Effectiveness enchancement of heat exchanger by using nanofluids

Hasanuzzaman, M. and Saidur, Rahman and Rahim, N.A. (2011) Effectiveness enchancement of heat exchanger by using nanofluids. In: 2011 IEEE 1st Conference on Clean Energy and Technology, CET 2011, 2011, Kuala Lumpur.

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Heat exchanger is the almost common equipment for the industrial process heating. Heat is transferred from one fluid to other fluids by convection and conduction through the wall of the heat exchanger. Effectiveness of heat exchanger depends on the convection heat transfer coefficient of the fluid. Convective heat transfer coefficient of water, Cu-water, Al-water, Al 2O 3-water and TiO 2-water of 2 nanoparticle concentration has been calculated for counter flow heat exchanger. It is found that convective heat transfer coefficient of Cu-water, Al-water, Al 2O 3-water and TiO 2-water nanofluids are 81, 63, 66 and 64 higher compared to pure water respectively. It is found that overall heat transfer coefficient of Cu-water, Al-water, Al 2O 3-water and TiO 2-water nanofluids are 23, 20, 21 and 20 higher compared to pure water respectively.

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Additional Information: Conference code: 87112 Cited By (since 1996): 2 Export Date: 6 December 2012 Source: Scopus Art. 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