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Borges, Flavia K. and Bhandari, Mohit and Guerra-Farfan, Ernesto and Patel, Ameen and Sigamani, Alben and Umer, Masood and Tiboni, Maria E. and del Mar Villar-Casares, Maria and Tandon, Vikas and Tomas-Hernandez, Jordi and Teixidor-Serra, Jordi and Avram, Victoria R. A. and Winemaker, Mitchell and Ramokgopa, Mmampapatla T. and Szczeklik, Wojciech and Landoni, Giovanni and Wang, Chew Yin and Begum, Dilshad and Neary, John D. and Adili, Anthony and Sancheti, Parag K. and Lawendy, Abdel-Rahman and Balaguer-Castro, Mariano and Sleczka, Pawel and Jenkinson, Richard J. and Nur, Aamer Nabi and Wood, Gavin C. A. and Feibel, Robert J. and McMahon, Stephen J. and Sigamani, Alen and Popova, Ekaterine and Biccard, Bruce M. and Moppett, Iain K. and Forget, Patrice and Landais, Paul and McGillion, Michael H. and Vincent, Jessica and Balasubramanian, Kumar and Harvey, Valerie and Garcia-Sanchez, Yaiza and Pettit, Shirley M. and Gauthier, Leslie P. and Guyatt, Gordon H. and Conen, David and Garg, Amit X. and Bangdiwala, Shrikant I. and Belley-Cote, Emilie P. and Marcucci, Maura and Lamy, Andre and Whitlock, Richard and Le Manach, Yannick and Fergusson, Dean A. and Yusuf, Salim and Devereaux, P. J. and Veevaete, Laurent and de Waroux, Bernard le Polain and Lavand'homme, Patricia and Cornu, Olivier and Tribak, Karim and Yombi, Jean Cyr and Touil, Nassim and Reul, Maike and Bhutia, Jigme Tshering and Clinckaert, Carol and De Clippeleir, Dirk and de Beer, Justin and Simpson, Diane L. and Worster, Andrew and Alvarado, Kim A. and Gregus, Krysten K. and Lawrence, Kelly H. and Leong, Darryl P. and Joseph, Philip G. and Magloire, Patrick and Deheshi, Benjamin and Bisland, Stuart and Wood, Thomas J. and Tushinski, Daniel M. and Wilson, David A. J. and Kearon, Clive and Cowan, David D. and Khanna, Vickas and Zaki, Amna and Farrell, Janet C. and MacDonald, Anne Marie and Wong, Steven C. W. and Karbassi, Arsha and Wright, Douglas Steven and Shanthanna, Harsha and Coughlin, Ryan and Khan, Moin and Wikkerink, Spencer and Quraishi, Faraaz A. and Kishta, Waleed and Schemitsch, Emil and Carey, Timothy and Macleod, Mark D. and Sanders, David W. and Vasarhelyi, Edward and Bartley, Debra and Dresser, George K. and Tieszer, Christina and Shadowitz, Steven and Lee, Jacques S. and Choi, Stephen and Kreder, Hans J. and Nousiainen, Markku and Kunz, Monica R. and Tuazon, Ravianne and Shrikumar, Mopina and Ravi, Bheeshma and Wasserstein, David and Stephen, David J. G. and Nam, Diane and Henry, Patrick D. G. and Mann, Stephen M. and Jaeger, Melanie T. and Sivilotti, Marco L. A. and Smith, Christopher A. and Frank, Christopher C. and Grant, Heather and Ploeg, Leone and Yach, Jeff D. and Harrison, Mark M. and Campbell, Aaron R. and Bicknell, Ryan T. and Bardana, Davide D. and McIlquham, Katie and Gallant, Catherine and Halman, Samantha and Thiruganasambandamoorth, Venkatesh and Ruggiero, Sara and Hadden, William J. and Chen, Brian P-J and Coupal, Stephanie A. and McLean, Lisa M. and Shirali, Hemant R. and Haider, Syed Y. and Smith, Crystal A. and Watts, Evan and Santone, David J. and Koo, Kevin and Yee, Allan J. and Oyenubi, Ademilola N. and Nauth, Aaron and Schemitsch, Emil H. and Daniels, Timothy R. and Ward, Sarah E. and Hall, Jeremy A. and Ahn, Henry and Whelan, Daniel B. and Atrey, Amit and Khoshbin, Amir and Puskas, David and Droll, Kurt and Cullinan, Claude and Payendeh, Jubin and Lefrancois, Tina and Mozzon, Lise and Marion, Travis and Jacka, Michael J. and Greene, James and Menon, Matthew and Stiegelmahr, Robert and Dillane, Derek and Irwin, Marleen and Beaupre, Lauren and Coles, Chad P. and Trask, Kelly and MacDonald, Shelley and Trenholm, J. Andrew I. and Oxner, William and Richardson, C. Glen and Dehghan, Niloofar and Sadoughi, Mehdi and Sharma, Achal and White, Neil J. and Olivieri, Loretta and Hunt, Stephen B. and Turgeon, Thomas R. and Bohm, Eric R. and Tran, Sarah and Giilck, Stephen M. and Hupel, Tom and Guy, Pierre and O'Brien, Peter J. and Duncan, Andrew W. and Crawford, Gordon A. and Zhou, Junlin and Zhao, Yanrui and Liu, Yang and Shan, Lei and Wu, Anshi and Munoz, Juan Manuel and Chaudier, Philippe and Douplat, Marion and Fessy, Michel Henri and Piriou, Vincent and Louboutin, Lucie and David, Jean Stephane and Friggeri, Arnaud and Beroud, Sebastien and Fayet, Jean Marie and Leung, Frankie Ka Li and Fang, Christian Xinshuo and Yee, Dennis King Hang and Sancheti, Parag Kantilal and Pradhan, Chetan Vijay and Patil, Atul Ashok and Puram, Chetan Prabhakar and Borate, Madhav Pandurang and Kudrimoti, Kiran Bhalchandra and Adhye, Bharati Anil and Dongre, Himanshu Vijaykumar and John, Bobby and Abraham, Valsamma and Pandey, Ritesh Arvind and Rajkumar, Arti and George, Preetha Elizabeth and Stephen, Manesh and Chandran, Nitheesh and Ashraf, Mohammed and Georgekutty, A. M. and Sulthan, Ahamad Shaheel and Adinarayanan, S. and Sharma, Deep and Barnawal, Satish Prasad and Swaminathan, Srinivasan and Bidkar, Prasanna Udupi and Mishra, Sandeep Kumar and Menon, Jagdish and Niranjan, M. and Zachariah, Varghese K. and Hiremath, Santosh Angad and Madhusudhan, N. C. and Jawali, Abhijit and Gnanadurai, Kingsly Robert and George, Carolin Elizabeth and Maddipati, Tatarao and Mary, K. P. and Sharma, Vijay and Farooque, Kamran and Malhotra, Rajesh and Mittal, Samarth and Sawhney, Chavi and Gupta, Babita and Mathur, Purva and Gamangati, Shivanand and Tripathy, Vijaylaxmi and Menon, Prem Haridas and Dhillon, Mandeep S. and Chouhan, Devendra K. and Patil, Sharanu and Narayan, Ravi and Lal, Purushotham and Bilchod, Prashanth Nabhirajappa and Singh, Surya Udai and Gattu, Uttam Vaidya and Dashputra, Ravi Prabhakar and Rahate, Prashant Vitthal and Turiel, Maurizio and De Blasio, Giuseppe and Accetta, Riccardo and Perazzo, Paolo and Stella, Daniele and Bonadies, Marika and Colombo, Chiara and Fozzato, Stefania and Pino, Fabio and Morelli, Ilaria and Colnaghi, Eleonora and Salini, Vincenzo and Denaro, Giuseppe and Beretta, Luigi and Placella, Giacomo and Giardina, Giuseppe and Binda, Mirko and Marcato, Anna and Guzzetti, Luca and Piccirillo, Fabio and Cecconi, Maurizio and Khor, H. M. and Lai, Hou Yee and Kumar, C. S. and Chee, K. H. and Loh, P. S. and Tan, Kit Mun and Singh, Simmrat and Foo, Li Lian and Prakasam, Komella and Chaw, Sook Hui and Lee, Meng-Li and Ngim, Joanne H. L. and Boon, Huck Wee and Chin, Im Im and Kleinlugtenbelt, Ydo V. and Landman, Ellie B. M. and Flikweert, Elvira R. and Roerdink, Herbert W. and Brokelman, Roy B. G. and Elskamp-Meijerman, Hannie F. and Horst, Maarten R. and Cobben, Jan-Hein M. G. and Anjum, Anila and Hashmi, Pervaiz Mehmood and Ahmed, Tashfeen and Rashid, Haroon Ur and Khattak, Mujahid Jamil and Rashid, Rizwan Haroon and Lakdawala, Riaz Hussain and Noordin, Shahryar and Juman, Naveed Muhammed and Khan, Robyna Irshad and Riaz, Muhammad Mehmood and Bokhari, Syedah Saira and Almas, Ayesha and Wahab, Hussain and Ali, Arif and Khan, Hammad Naqi and Khan, Eraj Khurshid and Janjua, Kholood Abid and Orakzai, Sajjad Hassan and Khan, Abdus Salam and Mustafa, Khawaja Junaid and Sohail, Mian Amjad and Umar, Muhammad and Khan, Siddra Ahmed and Ashraf, Muhammad and Khan, Muhammad Kashif and Shiraz, Muhammad and Furgan, Ahmad and Dabek, Piotr and Kumon, Adam and Satora, Wojciech and Ambrozy, Wojciech and Swiech, Mariusz and Rycombel, Jacek and Grzelak, Adrian and Gucwa, Jaroslaw and Machala, Waldemar and Ramokgopa, Mmampapatla Thomas and Firth, Gregory Bodley and Karera, Mwalimu and Fourtounas, Maria and Singh, Virsen and Biscardi, Anna and Iqbal, Muhammad Nasir and Campbell, Ryan Jonathan and Maluleke, Matimba Lenny and Moller, Carien and Nhlapo, Lerato and Maqungo, Sithombo and Flint, Margot and Nejthardt, Marcin B. and Chetty, Sean and Naidoo, Rubendren and Clua, Miriam Garrido and Molero-Garcia, Vicente and Minguell-Monyart, Joan and Marsa, Jordi Selga and Porcel-Vazquez, Juan A. and Andres-Peiro, Jose-Vicente and Aguilar, Marc and Mestre-Torres, Jaume and Colomina, Maria J. and Guilabert, Patricia and Gozalo, M. Luisa Panos and Abarca, Luis and Martin, Nuria and Usua, Gemma and Martinez-Ripol, Pedro and Posada, M. A. Gonzalez and Lalueza-Broto, Pilar and Sanchez-Raya, Judith and Camarena, Jorge Nunez and Fraguas-Castany, Antoni and Torner, Pere and Jornet-Gibert, Monsant and Serrano-Sanz, Jorge and Camara-Cabrera, Jaume and Salomo-Domenech, Monica and Yela-Verdu, Christian and Peig-Font, Anna and Ricol, Laura and Carreras-Castaner, Anna and Martinez-Sanudo, Luis and Herranz, Susana and Feijoo-Masso, Carlos and Sianes-Gallen, Monica and Castillon, Pablo and Bernaus, Marti and Quintas, Saioa and Gomez, Olga and Salvador, Jordi and Abarca, Javiera and Estrada, Cristina and Novellas, Marga and Torra, Merce and Dealbert, Alfred and Macho, Oscar and Ivanov, Alexia and Valldosera, Esther and Arroyo, Marta and Pey, Borja and Yuste, Antoni and Mateo, Llorenc and De Caso, Julio and Anaya, Rafael and Higa-Sansone, J. L. and Millan, Angelica and Banos, Victoria and Herrera-Mateo, Sergio and Aguado, Hector J. and Martinez-Municio, Gonzalo and Leon, Ricardo and Santiago-Maniega, Silvia and Zabalza, Ana and Labrador, Gregorio and Guerado, Enrique and Cruz, Encarnacion and Cano, Juan Ramon and Bogallo, Jose Manuel and Sa-Ngasoongsong, Paphon and Kulachote, Noratep and Sirisreetreerux, Norachart and Pengrung, Nachapan and Chalacheewa, Theerawat and Arnuntasupakul, Vanlapa and Yingchoncharoen, Teerapat and Naratreekoon, Bundit and Kadry, Miriam Adel and Thayaparan, Surendini and Abdlaziz, Ihab and Aframian, Arash and Imbuldeniya, Arjuna and Bentoumi, Souad and Omran, Sherif and Vizcaychipi, Marcela Paola and Correia, Patricia and Patil, Shashank and Haire, Kevin and Mayor, Amy S. E. and Dillingham, Sally and Nicholson, Laura and Elnaggar, Mohamed and John, Joby and Nanjayan, Shashi Kumar and Parker, Martyn J. and O'Sullivan, Susan and Marmor, Meir T. and Matityahu, Amir and McClellan, Robert Trigg and Comstock, Curt and Ding, Anthony and Toogood, Paul and Slobogean, Gerard and Joseph, Katherine and O'Toole, Robert and Sciadini, Marcus and Ryan, Scott P. and Clark, Molly E. and Cassidy, Charles and Balonov, Konstantin and Bergese, Sergio D. and Phieffer, Laura S. and Zacarias, Alicia A. Gonzalez and Marcantonio, Andrew J. and Dragic-Taylor, Sanela and Maxwell, Chelsea and Molnar, Sarah and Wells, Jennifer R. and Ofori, Sandra N. and Yang, Stephen S. and Wang, Michael K. and Duceppe, Emmanuelle and Spence, Jessica and Vasquez, Javiera P. and Marcano-Fernandez, Francesc and Ham, Hyungjoo and Prada, Carlos and Yung, Terence C. H. and Perez, Isidro Sanz and Bosch, Michael J. and Prystajecky, Michael R. and Chowdhury, Chinmoy and Khan, James S. and Stella, Steffan F. and Heidary, Behrouz and Tran, Allen and Wawrzycka-Adamczyk, Katarzyna and Chen, Yu Chiao Peter and Gonzalez-Osuna, Aranzazu and Biedron, Grzegorz and Wludarczyk, Anna and Lefebvre, Marco and Ernst, Jaclyn A. and Staffhorst, Bas and Woodfine, Jason D. and Alwafi, Emad M. and Mrkobrada, Marko and Parlow, Simon and Roberts, Robin and McAlister, Finlay and Sackett, David and Wright, James and Investigators, HIP ATTACK (2020) Accelerated surgery versus standard care in hip fracture (HIP ATTACK): an international, randomised, controlled trial. Lancet, 395 (10225). pp. 698-708. ISSN 0140-6736, DOI

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