Application of weighted average on modal parameters for damage detection algorithms: Case study on steel beam

Fayyadh, M.M. and Abdul Razak, H. (2011) Application of weighted average on modal parameters for damage detection algorithms: Case study on steel beam. International Journal of Physical Sciences, 6 (25). pp. 5912-5921. ISSN 19921950,

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This study verifies the use of the proposed weighting method by Fayyadh and Abdul Razak (2011a) for damage detection algorithms applied on cracked steel beam. The results of the proposed weighting method for two damage severity algorithms are presented. That is, one based on the natural frequencies and the other based on the mode shape vectors. In addition, the stiffness deterioration based on the mathematical calculation of the change in the second moment of inertia is presented. In order to demonstrate the significance and capability of this new method, the magnitude of damage was calculated from an experimental model on a simply supported solid steel beam. Modal parameters were first obtained for the undamaged state by performing modal testing on the un-cracked steel beam. Subsequently, damage was created by cutting the beam section at mid-span from the tension zone to induce different degrees of flexural damage. The crack was created with different depth such as 2, 5, 10 and 20 mm with a constant width of 2 mm. At each level of damage, the Eigen value analysis was repeated to obtain the modal parameters relevant to the degree of damage induced. Stiffness change based on frequency and mode shapes were obtained; the proposed weighting method was applied and compared to the normal averaging method. Dynamic algorithms were compared to the change in the flexural rigidity as based on the change in the second moment of inertia of the beam cross-section at the crack zone. Proposed method returns one value of stiffness deterioration based on the considered set of modes, without affecting the sensitivity of damage detection algorithms. Flexural rigidity results showed higher sensitivity compared to dynamic algorithms. © 2011 Academic Journals.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 16 December 2013 Source: Scopus Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Fayyadh, M. M.; Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; email: References: Abdul Razak, H., Choi, F., The effect of corrosion on the natural frequency and modal damping of reinforced concrete beams (2001) Eng. Struct, 23, pp. 1126-1133; Begg, R., Mackenzoland, A., Dodds, C., Loland, O., (1976) Structural Integrity Monitoring Using Digital Processing of Vibration Signals, pp. 305-311. , 8 th Annual Offshore Tech. Conf; Cao, M., Ye, L., Zhou, L., Su, Z., Bai, R., Sensitivity of fundamental mode shape and static deflection for damage identification in cantilever beams (2011) Mech. Syst. Proc, 25 (2), pp. 630-643; Choubey, A., Sehgal, D., Tandon, N., Finite element analysis of vessels to study changes in natural frequencies due to cracks (2006) Int. J. Pressure Vessels Piping, 83 (3), pp. 181-187; Coppolino, R., Rubin, S., (1980) Detectability of Structural Failures In Offshore Platforms By Ambient Vibration Monitoring, pp. 101-110. , 12th Annual Offshore Technology Conference; Demeter, G., (1973) Free Vibration of Two-Degree Spring-Mass System, , Wiley-Interscience; Doebling, S., Farrar, C., Prime, M., A Summary Review of Vibration-Based Damage Identification Methods (1998) The Shock and Vibration Digest, 30 (2), pp. 91-105; Douka, E., Bamnios, G., Trochidis, G.A., Method for determining the location and depth of cracks in double-cracked beams (2004) Appl. Acous, 65, pp. 997-1008; Ewins, D., (2000) Modal Testing: Theory, Practice and Application, pp. 306-318. , Baldock, Hertfordshire, England. Res. Stud., Press Ltd; Fayyadh, M.M., Abdul Razak, H., (2010) The Effect of Support Condition On Dynamic Parameters, , The 17th international congress on sound and vibration. Cairo Egypt; Fayyadh, M.M., Abdul Razak, H., Weighting Method for Modal Parameter Based Damage Detection Algorithms (2011) J. Phys. Sci, 6 (20), pp. 4816-4825; Fayyadh, M.M., Abdul Razak, H., Stiffness Reduction Index for Detection of Damage Location: Analytical Study (2011) Int. J. Phys. Sci, 6 (9), pp. 2194-2204; Fayyadh, M.M., Abdul Razak, H., Modified Damage Location Indices in Beam-like Structure: Analytical Study (2011) Sci. Res. Essay, , In press; Fayyadh, M.M., Abdul Razak, H., Khalil, O.R., Differential Effects of Support Conditions on Dynamic Parameters. The Twelfth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (2011) Procedia Eng, 14 (2011), pp. 177-184; Fayyadh, M.M., Razak, H., Ismail, Z., Combined modal parameters-based algorithm for damage identification in a beamlike structure: Theoretical development and verification (2011) Archive of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 9 (3), pp. 587-609; Jassim, Z., Fayyadh, M.M., Mustapha, F., (2010) Health Monitoring of Cantilever Rod Using Vibration Test "Theoretical and Numerical Study, , The 17th international congress on sound and vibration. Cairo Egypt; Johan, M., (2003) Damage Assessment of Civil Engineering Structures By Vibration Monitoring, , Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium; Kim, J., Stunns, N., Improved Damage Identification Method Based on Modal Information (2002) J. Sound Vibration, 252 (2), pp. 223-238; Kim, J.T., Park, J.H., Lee, B.J., Vibration Based Damage Monitoring in Model Plate-Girder Bridge Under Uncertain Temprature Condations (2007) Eng. Struct, 29, pp. 1354-1365; Kisaa, M., Gurelb, M.A., Free vibration analysis of uniform and stepped cracked beams with circular cross sections (2007) Int. J. Eng. Sci, 45, pp. 364-380; Ndambi, J., Vantomme, J., Harri, K., Damage Assessment in Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Eignfrequncies and Mode Shape Derivatives (2002) Eng. Struct, 24, pp. 501-515; Orhan, S., Analysis of free and forced vibration of a cracked cantilever beam (2007) NDT & E International, 40, pp. 443-450; Patil, D.P., Maiti, S.K., Experimental verification of a method of detection of multiple cracks in beams based on frequency measurements (2005) J. Sound Vibration, 281, pp. 439-451; Ruotolo, R., Surace, C., Damage Assessment of Multiple Crcaked Beams: Numerical Results and Expemrintal Validation (1997) J. Sound Vibration, 206 (4), pp. 567-588; Salawu, O., Detection of Structural Damage Through Change in Frequency: A review (1997) Eng. Struct, 19, pp. 718-723; Vandiver, J., (1975) Detection of Structural Failure On Fixed Platforms By Measurment of Dynamic Response, pp. 243-252. , The 7th Annual Offshore Technology Conference; West, W., Illustration of The Use of Modal Assurance Criterion to Detect Structural Changes in An Orbiter Test Soecimen (1984) Air Force Conference On Aircraft Structural Integrity, pp. 1-6; Zhua, H., Lia, L., Hec, X., Damage detection method for shear buildings using the changes in the first mode shape slopes (2011) Comput. Struct, 89 (9-10), pp. 733-743
Uncontrolled Keywords: Flexural rigidity, Modal assurance criteria (MAC), Modal parameters, Proposed weighting method
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