An experimental study on shear reinforcement in RC beams using CFRP-bars

Kobraei, M. and Jumaat, Mohd Zamin and Shafigh, P. (2011) An experimental study on shear reinforcement in RC beams using CFRP-bars. Scientific Research and Essays, 6 (16). pp. 3447-3460. ISSN 19922248, DOI

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Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) as an alternative to steel in reinforced concrete (RC) beams has become increasingly popular. The merits of FRP include high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance, and its advantages cannot be ignored in civil engineering. Consequently, FRP has attracted considerable interest from researchers. In this research, the effects of using CFRP bars as shear reinforcement instead of stirrups in RC beams have been investigated. All beams were cast using a high strength concrete (HSC), which was also a self-compacting concrete (SCC). For this new idea, modes of failure for seven laboratory specimens, including a comparison of the ultimate moment capacity of beams, load-deflection control, load of first crack, crack width and position of the neutral axis (N.A.) were analysed. The results show that using carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) shear reinforcement can be an acceptable alternative for normal stirrups in RC beams.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 6 January 2013 Source: Scopus Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Kobraei, M.; Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; email: References: (2004) Guide Test Methods for Fiber-Rreinforced Polymers (FRPs) for Reinforcing or Strengthening Concrete Structures, , ACI 440.3R-04, ACI, Farmington Hills, MI, USA; (1999) Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-99) and Commentary(318R-99), , ACI Committee 318, ACI, Farmington Hills, Mich; (2006) Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars (ACI440.1R-06), , ACI Committee 440, ACI, Farmington Hills; Ali, M.M.S.M., Oehlers, D.J., Griffit, M.C., Seracino, R., Interfacial stress transfer of near surface-mounted FRP-to-concrete joints (2008) Eng. Struc., 30 (7), pp. 1861-1868; Almusallam, T.H., Al-Salloum, Y.A., Alsayed, S.H., Amjad, M.A., Behavior of concrete beams doubly reinforced by FRP bars (1997) Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Non-metallic (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (FRPRCS- 3), 2, pp. 471-478. , Japan; Alsayed, S.H., Flexural behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with GFRP bars (1998) Cem. Concr. Compos., 20 (1), pp. 1-11; Standard practice for conditioning plastics and electrical insulating materials for testing (1995) Annual Book of ASTM Standards, 8, p. 01. , ASTM D618-61, Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials; Badawi, M., Soudki, K., Flexural strengthening of RC beams with prestressed NSM CFRP rods - Experimental and analytical investigation (2009) Cons. Buil. Mater., 23 (10), pp. 3292-3300; Barros, J.A.O., Fortes, A.S., Flexural strengthening of concrete beams with CFRP laminates bonded into slits (2005) Cem. Conc. Compo., 27 (4), pp. 471-480; Blaschko, M., Zilch, K., Rehabilitation of concrete structures with strips glued into slits (1999) Proceedings of the 12th Int, , Conference on Composite Materials, Paris; Chitsazan, I., Kobraei, M., Zamin, J.M., Shafigh, P., An experimental study on the flexural behavior of FRP RC beams and a comparison of the ultimate moment capacity with ACI (2010) J. Civ. Eng. Cons. Tech., 1 (2), pp. 27-42; El-Hacha, R., Rizkalla, S.H., Near-surface-mounted fiber-reinforced polymer reinforcements for flexural strengthening of concrete structures (2004) Stru. J., 101 (5), pp. 717-726; Faisal, F.W., Samir, A.A., Ghazi, S.H., Shear behavior of reinforced high-strength concrete beams without shear reinforcement (1994) Eng. J. Qatar Univ., 7, pp. 91-113; Islam, A.K.M., Effective methods of using CFRP bars in shear strengthening of concrete girders (2009) Eng. Stru., 31 (3), pp. 709-714; Lorenzis, D.L., Nanni, A., Bond between near-surface mounted FRP rods and concrete in structural strengthening (2002) ACI Stru. J., 99 (2), pp. 123-133; Nanni, A., Composites: Coming on Strong (1999) Con. Constr., 44 (1), pp. 120-124; Novidis, D., Pantazopoulou, S.J., Tentolouris, E., Experimental study of bond of NSM-FRP reinforcement (2007) Cons. Buil. Mater., 21 (8), pp. 1760-1770; Rizzo, A., de Lorenzis, L., Behavior and capacity of RC beams strengthened in shear with NSM FRP reinforcement (2009) Cons. BuiL. Mater., 23 (4), pp. 1555-1567; Thériault, M., Benmokrane, B., Effects of FRP reinforcement ratio and concrete strength on flexural behavior of concrete beams (1998) J. Compo. Const., 2 (1), pp. 7-16; Tureyen, A.K., Frosch, R.J., Shear tests of FRP-reinforced concrete beams without stirrups (2002) ACI Struct. J., 99 (4), pp. 427-434; Wang, B., Teng, J.G., Lorenzis, L.D., Zhou, L.M., Ou, J., Jin, W., Lau, K.T., Strain monitoring of RC members strengthened with smart NSM FRP bars (2009) Cons. Buil. Mate., 23 (4), pp. 1698-1711; Yang, J., Wu, Y.F., Interfacial stresses of FRP strengthened concrete beams: Effect of shear deformation (2007) Compo. Struct., 80 (3), pp. 343-351; Yost, J.R., Goodspeed, C.H., Schmeckpeper, E.R., Flexural performance of concrete beams reinforced with grids (2001) J. Compo. Constr., 5 (1), pp. 18-25
Uncontrolled Keywords: Concrete beam, Deflection, Fibre reinforced polymer, First crack, Flexural behaviour, Neutral axis, Shear behaviour, Ultimate moment.
Subjects: T Technology > TA Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering
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Date Deposited: 29 Apr 2013 01:46
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