Application of state space search method to find a low voltage solution for ill-conditioned system

Shahriari, Amidaddin and Mokhlis, Hazlie and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu and Karimi, Mazaher and Illias, Hazlee Azil (2012) Application of state space search method to find a low voltage solution for ill-conditioned system. Przeglad Elektrotechniczny, 88 (12 A). pp. 247-250. ISSN 0033-2097,

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This paper uses the State Space Search Method (SSSM) in polar coordinate form to obtain low voltage solution and maximum loading point of ill-condition power system. SSSM improves the direction of state variables (buses voltage and phase) of system buses based on optimal multiplier to converge load flow equations in ill-conditioned system. The advantage of SSSM is apparent in constant preservation of dimension of Jacobian matrix in load flow equations. Whereas another approaches such as Homotopy and continuation power flow vary the framework of Jacobian matrix based on predictor and corrector elements during enhancing load demand. The calculation procedure of SSSM is depending on classical Newton-Raphson load flow method. The reliability of SSSM is indicated by IEEE test systems, 14 and 30 buses in well and ill-conditioned at maximum loading point as systems.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Export Date: 17 April 2013 Source: Scopus Language of Original Document: English; Polish Correspondence Address: Shahriari, A.; University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; email: References: Stott, B., Review of load-flow calculation methods (1974) Proc. IEEE, 62 (1), pp. 916-929. , July; Wang, Y., da Silva, L.C.P., Wilsun, X., Investigation of the relationship between ill-conditioned power flow and voltage collapse (2000) IEEE Power Engineering Review, 20 (4), pp. 43-45. , July; Felix, F.W., Theoretical Study Of The Convergence of The Fast Decoupled Load Flow (1977) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 96 (2). , January; Tamura, Y., Mori, H., Iwamoto, S., Relationship Between Voltage Instability and Multiple Load Flow Solutions in Electric Power Systems (1983) IEEE Trans. Power App. Syst, 102 (5), pp. 1115-1125. , May; de Souza, A.Z., Cañizares, C.A., Quintana, V.H., New Techniques to Speed Up Voltage Collapse Computations Using Tangent Vector (1997) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 12 (3), pp. 1380-1387. , August; Xie, N., Bompard, E., Roberto, N.F.T., Widely convergent method for finding solutions of simultaneous nonlinear equations (2012) Electric Power Systems Research Journal, 83 (1), pp. 1-266. , February; Guedes, R.B.L., Alberto, L.F.C., Bretas, N.G., Power system low-voltage solutions using an auxiliary gradient system for voltage collapse purposes (2005) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 20 (3), pp. 1528-1537. , August; Milano, F., Continuous Newton's Method for Power Flow analysis (2009) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 24 (1), pp. 50-57. , February; Shahriari, A., Bakar, A.H.A., Mokhlis, H., Comparative studies on Non-Divergent Load flow methods in well, ill and unsolvable condition (2010) IEEE Conference Power System Technology (POWERCON); Shao-Hua, L., Chiang, H.-D., Continuation Power Flow With Nonlinear Power Injection Variations: A Piecewise Linear Approximation (2008) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 23 (4), pp. 1637-1643. , November; Chen, Y., Shen, C., A Jacobian-free Mewton-GMRES(m) method with adaptive preconditioner and its application for power flow calculations (2006) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 21 (3), pp. 1096-1103. , August; Yorino, N., Hua-Qiang, L.S., A predictor/corrector scheme for obtaining Q-limit points for power flow studies (2005) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 20 (2), pp. 130-137. , February; Iwamoto, S., Tamura, Y., A load flow calculation method for ill conditioned power systems (1981) IEEE Trans. Power App. Syst, 100 (3), pp. 1736-1743. , April; Iba, K., Suzuki, H., Egawa, M., Watanabe, T., A method for finding a pair of multiple load flow solutions in bulk power systems (1990) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 5 (2), pp. 582-591. , May; Overbye, T.J., Klump, R.P., Effective calculation of power system low -voltage solutions (1996) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 11 (1), pp. 75-82. , February; Schaffer, M.D., Tylavsky, D.J., A nondiverging polar form Newton-based power flow (1988) IEEE Trans. Ind. App, 24 (1), pp. 870-877. , September/October; Braz, L.M.C., Castro, C.A., Murari, C.A.F., A critical evaluation of step size optimization based load flow methods (2000) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 15 (1), pp. 202-207. , February; Tate, J.E., Overbye, T.J., A comparison of the optimal multiplier in polar and rectangular coordinates (2005) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 20 (4), pp. 1667-1674. , November; Huang, W.-T., Yao, K.-C., New network sensitivity-based approach for real time complex power flow calculation (2012) IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 2011, 6 (2), pp. 109-112;, AvailableUR -
Uncontrolled Keywords: State space search method; Low voltage solution; Optimal multiplier; Ill-conditioned system; Maximum loading point; Load flow solutions; Power-flow; Polar.
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