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Acar, B. and Adamov, G. and Adloff, C. and Afanasiev, S. and Akchurin, N. and Akgun, B. and Khan, F. A. and Alhusseini, M. and Alison, J. and Alpana, A. and Altopp, G. and Alyari, M. and An, S. and Anagul, S. and Andreev, I and Aspell, P. and Atakisi, I. O. and Bach, O. and Baden, A. and Bakas, G. and Bakshi, A. and Bannerjee, S. and Bargassa, P. and Barney, D. and Beaudette, F. and Beaujean, F. and Becheva, E. and Becker, A. and Behera, P. and Belloni, A. and Bergauer, T. and Besancon, M. and Bhattacharya, S. and Bhowmik, D. and Bilki, B. and Bloch, P. and Bodek, A. and Bonanomi, M. and Bonnemaison, A. and Bonomally, S. and Borg, J. and Bouyjou, F. and Bower, N. and Braga, D. and Brashear, J. and Brondolin, E. and Bryant, P. and Perraguin, A. Buchot and Bueghly, J. and Burkle, B. and Butler-Nalin, A. and Bychkova, O. and Callier, S. and Calvet, D. and Cao, X. and Cappati, A. and Caraway, B. and Caregari, S. and Cauchois, A. and Ceard, L. and Cekmecelioglu, Y. C. and Cerci, S. and Cerminara, G. and Chadeeva, M. and Charitonidis, N. and Chatterjee, R. and Chen, Y. M. and Chen, Z. and Cheng, H. J. and Cheng, K. Y. and Chernichenko, S. and Cheung, H. and Chien, C. H. and Choudhury, S. and Collura, G. and Couderc, F. and Danilov, M. and Dannheim, D. and Daoud, W. and Dauncey, P. and David, A. and Davies, G. and Davignon, O. and Day, E. and DeBarbaro, P. and De Guio, F. and de la Taille, C. and De Silva, M. and Debbins, P. and Defranchis, M. M. and Delagnes, E. and Berrio, J. M. Deltoro and Derylo, G. and de Almeida, P. G. Dias and Diaz, D. and Dinaucourt, P. and Dittmann, J. and Dragicevic, M. and Dugad, S. and Dulucq, F. and Dumanoglu, I and Dutta, V and Dutta, S. and Dunser, M. and Eckdahl, J. and Edberg, T. K. and El Berni, M. and Elias, F. and Eno, S. C. and Ershov, Y. and Everaerts, P. and Extier, S. and Fahim, F. and Fallon, C. and Fedi, G. and Alves, B. A. Fontana Santos and Frahm, E. and Franzoni, G. and Freeman, J. and French, T. and Gandhi, P. and Ganjour, S. and Gao, X. and Garcia-Bellido, A. and Gastaldi, F. and Gecse, Z. and Geerebaert, Y. and Gerwig, H. and Gevin, O. and Ghosh, S. and Gilbert, A. and Gilbert, W. and Gill, K. and Gingu, C. and Gninenko, S. and Golunov, A. and Golutvin, I and Gonzalez, T. and Gorbounov, N. and Gouskos, L. and Gray, A. B. and Gu, Y. and Guilloux, F. and Guler, Y. and Gulmez, E. and Guo, J. and Guler, E. Gurpinar and Hammer, M. and Hassanshahi, H. M. and Hatakeyama, K. and Heering, A. and Hegde, V and Heintz, U. and Hinton, N. and Hirschauer, J. and Hoff, J. and Hou, W-S and Hou, X. and Hua, H. and Incandela, J. and Irshad, A. and Isik, C. and Jain, S. and Jheng, H. R. and Joshi, U. and Kachanov, V and Kalinin, A. and Kalipoliti, L. and Kaminskiy, A. and Kapoor, A. and Kara, O. and Karneyeu, A. and Kaya, M. and Kaya, O. and Topaksu, A. Kayis and Khukhunaishvili, A. and Kiesler, J. and Kilpatrick, M. and Kim, S. and Koetz, K. and Kolberg, T. and Koseyan, O. K. and Krohn, M. and Kruger, K. and Kulagin, N. and Kulis, S. and Kunori, S. and Kuo, C. M. and Kuryatkov, V and Kyre, S. and Lai, Y. and Lamichhane, K. and Landsberg, G. and Lange, C. and Langford, J. and Lee, M. Y. and Levin, A. and Li, A. and Li, B. and Li, J. H. and Li, Y. Y. and Liao, H. and Lincoln, D. and Linssen, L. and Lipton, R. and Liu, Y. and Lobanov, A. and Lu, R-S and Lupi, M. and Lysova, I and Magnan, A-M and Magniette, F. and Mahjoub, A. and Maier, A. A. and Malakhov, A. and Mallios, S. and Mandjavize, I and Mannelli, M. and Mans, J. and Marchioro, A. and Martelli, A. and Martinez, G. and Masterson, P. and Meng, B. and Mengke, T. and Mestvirishvili, A. and Mirza, I and Moccia, S. and Mohanty, G. B. and Monti, F. and Morrissey, I and Murthy, S. and Musienko, Y. and Nabili, S. and Nagar, A. and Nguyen, M. and Nikitenko, A. and Noonan, D. and Noy, M. and Nurdan, K. and Ochando, C. and Odegard, B. and Odell, N. and Okawa, H. and Onel, Y. and Ortez, W. and Ozkorucuklu, S. and Paganis, E. and Pagenkopf, D. and Palladino, V and Pandey, S. and Pantaleo, F. and Papageorgakis, C. and Papakrivopoulos, I and Parshook, J. and Pastika, N. and Paulini, M. and Paulitsch, P. and Peltola, T. and Gomes, R. Pereira and Perkins, H. and Petiot, P. and Pierre-Emile, T. and Pitters, F. and Popova, E. and Prosper, H. and Prvan, M. and Puljak, I and Qu, H. and Quast, T. and Quinn, R. and Quinnan, M. and Garcia, M. T. Ramos and Rao, K. K. and Rapacz, K. and Raux, L. and Reichenbach, G. and Reinecke, M. and Revering, M. and Roberts, A. and Romanteau, T. and Rose, A. and Rovere, M. and Roy, A. and Rubinov, P. and Rusack, R. and Rusinov, V and Ryjov, V and Sahin, O. M. and Salerno, R. and Rodriguez, A. M. Sanchez and Saradhy, R. and Sarkar, T. and Sarkisla, M. A. and Sauvan, J. B. and Schmidt, I and Schmitt, M. and Scott, E. and Seez, C. and Sefkow, F. and Sharma, S. and Shein, I and Shenai, A. and Shukla, R. and Sicking, E. and Sieberer, P. and Silva, P. and Simsek, A. E. and Sirois, Y. and Smirnov, V and Sozbilir, U. and Spencer, E. and Steen, A. and Strait, J. and Strobbe, N. and Su, J. W. and Sukhov, E. and Sun, L. and Cerci, D. Sunar and Syal, C. and Tali, B. and Tan, C. L. and Tao, J. and Tastan, I and Tatli, T. and Thaus, R. and Tekten, S. and Thienpont, D. and Tiras, E. and Titov, M. and Tlisov, D. and Tok, U. G. and Troska, J. and Tsai, L-S and Tsamalaidze, Z. and Tsipolitis, G. and Tsirou, A. and Tyurin, N. and Undleeb, S. and Urbanski, D. and Ustinov, V and Uzunian, A. and Van de Klundert, M. and Varela, J. and Velasco, M. and Viazlo, O. and Pinto, M. V. Barreto and Vichoudis, P. and Virdee, T. and de Oliveira, R. Vizinho and Voelker, J. and Voirin, E. and Vojinovic, M. and Wade, A. and Wang, C. and Wang, F. and Wang, X. and Wang, Z. and Wang, Z. and Wayne, M. and Webb, S. N. and Whitbeck, A. and White, D. and Wickwire, R. and Wilson, J. S. and Winter, D. and Wu, H. Y. and Wu, L. and Nursanto, M. Wulansatiti and Yeh, C. H. and Yohay, R. and Yu, D. and Yu, G. B. and Yu, S. S. and Yuan, C. and Yumiceva, F. and Yusuff, I and Zacharopoulou, A. and Zamiatin, N. and Zarubin, A. and Zenz, S. and Zghiche, A. and Zhang, H. and Zhang, J. and Zhang, Y. and Zhang, Z. and Collaboration, CMS HGCAL (2022) Response of a CMS HGCAL silicon-pad electromagnetic calorimeter prototype to 20-300 GeV positrons. Journal of Instrumentation, 17 (5). ISSN 1748-0221, DOI

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