin, M., Dynamic characteristics of a long span seismic isolated bridges (2003) Engineering Structures, 259 (12), pp. 1479-1490; Carne, T.G., Support conditions, their effect on measured modal parameters (1998) Proceeding of the 16th International Modal Analysis Conference, pp. 477-483; Chaudhary, M., (1999) Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Base Isolated Bridges Based on Earthquake Records, , Ph.D. theses , Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan; Chaudhary, M.T.A., Abe, M., Fujino, Y., Yoshida, J., System identification of two base-isolated bridges using seismic records (2000) Journal of Structural Engineering, 126 (10), pp. 1187-1195; Chaudhary, M.T.A., Abe, M., Fujino, Y., Performance evaluation of baseisolated Yama-age bridge with high damping rubber bearings using recorded seismic data (2001) Engineering Structures, 23 (8), pp. 902-910; Dantiele, Z., Ahmed, E., Michael, F., Nigel, M.J., Analysis of change in dynamic properties of a frame -resistant test building (2008) Engineering Structures, 30, pp. 183-196; Daza, V.M., Moroni, M., Roesset, J.M., Sarrazin, M., Seismic behavior of a bridge with base isolation (2004) Proceedings of the 11th NSGCL, , 2004; Ewins, D.J., (2000) Modal Testing: Theory, Practice and Application, , RESEARCH STUDIES PRESS LTD, 2ND ED; Abdul Razak, H., Choi, F.C., The effect of corrosion on the natural frequency and modal damping of reinforced concrete beams (2001) Engineering Structures, 23 (9), pp. 1126-1133; Jangid, R.S., Seismic response of isolated bridges (2002) Journal of Bridge Engineering, 9 (2), pp. 156-166; Johan, M., (2003) Damage Assessment of Civil Engineering Structures by Vibration Monitoring, , Ph.D. theses, Faculteit toegepaste Wetenschappen , Arenbergkastell ,Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium; Naeim, F., Kelly, J., (1999) Design of Seismic Isolated Structures: From Theory to Practice, , New York: John Wiley & Sons; Ricardo, P., Consuelo, H., Juan, M.O., Identification of damage in RC beams using index based on local modal stiffness (2008) Construction and Building Materials, 22 (8), pp. 1656-1667; Scott, W.D., Charles, R.F., Michael, B.P., (1997) A Summary Review of Vibration Based Damage Identification Methods, , Engineering Analysis Group. Los Alamos National Laboratory. Los Alamos, NM; Skinner, R.I., Robinson, H.W., McVerry, H.C., (1993) An Introduction to Seismic Isolation, , Chichester (England): Wiley; Turkington, D.H., Carr, A.J., Cooke, N., Moss, P.J., Seismic design of bridges on lead rubber bearings (1989) Journal of Structural Engineering, 115 (12), pp. 3000-3016; Thomas, G.C., Todd, D., Miguel, E.C., Support conditions for experimental modal analysis (2007) Sound and Vibration Magazine, pp. 10-15. , June; Dai, W., Moroni, M.O., Roesset, J.M., Sarazin, M., Effect of isolation pads and their stiffness on the dynamic charachteristics of bridge (2006) Engineering Structures, 28, pp. 1298-1306; Wolf Jr., J.A., (1984) The Influence of Mounting Stiffness on Frequencies Measured in A Vibration Test, , SAE paper 840480, Society of Automotive Engineering, Inc; Young-Shin, L., Myung-Jee, C., A Study on crack detection using eigen frequency test data (2000) Computers and Structures, 77, pp. 327-342
Uncontrolled Keywords: Boundary conditions, Elastic rubber, Mode shape, Natural frequency, Bending modes, Bridge girder, Differential effect, Dynamic parameters, Elastic bearing, Modal assurance criterion, Modal testings, Mode shapes, ON dynamics, Rubber bearing, Rubber pads, Simply supported beams, Structural elements, Support conditions, Beams and girders, Bearings (structural), Deterioration, Electron emission, Highway bridges, Modal analysis, Natural frequencies, Nonmetallic bearings, Plate girder bridges, Rubber, Stiffness, Structural design, Bearing pads
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