Degradation performance and cost implication of UV-integrated advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatments

Buthiyappan, A. and Abdul Raman, Abdul Aziz and Daud, W. (2015) Degradation performance and cost implication of UV-integrated advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatments. Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 31 (3). pp. 263-302. ISSN 0167-8299, DOI

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Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are commonly used for treating recalcitrant wastewater with varying degree of efficiency, depending on several operating parameters. In this review, a comparative study among selected AOPs integrated with ultraviolet (UV) (UV/Fenton, UV/H2O2, UV/O-3, UV/TiO2, UV/persulfate, UV/H2O2/O-3, and UV/TiO2/H2O2) was conducted. The cost implication, changes in kinetics, changes in reaction rates, and effects of various parameters such as type of contaminants, pH, catalyst loading concentration of oxidants, and type of UV light are explained and concluded in this paper. From this review, it is concluded that UV-integrated AOPs are efficient for wastewater treatment. However, a few aspects must be considered including process scale-up, kinetics of combined processes, reactor configuration, modeling of a system, and optimization of operating parameters to enhance the process efficiency.

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Funders: University of Malaya High Impact Research Grant from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, University of Malaya Postgraduate Research Fund
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cost evaluation, energy calculation, hydrogen peroxide, integrated aops, recalcitrant wastewater, photo-fenton processes, response-surface methodology, computational fluid-dynamics, activated persulfate oxidation, central composite design, in-situ remediation, tert-butyl ether, azo-dye, photocatalytic degradation, aqueous-solution,
Subjects: T Technology > T Technology (General)
T Technology > TP Chemical technology
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