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Akiyama, Kazunori and Algaba Marcos, Juan-Carlos and An, Tao and Asada, Keiichi and Asanok, Kitiyanee and Byun, Do-Young and Chanapote, Thanapol and Chen, Wen and Chen, Zhong and Cheng, Xiaopeng and Chibueze, James O. and Cho, Ilje and Cho, Se-Hyung and Chung, Hyun-Soo and Cui, Lang and Cui, Yuzhu and Doi, Akihiro and Dong, Jian and Fujisawa, Kenta and Gou, Wei and Guo, Wen and Hada, Kazuhiro and Hagiwara, Yoshiaki and Hirota, Tomoya and Hodgson, Jeffrey A. and Honma, Mareki and Imai, Hiroshi and Jaroenjittichai, Phrudth and Jiang, Wu and Jiang, Yongbin and Jiang, Yongchen and Jike, Takaaki and Jung, Dong-Kyu and Jung, Taehyun and Kawaguchi, Noriyuki and Kim, Dong-Jin and Kim, Hyo-Ryoung and Kim, Jaeheon and Kim, Jeong-Sook and Kim, Kee-Tae and Kim, Soon-Wook and Kino, Motoki and Kobayashi, Hideyuki and Koyama, Shoko and Kramer, Busaba H. and Lee, Jee-Won and Lee, Jeong Ae and Lee, Sang-Sung and Lee, Sang Won and Li, Bin and Li, Guanghui and Li, Xiaofei and Li, Zhixuan and Liu, Qinghui and Liu, Xiang and Lu, Ru-Sen and Motogi, Kazuhito and Nakamura, Masanori and Niinuma, Kotaro and Oh, Chungsik and Oh, Hongjong and Oh, Junghwan and Oh, Se-Jin and Oyama, Tomoaki and Park, Jongho and Poshyachinda, Saran and Ro, Hyunwook and Roh, Duk-Gyoo and Rujopakarn, Wiphu and Sakai, Nobuyuki and Sawada-Satoh, Satoko and Shen, Zhi-Qiang and Shibata, Katsunori M. and Sohn, Bong Won and Soonthornthum, Boonrucksar and Sugiyama, Koichiro and Sun, Yunxia and Takamura, Mieko and Tanabe, Yoshihiro and Tazaki, Fumie and Trippe, Sascha and Wajima, Kiyoaki and Wang, Jinqing and Wang, Na and Wang, Shiqiang and Wang, Xuezheng and Xia, Bo and Xu, Shuangjing and Yan, Hao and Yang, Wenjun and Yeom, Jae-Hwan and Yi, Kunwoo and Yi, Sang-Oh and Yonekura, Yoshinori and Yoon, Hasu and Yu, Linfeng and Yuan, Jianping and Yun, Youngjoo and Zhang, Bo and Zhang, Hua and Zhang, Yingkang and Zhao, Guang-Yao and Zhao, Rongbing and Zhong, Weiye (2022) Overview of the observing system and initial scientific accomplishments of the East Asian VLBI Network(EAVN). Galaxies, 10 (6). ISSN 2075-4434, DOI

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Lo, Wen-Ping and Asada, Keiichi and Matsushita, Satoki and Nakamura, Masanori and Pu, Hung-Yi and Tseng, Chihyin and Akiyama, Kazunori and Algaba, Juan Carlos and Bower, Geoffrey C. and Rao, Ramprasad and Koay, Jun Yi and Koch, Patrick M. and Koyama, Shoko and Ho, Paul T. P. and Inoue, Makoto (2021) Constraints on the mass accretion rate onto the supermassive black hole of cygnus : A using the Submillimeter Array. Astrophysical Journal, 911 (1). ISSN 0004-637X, DOI

Park, Jongho and Hada, Kazuhiro and Kino, Motoki and Nakamura, Masanori and Hodgson, Jeffrey and Ro, Hyunwook and Cui, Yuzhu and Asada, Keiichi and Algaba, Juan Carlos and Sawada-Satoh, Satoko and Lee, Sang-Sung and Cho, Ilje and Shen, Zhiqiang and Jiang, Wu and Trippe, Sascha and Niinuma, Kotaro and Sohn, Bong Won and Jung, Taehyun and Zhao, Guang-Yao and Wajima, Kiyoaki and Tazaki, Fumie and Honma, Mareki and An, Tao and Akiyama, Kazunori and Byun, Do-Young and Kim, Jongsoo and Zhang, Yingkang and Cheng, Xiaopeng and Kobayashi, Hideyuki and Shibata, Katsunori M. and Lee, Jee Won and Roh, Duk-Gyoo and Oh, Se-Jin and Yeom, Jae-Hwan and Jung, Dong-Kyu and Oh, Chungsik and Kim, Hyo-Ryoung and Hwang, Ju-Yeon and Hagiwara, Yoshiaki (2019) Kinematics of the M87 Jet in the Collimation Zone: Gradual Acceleration and Velocity Stratification. The Astrophysical Journal, 887 (2). p. 147. ISSN 1538-4357, DOI

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