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Abed, Fayadh M. and Eleiwi, Muhammad A. and Hasanuzzaman, M. and Islam, M. M. and Mohammed, Khaleel I. (2020) Design, development and effects of operational conditions on the performance of concentrated solar collector based desalination system operating in Iraq. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS, 42. ISSN 22131388, DOI

Akhbari, Azam and Kutty, Prashad Kumaran and Onn, Chiu Chuen and Ibrahim, Shaliza (2020) A study of palm oil mill processing and environmental assessment of palm oil mill effluent treatment. Environmental Engineering Research, 25 (2). pp. 212-221. ISSN 1226-1025, DOI


Erixno, Oon and Abd Rahim, Nasrudin (2020) A techno-environmental assessment of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal based combined heat and power system on a residential home. Renewable Energy, 156. pp. 1186-1202. ISSN 09601481, DOI


Fayaz, H. and Ahmad, Muhammad Shakeel and Pandey, A. K. and Abd Rahim, Nasrudin and Tyagi, V. V. (2020) A Novel nanodiamond/zinc nanocomposite as potential counter electrode for flexible dye sensitized solar cell. Solar Energy, 197. pp. 1-5. ISSN 0038-092X,


Hassan, Z. and Amir, A. and Selvaraj, Jeyraj and Rahim, N. A. (2020) A review on current injection techniques for low-voltage ride-through and grid fault conditions in grid-connected photovoltaic system. SOLAR ENERGY, 207. pp. 851-873. ISSN 0038092X, DOI


Khan, H. Naeem-ur-Rehman and Mehmood, M. and Ling, F. C. C. and Khan, A. Faheem and Ali, S. M. (2020) Comparative Study on Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by PLD and Sputtering Techniques. Semiconductors, 54 (9). pp. 999-1010. ISSN 10637826, DOI


Omar, Azimah and Ali, Mohd Syukri and Abd Rahim, Nasrudin (2020) Electron transport properties analysis of titanium dioxide dye-sensitized solar cells (TiO2-DSSCs) based natural dyes using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy concept: A review. Solar Energy, 207. pp. 1088-1121. ISSN 0038092X, DOI

Omar, Azimah and Fakir, Muhamad Saipul and Hamdan, Khairus Syifa and Rased, Nurul Hidayah and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd (2020) Chemical, optical and photovoltaic properties of TiO2/reduced graphene oxide photoanodes sensitized with Roselle and N719 dyes for dye-sensitized solar cell application. Pigment & Resin Technology, 49 (4). pp. 315-324. ISSN 0369-9420, DOI

Omar, Fatin Saiha and Numan, Arshid and Bashir, Shahid and Vikneswaran, R. and Ramesh, K. and Ramesh, S. (2020) Effect of physical interaction between polyaniline and metal phosphate nanocomposite as positive electrode for supercapattery. Journal of Energy Storage, 32. ISSN 2352-152X, DOI

Osman, Norhassanah and Elias, Mohamad Fathi Mohamad and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd (2020) Design and analysis of three-level hybrid boost converter based on T-type inverter for solar photovoltaic system. IET Power Electronics, 13 (9). pp. 1848-1857. ISSN 1755-4543, DOI


Pandey, A.K. and George, M. and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd and Shahabuddin, S. and Samykano, M. and Saidur, R. (2020) Investigation on the suitability of polyaniline(Pani) based composite phase change material for low concentration photovoltaic thermal application. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29 (1). pp. 245-255. ISSN 2005-4238,

Parvez, Mohammad and Elias, Mohamad Fathi Mohamad and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd and Blaabjerg, Frede and Abbott, Derek and Al-Sarawi, Said F. (2020) Comparative Study of Discrete PI and PR Controls for Single-Phase UPS Inverter. IEEE Access, 8. pp. 45584-45595. ISSN 2169-3536, DOI


Rahman, Ungku Mohamed Ismail Adrian Ungku Abdul and Munim, Wan Noraishah Wan Abdul and Che, Hang Seng and Tousizadeh, Mahdi and Muhammad, Khairul Safuan (2020) Fault tolerance of asymmetrical six-phase induction machine during single open circuit fault to three open circuit faults using GUI. International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS), 11 (2). p. 611. ISSN 2088-8694, DOI

Rehman, Shafi ur and Noman, Muhammad and Khan, Adnan Daud and Saboor, Abdul and Ahmad, Muhammad Shakeel and Khan, Hizb Ullah (2020) Synthesis of polyvinyl acetate /graphene nanocomposite and its application as an electrolyte in dye sensitized solar cells. Optik, 202. p. 163591. ISSN 0030-4026, DOI


Shafaamri, Ammar and Cheng, Chiam H. and Wonnie Ma, Iling A. and Bashir, Shahid and Ramesh, Kasi and Ramesh, Subramaniam and Vengadaesvaran, Balakrishnan (2020) Effects of TiO2 Nanoparticles on the Overall Performance and Corrosion Protection Ability of Neat Epoxy and PDMS Modified Epoxy Coating Systems. Frontiers in Materials, 6. p. 336. ISSN 2296-8016, DOI

Shihab, Baten Md and Tousizadeh, Mahdi and Che, Hang Seng (2020) Continuous and Discontinuous PWM Methods for Symmetrical Six-Phase Induction Motor with Single Isolated Neutral. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 45 (3). pp. 1885-1895. ISSN 1319-8025, DOI

Sufyan, Muhammad and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd and Muhammad, Munir Azam and Tan, Chia Kwang and Raihan, Siti Rohani Sheikh and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu (2020) Charge coordination and battery lifecycle analysis of electric vehicles with V2G implementation. Electric Power Systems Research, 184. p. 106307. ISSN 0378-7796, DOI

Syafiq, A. and Vengadaesvaran, Balakrishnan and Ahmed, Usman and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd and Pandey, Adarsh Kumar and Bushroa, Abdul Razak and Ramesh, Kasi and Ramesh, Subramaniam (2020) Facile synthesize of transparent hydrophobic nano- CaCO3 based coatings for self-cleaning and anti-fogging. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 239. p. 121913. ISSN 0254-0584, DOI


Talib, M. H. N. and Ibrahim, Z. and Abd Rahim, Nasrudin and Zulhani, R. and Nordin, N. and Farah, Nabil and Razali, A. M. (2020) An improved simplified rules Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller method applied for induction motor drive. ISA Transactions, 105. pp. 230-239. ISSN 0019-0578, DOI

Teo, J.C. and Tan, Rodney H.G. and Mok, V.H. and Ramachandaramurthy, Vigna K. and Tan, Chia Kwang (2020) Impact of bypass diode forward voltage on maximum power of a photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions. Energy, 191. p. 116491. ISSN 0360-5442, DOI


Uddin, Moslem and Romlie, M.F. and Abdullah, M.F. and Tan, Chia Kwang and Shafiullah, G.M. and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu (2020) A novel peak shaving algorithm for islanded microgrid using battery energy storage system. Energy, 196. p. 117084. ISSN 0360-5442, DOI


Yip, Sook Yee and Che, Hang Seng and Tan, Chee Pin and Chong, Wen Tong (2020) A Lookup Table Model Predictive Direct Torque Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator Based on Vienna Rectifier. IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 8 (2). pp. 1208-1222. ISSN 2168-6777, DOI


Zaharil, H.A. and Hasanuzzaman, Md. (2020) Modelling and performance analysis of parabolic trough solar concentrator for different heat transfer fluids under Malaysian condition. Renewable Energy, 149. pp. 22-41. ISSN 0960-1481, DOI

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