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Yong, Y.K. and Tan, H.Y. and Jen, S.H. and Shankar, E.M. and Natkunam, S.K. and Sathar, J. and Manikam, R. and Sekaran, S.D. (2017) Aberrant monocyte responses predict and characterize dengue virus infection in individuals with severe disease. Journal of Translational Medicine, 15 (1). p. 121. ISSN 1479-5876, DOI

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See, J.X. and Chandramathi, S. and Abdulla, M.A. and Vadivelu, J. and Shankar, E.M. (2017) Persistent infection due to a small-colony variant of Burkholderia pseudomallei leads to PD-1 upregulation on circulating immune cells and mononuclear infiltration in viscera of experimental BALB/c mice. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 11 (8). e0005702. ISSN 1935-2735, DOI

Yong, Y.K. and Shankar, E.M. and Westhorpe, C.L.V. and Maisa, A. and Spelman, T. and Kamarulzaman, A. and Crowe, S.M. and Lewin, S.R. (2016) Genetic polymorphisms in the CD14 gene are associated with monocyte activation and carotid intima-media thickness in HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy. Medicine, 95 (31). e4477. ISSN 0025-7974, DOI

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Yong, Y.K. and Shankar, E.M. and Solomon, A. and Spelman, T. and Fairley, C.K. and Elliott, J.H. and Hoy, J. and Cameron, P.U. and Kamarulzaman, A. and Lewin, S.R. (2016) Polymorphisms in the CD14 and TLR4 genes independently predict CD4+ T-cell recovery in HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy. AIDS, 30 (14). pp. 2159-2168. ISSN 0269-9370, DOI

Yeow, T.C. and Wong, Won Fen and Sabet, N.S. and Sulaiman, S. and Shahhosseini, F. and Tan, G.M.Y. and Movahed, E. and Looi, C.Y. and Shankar, E.M. and Gupta, R. and Arulanandam, B.P. and Hassan, Jamiyah and AbuBakar, Sazaly (2016) Prevalence of plasmid-bearing and plasmid-free Chlamydia trachomatis infection among women who visited obstetrics and gynecology clinics in Malaysia. BMC Microbiology, 16 (1). p. 45. ISSN 1471-2180, DOI

Gopal, K. and Gowtham, M. and Sachin, S. and Ram, M.R. and Shankar, E.M. and Kamarul, Tunku (2015) Attrition of Hepatic Damage Inflicted by Angiotensin II with alpha-Tocopherol and beta-Carotene in Experimental Apolipoprotein E Knock-out Mice. Scientific Reports, 5. p. 18300. ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

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Larsson, M. and Shankar, E.M. and Che, K.F. and Saeldi, A. and Ellegard, R. and Barathan, M. and Velu, V. and Kamarulzaman, A. (2013) Molecular signatures of T-cell inhibition in HIV-1 infection. Retrovirology. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1742-4690, DOI

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