Multilinear-model predictive control of a tubular solid oxide fuel cell system

Hajimolana, S. and Hussain, Mohd Azlan and Soroush, M. and Wan Daud, W.A. and Chakrabarti, M.H. (2012) Multilinear-model predictive control of a tubular solid oxide fuel cell system. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52 (1). pp. 430-441. ISSN 0888-5885, DOI

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As solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are highly nonlinear systems, a single linear controller cannot perform satisfactorily over a wide range of operating conditions of the processes. This work studies multilinear-model predictive control of a tubular SOFC. The objective is to control the fuel cell outlet voltage over a wide range of operating conditions by manipulating inlet fuel pressure (flow rate). A first-principles model of an ammonia fed-tubular solid oxide fuel cell is used for the controller design. The model accounts for diffusion, inherent impedance, transport (momentum, heat and mass transfer), electrochemical reactions, activation and concentration polarizations, and the ammonia decomposition reaction. The servo and regulatory performances of the multimodel predictive controller (MMPC) are compared with those of a single-model predictive controller (SMPC) and a proportional-integral (PI) controller. For small load changes, the MMPC, SMPC, and PI controller all provide zero offset, and the MMPC yields the best closed-loop performance. However, for large load changes, the SMPC and PI controller fail to provide zero offset; under these two controllers the closed-loop system with the large load changes is unstable.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 5 March 2013 Source: Scopus CODEN: IECRE Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Hussain, M.A.; Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; email: References: Li, J.-H., Fu, X.-Z., Luo, J.-L., Chuang, K.T., Sanger, A.R., Application of BaTiO3 as anode materials for H 2S-containing CH4 fueled solid oxide fuel cells (2012) J. Power Sources, 213, pp. 69-77; Sadhukhan, J., Zhao, Y., Shah, N., Brandon, N.P., Performance analysis of integrated biomass gasification fuel cell (BGFC) and biomass gasification combined cycle (BGCC) systems (2006) Chem. Eng. Sci., 26, p. 1942; Ma, Q., Peng, R., Lin, Y., Gao, J., Meng, G., A high-performance ammonia-fueled solid oxide fuel cell (2006) J. Power Sources, 161, pp. 95-98; Pelletier, L., McFarlan, A., Maffei, N., Ammonia fuel cell using doped barium cerate proton conducting solid electrolytes (2005) J. 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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ammonia decomposition, Closed-loop performance, Concentration polarization, Controller designs, Electrochemical reactions, First-principles model, Fuel pressure, Heat and mass transfer, Linear controllers, Load change, Multi-model, Operating condition, PI Controller, Predictive control, Predictive controller, Proportional integral controllers, Regulatory performance, Small load, Tubular SOFC, Tubular solid oxide fuel cells, Work study, Zero offsets, Linear control systems, Model predictive control, Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), Predictive control systems.
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