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A. Ghani, Muhammad Faizal and Siraj, Saedah and Mohd Radzi, Norfariza and Elham, Faisol (2011) School effectiveness and improvement practices in excellent schools in Malaysia and Brunei. In: 3rd World Conference on Educational Sciences, 03-07 February 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.

Abdullah, F. (2014) Insect pest of Musa acuminata In Kuala Krau, Pahang. In: Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting, 15-22 Nov 2014, Oregon, USA. (Submitted)

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Alhabshi, S.M. (2008) E-government in Malaysia: Barriers and progress. In: Hawaii International Conference on Social Science , 29 Mei-1 Jun 2008, Honolulu, Hawaii. (Submitted)

Athukorala, P.C. and Devadason, E.S. (2011) Foreign labour in Malaysian manufacturing: trends, patterns and implications for domestic wages. In: International Conference on Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment, 18-19 Apr 2011, Manila, Filipina. (Submitted)


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Devadason, E.S. and Chandran, V.G.R. and Mubarik, S. (2015) Cross-regional engagement between ASEAN and Latin America: defining barriers to trade in the Malaysia-Chile partnership. In: Congress of the Latin American Studies Association 2015, 27-30 May 2015, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Submitted)

Devadason, E.S. and Chenayah, S. (2011) Greening world trade: The Malaysian perspective on emerging issues and policy responses. In: 7th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, 05-07 Jan 2011, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Submitted)


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Fernandez, S.T. and Kassim, S.R. and Mohd Khir, R.J. (2010) Illustrating childhood: Lat's Kampung Boy as a Malaysian bidungsroman. In: International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, 30 May - 03 June 2010, Salzburg, Austria. (Submitted)

Fon, S.O. and Kitchen, P.J. (2008) Older people as models in advertisements: A cross-cultural content analysis of two Asian countries. In: Annual London Conference on Money, Economy, and Management, 3-4 July 2008, London, United Kingdom. (Submitted)

Fredericks, L.J. (2009) Exploring the spatial dimensions of rural development models in Malaysia 1957-2007. In: Canadian Council for South East Asian Studies Biennial Conference, 15-17 Oct 2009, Vancouver, Canada. (Submitted)


Hamidon, N.A. and Md. Zain, D.H. and Bujang, R. and Janeri, M. (2011) Calligraphy paintings in Malaysia: Clarification as an art tradition. In: 9th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, 08-11 Jun 2011, Granada, Spain. (Submitted)

Hassan, A. (2009) Thermal and mechanical properties of injection moulded short glass/short carbon hybrid fibre reinforced polyamide 6,6 composites. In: Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing (AWPP 2009), 01-04 Dec 2009, Penang. (Submitted)

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Kassim, S.R. and Fernandez, S.T. and Mohd Khir, R.J. (2010) Children's literature in English: A Malaysian perspective. In: International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, 30 May - 03 June 2010, Salzburg, Austria. (Submitted)

Kon, S.H. and Loo, T.H. (2011) On a class of real hypersurfaces in a complex space form. In: The Conference on Geometry - Theory and Applications, 20-24 Jun 2011, Styria, Austria.


Lau, W.Y. (2009) Fama and French risk factors constructed from Russell/Nomura style indexes: evidence from Japanese monthly and daily data sets. In: 17th Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting and Management, 01-02 July 2009, Bangkok, Thailand. (Submitted)

Leon, C. (2017) Narrating Malaysia: Rehman Rashid’s a Malaysian Journey and Peninsula: A story of Malaysia. In: Performing the Urban: Embodiments, Inventories, Rhythms, 3-7 April 2017, University of Oviedo, Spain.

Lim, M.H. and Tan, S.C. (2011) Rank one preservers between spaces of boolean matrices. In: 7th Shanghai Conference on Combinatorics, 24-28 May 2011, Shanghai, China. (Submitted)


Malakolunthu, S. and Selan, P.S. (2011) Adjustment problems among international students in Malaysian private higher education institutions. In: 3rd World Conference on Educational Sciences, 03-07 February 2011, Istanbul, Turkey. (Submitted)

Mat Khalid, M.S. and Raja Hussain, R.M. (2011) Designing to PLEaSE: A case study of personalizing learning for a Malaysian secondary school. In: Personal Learning Environment Conference 2011, 11-13 July 2011, Southampton, UK. (Submitted)

Md Nor, M.A. and Hussin, H. (2011) Gendering dance, gazing music: Dance movements, healing rituals and music making. In: International Council for Traditional Music World Conference, 13-19 July 2011, Newfoundland, Canada. (Submitted)

Md. Nor, M.A. (2009) The spirituaI essence of tawhid (oneness-peerlessness)in zapin dance performance by the beholders of the tariqat naqsabandiah in Southeast Asia. In: International Council for Traditional Music 40th World Conference, 1-8 July 2009, Durban, South Africa. (Submitted)

Mei Tien, W.Y. and David, M.K. (2011) Inter-ethnic tolerance and cross-cultural communication: its relationship and importance in a multicultural society. In: International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference, 30 May - 03 June 2011, Salzburg, Austria. (Submitted)

Mohd Jaladin, R.A. and Simmonds, J.G. (2011) Perceived multicultural counselling competence of professional counsellors in Malaysia: A national survey. In: International Counseling Conference, 06-10 Dec 2011, Bandung, Indonesia. (Submitted)

Mohd Khir, R.J. and Fernandez, S.T. and Kassim, S.R. (2010) The use of theatre as a collective enterprise in disseminating literature to children. In: International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, 30 May - 03 June 2010, Salzburg, Austria. (Submitted)

Munisamy, S. and Danxia, W. (2011) Non-parametric performance evaluation of container ports. In: XII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Conference, 22-24 June 2011, Verona, Italy. (Submitted)


Nambiar, M. (2011) Bifurcated language shift: A study of the Malayalee diaspora in Malaysia. In: South Asian Languages Analysis Rountable, 06-08 Jan 2011, Mysore, India. (Submitted)

Ng, K.H. and Allen, D. and Peiris, S. (2009) Fitting weibull ACD models to high frequency transactions data: A semi-parametric approach based on estimating functions. In: 15th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance, 15-17 July 2009, Sydney, Australia. (Submitted)


Pathmanathan, D. and Ng, K.H. and Peiris, S. (2010) On estimation of autoregressive conditional duration (ACD) models based on different error distributions. In: International Statistics Conference 2010, 08-09 Jan 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Submitted)

Phooi M’ng, J.C. and Zainudin, R. and Aziz, A.A. (2015) Understanding the nature of oil fluctuations using 1 neutral network moving average: A study on the returns of crude oil futures. In: International Conference on Finance , 25-28 May 2015, Athens, Greece. (Submitted)

Pogadev, V.A. (2009) The origin and classification of Russian anecdotes as a folklore genre. In: International Conference on Asian Folklore, 2-3 Julai 2009, Bangkok, Thailand. (Submitted)

Ponnu, C.H. and Chuah, C.C. (2010) Organizational commitment and turnover intention in Malaysia: organizational justice as a determinant. In: 14th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA) Conference, 23-24 Jun 2010, Istanbul, Turkey. (Submitted)


Ramasamy, K. (2011) Linguistic features in re.Karthigesu's Novels: an overview from a stylistic perspective. In: South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable, 06-08 Jan 2011, Mysore, India. (Submitted)

Ramesh, Subramaniam and Shanti, R. and Morris, E. and Durairaj, R. (2010) Exerted influence of DES concentration in the room temperature ionic conductivity and thermal behavior of CS-LiTFSI-DES polymer electrolytes. In: International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, 15-20 Dec 2010, Hawaii, USA. (Submitted)

Raval, R.R. and Ale Ebrahim, N. and Ahmed, S. and Taha, Z. (2010) Work together… when apart challenges and what is need for effective virtual teams. Journal of Information, Knowledge and Research in Business Management and Administration, 1 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN 0975 – 671X,


Seong, L.D. (2010) The "world" of Ouyang Xiu's literary work: From the perspective of emotion. In: 4th International Conference of Literacy Communication and Literacy, 25-29 Mac 2010, Hualien, Taiwan.. (Submitted)

Shah, R.N. (2013) Perpaduan ummah: Harapan, realiti dan cabaran. In: Majlis Wacana Perpaduan Ummah, 19 Februari 2013, Kuala Lumpur. (Submitted)

Sheikh, M.R.K. and Masuyama, S. and Tokita, M. and Watanabe, J. (2009) Synthesis and characterization new Polymerizable Liquid Crystal Monomer and its atom transfer Radical Polymerization for novel side chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers. In: 6th International Symposium on Advanced Material in Asia-Pacific Rim, 21-23 Nov 2009, Bangkok, Thailand. (Submitted)

Sumari, M. (2011) Family dynamics and career decision self-efficacy: A study of first year Malaysian undergraduates. In: 2nd Asia Pacific Rim International Counseling Conference, 06-07 July 2011, Hong Kong. (Submitted)


Tahriri, F. and Dabbagh, M. and Ale Ebrahim, N. (2014) Supplier assessment and selection using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process in a steel manufacturing company. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 3 (10). pp. 1319-1338. ISSN 2320–0227, DOI

Tan, Y.M. and Tan, C.Y. and Singh, R. and Teh, Y.C. and Yap, B.K. (2015) The effect of heat treatment time on the formation of forsterite (Mg2SiO4). In: 7th International Conference On Bioinformatics And Biomedical Technology (ICBBT 2015), 23-24 May 2015, Singapore.

Tan, Y.Y.J. and Ramachandran, K.B. and Hashim, M.A. (2008) Effects of hydraulic retention time on anaerobic digestion of domestic wastewater at low loading rates. In: International Conference on Engineering for Waste Valorisation, 3-5 June 2008, Patras, Greece. (Submitted)


Ungku Abdul Aziz, U.A.H. (1958) Concepts of agglomeration and consolidation and related research methodology. In: Center on Principles and Policies of Land Settlement for Asia and the Far East, 14 November - 05 December 1958, Gal Oya, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).


Wang Ma, R. (2010) Chinese Muslims identity and culture. In: Forum for the Development of Muslim Women in Western Region, 13-14 Nov 2010, Lanzhou, China. (Submitted)


Yahya, Z. and Razali, M.N. and Abdul, Z. (2012) Assessing professional valuation practice standards in Malaysia: A theoretical framework. In: IBIMA International Real Estate Conference 2012, 09-11 June 2012, Kuala Lumpur. (Submitted)

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