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Berry, A.J. (1968) Fluctuations in the reproductive condition of Cassidula auris-felis, a Malayan mangrove ellobiid snail (Pulmonata: Gastropoda). Journal of Zoology, 154 (3). pp. 377-390. ISSN 0952-8369, DOI

Berry, A.J. and Chan, L.C. (1968) Reproductive condition and tentacle extirpation in malayan achatina fulica (Pulmonata). Australian Journal of Zoology, 16 (5). pp. 849-855. ISSN 0004-959X, DOI


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Cheong, C.K. (1968) Ergodic and ratio limit theorems for ?-recurrent semi-Markov processes. Zeitschrift für Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Verwandte Gebiete, 9 (4). pp. 270-286. ISSN 0044-3719, DOI

Cheung, H.T. (1968) Constituents of dipterocarpaceae resins. Part II. Structure of dryobalanone from Dryobalanops aromatica. Journal of the Chemical Society C: Organic. pp. 2686-2689. ISSN 0022-4952, DOI

Cheung, H.T. and Feng, M.C. (1968) Constituents of dipterocarpaceae resins. Part I. Triterpene acids of Dryobalanops aromatica. Journal of the Chemical Society C: Organic. pp. 1047-1051. ISSN 0022-4952, DOI

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Greig, J.R. and Lim, C.P. and Moo-Young, G.A. and Palumbo, G. and Griem, Hans R. (1968) Measurements of the Stark Broadening of Two Neutral Helium Lines in a Plasma. Physical Review, 172 (1). pp. 148-153. ISSN 0031-899X, DOI


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Hutchison, C.S. (1968) Dating Tectonism in the Indosinian–Thai–Malayan Orogen by Thermoluminescence. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 79 (3). pp. 375-386. ISSN 0016-7606, DOI[375:DTITIO]2.0.CO;2.


Kheng, Chong Sue and Chee, Teoh Kkim and Marchette, N.J. and Garcia, R. and Rudnick, A. and Coughlan, R.F. (1968) Japanese B Encephalitis in a horse. Australian Veterinary Journal, 44 (1). pp. 23-25. ISSN 0005-0423, DOI

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Kok, L.T. (1968) Host Preference and Survival of the Dark-Headed Rice Stem Borer Chilotraea polychrysa(Meyr.) in Malaya. Experimental Agriculture, 4 (3). pp. 235-241. ISSN 0014-4797, DOI

Kwee, B.W. (1968) The relation between the sequence-to-sequence and the series-to-series versions of quasi-Hausdorff summability methods. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 19 (1). pp. 45-49. ISSN 0002-9939, DOI


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Lee, K.H. (1968) Polar effects in hydrogen abstraction from benzaldehydes—I. Tetrahedron, 24 (13). pp. 4793-4803. ISSN 0040-4020, DOI

Lim, S.L.H. (1968) Sclerotised hard parts of Quadriacanthus kobiensis Ha, 1968. [Image]

Loke, K.H. and Gan, Chong Yong (1968) 14α-hydroxylation of oestrone by porcine adrenals. Steroids, 11 (6). pp. 863-875. ISSN 0039-128X, DOI

Lowry, J.B. (1968) Anthocyanin from a malayan member of the podocarpaceae. Phytochemistry, 7 (10). pp. 1897-1898. ISSN 0031-9422, DOI


Teh, H.H. and Pang, C.K. (1968) Multiple precursors in an electromagnetic shock tube with oscillatory discharge. International Journal of Electronics, 24 (3). pp. 291-293. ISSN 0020-7217, DOI

Tung, H.F. and Raghavan, V. (1968) Effects of growth retardants on the growth of excised roots of Dolichos lablab L. in culture. Annals of Botany, 32 (3). pp. 509-519. ISSN 0305-7364, DOI


Ward, D. (1968) Eliot, murray, homer, and the idea of tradition 'so i assumed a double part'. Essays in Criticism, 18 (1). pp. 47-59. ISSN 0014-0856, DOI


Yong, Hoi Sen (1968) Karyotype of Four Malayan Rats (Muridae, Genus Rattus Fischer). Cytologia, 33 (2). pp. 174-180. ISSN 0011-4545, DOI

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