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Bojesen, S.E. and Pooley, K.A. and Johnatty, S.E. and Beesley, J. and Michailidou, K. and Tyrer, J.P. and Edwards, S.L. and Pickett, H.A. and Shen, H.C. and Smart, C.E. and Hillman, K.M. and Mai, P.L. and Lawrenson, K. and Stutz, M.D. and Lu, Y. and Karevan, R. and Woods, N. and Johnstonw, R.L. and French, J.D. and Chen, X.Q. and Weischer, M. and Nielsen, S.F. and Maranian, M.J. and Ghoussaini, M. and Ahmed, S. and Baynes, C. and Bolla, M.K. and Wang, Q. and Dennis, J. and McGuffog, L. and Barrowdale, D. and Lee, A. and Healey, S. and Lush, M. and Tessier, D.C. and Vincent, D. and Bacot, F. and Vergote, I. and Lambrechts, S. and Despierre, E. and Risch, H.A. and Gonzaalez-Neira, A. and Rossing, M.A. and Pita, G. and Doherty, J.A. and Alvarez, N. and Larson, M.C. and Fridley, B.L. and Schoof, N. and Chang-Claude, J. and Cicek, M.S. and Peto, J. and Kalli, K.R. and Broeks, A. and Armasu, S.M. and Schmidt, M.K. and Braaf, L.M. and Winterhoff, B. and Nevanlinna, H. and Konecny, G.E. and Lambrechts, D. and Rogmann, L. and Guenel, P. and Teoman, A. and Milne, R.L. and Garcia, J.J. and Cox, A. and Shridhar, V. and Burwinkel, B. and Marme, F. and Hein, R. and Sawyer, E.J. and Haiman, C.A. and Wang-Gohrke, S. and Andrulis, I.L. and Moysich, K.B. and Hopper, J.L. and Odunsi, K. and Lindblom, A. and Giles, G.G. and Brenner, H. and Simard, J. and Lurie, G. and Fasching, P.A. and Carney, M.E. and Radice, P. and Wilkens, L.R. and Swerdlow, A. and Goodman, M.T. and Brauch, H. and Garcia-Closas, M. and Hillemanns, P. and Winqvist, R. and Durst, M. and Devilee, P. and Runnebaum, I. and Jakubowska, A. and Lubinski, J. and Mannermaa, A. and Butzow, R. and Omar, S.Z. (2013) Multiple independent variants at the TERT locus are associated with telomere length and risks of breast and ovarian cancer. Nature Genetics, 45 (4). pp. 371-384. ISSN 1061-4036, DOI


Ishiura, Hiroyuki and Shibata, Shota and Yoshimura, Jun and Suzuki, Yuta and Qu, Wei and Doi, Koichiro and Almansour, M. Asem and Kikuchi, Junko Kanda and Taira, Makiko and Mitsui, Jun and Takahashi, Yuji and Ichikawa, Yaeko and Mano, Tatsuo and Iwata, Atsushi and Harigaya, Yasuo and Matsukawa, Miho Kawabe and Matsukawa, Takashi and Tanaka, Masaki and Shirota, Yuichiro and Ohtomo, Ryo and Kowa, Hisatomo and Date, Hidetoshi and Mitsue, Aki and Hatsuta, Hiroyuki and Morimoto, Satoru and Murayama, Shigeo and Shiio, Yasushi and Saito, Yuko and Mitsutake, Akihiko and Kawai, Mizuho and Sasaki, Takuya and Sugiyama, Yusuke and Hamada, Masashi and Ohtomo, Gaku and Terao, Yasuo and Nakazato, Yoshihiko and Takeda, Akitoshi and Sakiyama, Yoshio and Umeda-Kameyama, Yumi and Shinmi, Jun and Ogata, Katsuhisa and Kohno, Yutaka and Lim, Shen Yang and Tan, Ai Huey and Shimizu, Jun and Goto, Jun and Nishino, Ichizo and Toda, Tatsushi and Morishita, Shinichi and Tsuji, Shoji (2019) Noncoding CGG repeat expansions in neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease, oculopharyngodistal myopathy and an overlapping disease. Nature Genetics, 51 (8). pp. 1222-1232. ISSN 1061-4036, DOI

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