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Aaron, F.D. and Abramowicz, H. and Abt, I. and Adamczyk, L. and Adamus, M. and Martin, M.A. and Alexa, C. and Andreev, V. and Antonelli, S. and Antonioli, P. and Antonov, A. and Antunovic, B. and Arneodo, M. and Aushev, V. and Bachynska, O. and Backovic, S. and Baghdasaryan, A. and Bamberger, A. and Barakbaev, A.N. and Barbagli, G. and Bari, G. and Barreiro, F. and Barrelet, E. and Bartel, W. and Bartsch, D. and Basile, M. and Begzsuren, K. and Behnke, O. and Behr, J. and Behrens, U. and Bellagamba, L. and Belousov, A. and Bertolin, A. and Bhadra, S. and Bindi, M. and Bizot, J.C. and Blohm, C. and Bold, T. and Boos, E.G. and Borodin, M. and Borras, K. and Boscherini, D. and Bot, D. and Boudry, V. and Boutle, S.K. and Bozovic-Jelisavcic, I. and Bracinik, J. and Brandt, G. and Brinkmann, M. and Brisson, V. and Brock, I. and Brownson, E. and Brugnera, R. and Bruemmer, N. and Bruncko, D. and Bruni, A. and Bruni, G. and Brzozowska, B. and Bunyatyan, A. and Buschhorn, G. and Bussey, P.J. and Butterworth, J.M. and Bylsma, B. and Bystritskaya, L. and Caldwell, A. and Campbell, A.J. and Avila, K.B.C. and Capua, M. and Carlin, R. and Catterall, C.D. and Cerny, K. and Cerny, V. and Chekanov, S. and Chekelian, V. and Cholewa, A. and Chwastowski, J. and Ciborowski, J. and Cifarelli, L. and Cindolo, F. and Contin, A. and Contreras, J.G. and Cooper-Sarkar, A.M. and Coppola, N. and Corradi, M. and Corriveau, F. and Costa, M. and Coughlan, J.A. and Cozzika, G. and Cvach, J. and D'Agostini, G. and Dainton, J.B. and Dal Corso, F. and Daum, K. and Deak, M. and de Favereau, J. and Delcourt, B. and Del Degan, M. and del Peso, J. and Delvax, J. and Dementiev, R.K. and De Pasquale, S. and Derrick, M. and Devenish, R.C.E. and De Wolf, E.A. and Diaconu, C. and Dobur, D. and Dodonov, V. and Dolgoshein, B.A. and Dossanov, A. and Doyle, A.T. and Drugakov, V. and Dubak, A. and Durkin, L.S. and Dusini, S. and Eckerlin, G. and Efremenko, V. and Egli, S. and Eisenberg, Y. and Eliseev, A. and Elsen, E. and Ermolov, P.F. and Eskreys, A. and Falkiewicz, A. and Fang, S. and Favart, L. and Fazio, S. and Fedotov, A. and Felst, R. and Feltesse, J. and Ferencei, J. and Ferrando, J. and Ferrero, M.I. and Figiel, J. and Fischer, D.J. and Fleischer, M. and Fomenko, A. and Forrest, M. and Foster, B. and Fourletov, S. and Gabathuler, E. and Galas, A. and Gallo, E. and Garfagnini, A. and Gayler, J. and Geiser, A. and Ghazaryan, S. and Gialas, I. and Gladilin, L.K. and Gladkov, D. and Glasman, C. and Glazov, A. and Glushkov, I. and Goerlich, L. and Gogitidze, N. and Golubkov, Y.A. and Goettlicher, P. and Gouzevitch, M. and Grab, C. and Grabowska-Bold, I. and Grebenyuk, J. and Greenshaw, T. and Gregor, I. and Grell, B.R. and Grigorescu, G. and Grindhammer, G. and Grzelak, G. and Gwenlan, C. and Haas, T. and Habib, S. and Haidt, D. and Hain, W. and Hamatsu, R. and Hart, J.C. and Hartmann, H. and Hartner, G. and Helebrant, C. and Henderson, R.C.W. and Hennekemper, E. and Henschel, H. and Herbst, M. and Herrera, G. and Hildebrandt, M. and Hilger, E. and Hiller, K.H. and Hochman, D. and Hoffmann, D. and Holm, U. and Hori, R. and Horisberger, R. and Horton, K. and Hreus, T. and Huettmann, A. and Iacobucci, G. and Ibrahim, Z.A. and Iga, Y. and Ingbir, R. and Ishitsuka, M. and Jacquet, M. and Jakob, H.P. and Janssen, X. and Januschek, F. and Jimenez, M. and Jones, T.W. and Joensson, L. and Jung, A.W. and Jung, H. and Juengst, M. and Kadenko, I. and Kahle, B. and Kamaluddin, B. and Kananov, S. and Kanno, T. and Kapichine, M. and Karshon, U. and Karstens, F. and Katkov, I.I. and Katzy, J. and Kaur, M. and Kaur, P. and Kenyon, I.R. and Keramidas, A. and Khein, L.A. and Kiesling, C. and Kim, J.Y. and Kisielewska, D. and Kitamura, S. and Klanner, R. and Klein, M. and Klein, U. and Kleinwort, C. and Kluge, T. and Knutsson, A. and Koffeman, E. and Kogler, R. and Kollar, D. and Kooijman, P. and Korol, I. and Korzhavina, I.A. and Kostka, P. and Kotanski, A. and Koetz, U. and Kowalski, H. and Kraemer, M. and Krastev, K. and Kretzschmar, J. and Kropivnitskaya, A. and Krueger, K. and Kulinski, P. and Kuprash, O. and Kutak, K. and Kuze, M. and Kuzmin, V.A. and Landon, M.P.J. and Lange, W. and Lastovicka-Medin, G. and Laycock, P. and Lebedev, A. and Lee, A. and Leibenguth, G. and Lendermann, V. and Levchenko, B.B. and Levonian, S. and Levy, A. and Li, G. and Libov, V. and Limentani, S. and Ling, T.Y. and Lipka, K. and Liptaj, A. and Lisovyi, M. and List, B. and List, J. and Lobodzinska, E. and Lohmann, W. and Loehr, B. and Lohrmann, E. and Loizides, J.H. and Loktionova, N. and Long, K.R. and Longhin, A. and Lontkovskyi, D. and Lopez-Fernandez, R. and Lubimov, V. and Lukasik, J. and Lukina, O.Y. and Luzniak, P. and Maeda, J. and Magill, S. and Makankine, A. and Makarenko, I. and Malinovski, E. and Malka, J. and Mankel, R. and Marage, P. and Margotti, A. and Marini, G. and Marti, L. and Martin, J.F. and Martyn, H. U. and Mastroberardino, A. and Matsumoto, T. and Mattingly, M.C.K. and Maxfield, S.J. and Mehta, A. and Melzer-Pellmann, I.A. and Meyer, A.B. and Meyer, H. and Meyer, H. and Meyer, J. and Miglioranzi, S. and Mikocki, S. and Milcewicz-Mika, I. and Idris, F.M. and Monaco, V. and Montanari, A. and Moreau, F. and Morozov, A. and Morris, J.D. and Morris, J.V. and Mozer, M.U. and Mudrinic, M. and Mueller, K. and Murin, P. and Musgrave, B. and Nagano, K. and Namsoo, T. and Nania, R. and Naumann, T. and Newman, P.R. and Nicholass, D. and Niebuhr, C. and Nigro, A. and Nikiforov, A. and Nikitin, D. and Ning, Y. and Noor, U. and Notz, D. and Nowak, G. and Nowak, K. and Nowak, R.J. and Nozicka, M. and Nuncio-Quiroz, A.E. and Oh, B.Y. and Okazaki, N. and Oliver, K. and Olivier, B. and Olkiewicz, K. and Olsson, J.E. and Onishchuk, Y. and Osman, S. and Ota, O. and Ozerov, D. and Palichik, V. and Panagoulias, I. and Pandurovic, M. and Papadopoulou, T. and Papageorgiu, K. and Parenti, A. and Pascaud, C. and Patel, G.D. and Paul, E. and Pawlak, J.M. and Pawlik, B. and Pejchal, O. and Pelfer, P.G. and Pellegrino, A. and Perez, E. and Perlanski, W. and Perrey, H. and Petrukhin, A. and Picuric, I. and Piec, S. and Piotrzkowski, K. and Pitzl, D. and Placakyte, R. and Plucinski, P. and Pokorny, B. and Pokrovskiy, N.S. and Polifka, R. and Polini, A. and Povh, B. and Proskuryakov, A.S. and Przybycien, M. and Radescu, V. and Rahmat, A.J. and Raicevic, N. and Raspiareza, A. and Raval, A. and Reeder, D.D. and Reimer, P. and Reisert, B. and Ren, Z. and Repond, J. and Ri, Y.D. and Rizvi, E. and Robertson, A. and Robmann, P. and Roland, B. and Roloff, P. and Ron, E. and Roosen, R. and Rostovtsev, A. and Rotaru, M. and Rubinsky, I. and Tabasco, J.E.R. and Rurikova, Z. and Rusakov, S. and Ruspa, M. and Sacchi, R. and Salek, D. and Salii, A. and Samson, U. and Sankey, D.P.C. and Sartorelli, G. and Sauter, M. and Sauvan, E. and Savin, A.A. and Saxon, D.H. and Schioppa, M. and Schlenstedt, S. and Schleper, P. and Schmidke, W.B. and Schmitt, S. and Schneekloth, U. and Schoeffel, L. and Schoenberg, V. and Schoening, A. and Schoerner-Sadenius, T. and Schultz-Coulon, H.C. and Schwartz, J. and Sciulli, F. and Sefkow, F. and Shaw-West, R.N. and Shcheglova, L.M. and Shehzadi, R. and Shimizu, S. and Shtarkov, L.N. and Shushkevich, S. and Singh, I. and Skillicorn, I.O. and Sloan, T. and Slominski, W. and Smiljanic, I. and Smith, W.H. and Sola, V. and Solano, A. and Soloviev, Y. and Son, D. and Sopicki, P. and Sorokin, Iu. and Sosnovtsev, V. and South, D. and Spaskov, V. and Specka, A. and Spiridonov, A. and Stadie, H. and Stanco, L. and Staykova, Z. and Steder, M. and Stella, B. and Stern, A. and Stewart, T.P. and Stifutkin, A. and Stoicea, G. and Stopa, P. and Straumann, U. and Suchkov, S. and Sunar, D. and Susinno, G. and Suszycki, L. and Sykora, T. and Sztuk, J. and Szuba, D. and Szuba, J. and Tapper, A.D. and Tassi, E. and Tchoulakov, V. and Terron, J. and Theedt, T. and Thompson, G. and Thompson, P.D. and Tiecke, H. and Tokushuku, K. and Toll, T. and Tomasz, F. and Tomaszewska, J. and Tran, T.H. and Traynor, D. and Trinh, T.N. and Truoel, P. and Tsakov, I. and Tseepeldorj, B. and Tsurugai, T. and Turcato, M. and Turnau, J. and Tymieniecka, T. and Urban, K. and Uribe-Estrada, C. and Valkarova, A. and Vallee, C. and Van Mechelen, P. and Trevino, A.V. and Vazdik, Y. and Vazquez, M. and Verbytskyi, A. and Viazlo, V. and Vinokurova, S. and Vlasov, N.N. and Volchinski, V. and Volynets, O. and von den Driesch, M. and Walczak, R. and Abdullah, W.A.T.W. and Wegener, D. and Whitmore, J.J. and Whyte, J. and Wiggers, L. and Wing, M. and Wissing, C. and Wlasenko, M. and Wolf, G. and Wolfe, H. and Wrona, K. and Wuensch, E. and Yaguenes-Molina, A.G. and Yamada, S. and Yamazaki, Y. and Yoshida, R. and Youngman, C. and Zacek, J. and Zalesak, J. and Zarnecki, A.F. and Zawiejski, L. and Zenaiev, O. and Zeuner, W. and Zhang, Z. and Zhautykov, B.O. and Zhokin, A. and Zhou, C. and Zichichi, A. and Zimmermann, T. and Zohrabyan, H. and Zolko, M. and Zomer, F. and Zotkin, D.S. and Zus, R. and Collaboration, H1 and Collaboration, ZEUS (2010) Events with an isolated lepton and missing transverse momentum and measurement of W production at HERA. Journal of High Energy Physics (3).

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