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Wong, Li Ping and Alias, Haridah and Hashim, Megat Mohamad Amirul Amzar Megat and Lee, Hai Yen and AbuBakar, Sazaly and Chung, Ivy and Hu, Zhijan and Lin, Yulan (2022) Acceptability for COVID-19 vaccination: Perspectives from Muslims. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 18 (5). ISSN 2164-5515, DOI

Omar, Intan Sofia and Adenan, Noor Azmi Mat and Godoy, Alejandro and Teo, Ik Hui and Gunasagran, Yogeeta and Chung, Ivy (2022) Aberrant upregulation of CDK1 contributes to medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) resistance in cancer-associated fibroblasts of the endometrium. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 628. pp. 133-140. ISSN 0006-291X, DOI

Omar, Intan Sofia and Abd Jamil, Amira Hajirah and Adenan, Noor Azmi Mat and Chung, Ivy and Chung, Ivy (2022) MPA alters metabolic phenotype of endometrial cancer-associated fibroblasts from obese women via IRS2 signaling. PLoS ONE, 17 (7). ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Tsai, Yao-Tsung and Li, Chih-Yi and Huang, Yen-Hua and Chang, Te-Sheng and Lin, Chung-Yen and Chuang, Chia-Hsien and Wang, Chih-Yang and Anuraga, Gangga and Chang, Tzu-Hao and Shih, Tsung-Chieh and Lin, Zu-Yau and Chen, Yuh-Ling and Chung, Ivy and Lee, Kuen-Haur and Chang, Che-Chang and Sung, Shian-Ying and Yang, Kai-Huei and Tsui, Wan-Lin and Yap, Chee-Voon and Wu, Ming-Heng (2022) Galectin-1 orchestrates an inflammatory tumor-stroma crosstalk in hepatoma by enhancing TNFR1 protein stability and signaling in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts. Oncogene, 41 (21). pp. 3011-3023. ISSN 0950-9232, DOI

Mozihim, Azilleo Kristo and Chung, Ivy and Mohd Said, Nur Akmarina and Abd Jamil, Amira Hajirah (2022) Reprogramming of fatty acid metabolism in gynaecological cancers: Is there a role for oestradiol? Metabolities, 12 (4). ISSN 2218-1989, DOI

Paramanantham, Yogaambikai and Chung, Ivy and Mohd Said, Nur Akmarina (2022) The role of tumour microenvironment-driven miRNAs in the chemoresistance of muscle-invasive bladder cancer-a review. Urologic Oncology-Seminars and Original Investigations, 40 (4). pp. 133-148. ISSN 1078-1439, DOI

Voon, Yap Chee and Omar, Intan Sofia and Wu, Ming-Heng and Said, Nur Akmarina Mohd and Chung, Ivy (2022) Cancer-associated fibroblasts as cellular vehicles in endometrial cancer cell migration. Oncology Letters, 23 (1). ISSN 1792-1074, DOI

Chew, Boon Cheng and Liew, Fong Fong and Tan, Hsiao Wei and Chung, Ivy (2022) Chemical advances in therapeutic application of exosomes and liposomes. Current Medical Chemistry, 29 (25). pp. 4445-4473. ISSN 0929-8673, DOI

Fong, Stephanie Sally and Foo, Yiing Yee and Saw, Wen Shang and Leo, Bey Fen and Teo, Yin Yin and Chung, Ivy and Goh, Boon Tong and Misran, Misni and Imae, Toyoko and Chang, Chia-Ching and Chung, Lip Yong and Kiew, Lik Voon (2022) Chitosan-coated-PLGA nanoparticles enhance the antitumor and antimigration activity of stattic : A STAT3 dimerization blocker. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 17. pp. 137-150. ISSN 1176-9114, DOI

Nalairndran, Geetha and Chung, Ivy and Abdul Razack, Azad Hassan Abdul and Chung, Felicia Fei-Lei and Hii, Ling-Wei and Lim, Wei-Meng and Looi, Chin King and Mai, Chun-Wai and Leong, Chee-Onn (2021) Inhibition of Janus Kinase 1 synergizes docetaxel sensitivity in prostate cancer cells. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 25 (17). pp. 8187-8200. ISSN 1582-1838, DOI

Morrissey, Karyn and Chung, Ivy and Morse, Andrew and Parthasarath, Suhanya and Roebuck, Margaret and Tan, Maw Pin and Wood, Amanda and Wong, Pooi-Fong and Frostick, Simon (2021) The effects of air quality on hospital admissions for chronic respiratory diseases in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2013-2015. Atmosphere, 12 (8). ISSN 2073-4433, DOI

Wong, Li Ping and Alias, Haridah and Fuzi, Afiqah Alyaa Md and Omar, Intan Sofia and Mohamad Nor, Azmawaty and Tan, Maw Pin and Baranovich, Diana Lea and Saari, Che Zarrina and Hamzah, Sareena Hanim and Cheong, Ku Wing and Poon, Chiew Hwa and Ramoo, Vimala and Che, Chong Chin and Myint, Kyaimon and Zainuddin, Suria and Chung, Ivy (2021) Escalating progression of mental health disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a nationwide survey. PLoS ONE, 16 (3). ISSN 1932-6203, DOI

Chung, Ivy and Zhou, Kun and Barrows, Courtney and Banyard, Jacqueline and Wilson, Arianne and Rummel, Nathan and Mizokami, Atsushi and Basu, Sudipta and Sengupta, Poulomi and Shaikh, Badaruddin and Sengupta, Shiladitya and Bielenberg, Diane R. and Zetter, Bruce R. (2021) Unbiased phenotype-based screen identifies therapeutic agents selective for metastatic prostate cancer. Frontiers in Oncology, 10. ISSN 2234-943X, DOI

Ibrahim, Amirah and Chong, Mei Chan and Khoo, Selina Phaik Lin and Wong, Li Ping and Chung, Ivy and Tan, Maw Pin (2021) Virtual group exercises and psychological status among community-dwelling older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic-A feasibility study. Geriatrics, 6 (1). ISSN 2308-3417, DOI

Phang, Michael Weng Lok and Lew, Sze Yuen and Chung, Ivy and Lim, William Kiong-Seng and Lim, Lee Wei and Wong, Kah Hui (2021) Therapeutic roles of natural remedies in combating hereditary ataxia: A systematic review. Chinese Medicine, 16 (1). ISSN 1749-8546, DOI

Nor, W. M. Farhan Syafiq B. Wm and Chung, Ivy and Mohd Said, Nur Akmarina (2021) MicroRNA-548m suppresses cell migration and invasion by targeting aryl hydrocarbon receptor in breast cancer cells. Oncology Research, 28 (6). pp. 615-629. ISSN 0965-0407, DOI

Nor, W.F.S.B.W.M. and Chung, Ivy and Mohd Said, Nur Akmarina (2021) MicroRNA-548m suppresses cell migration and invasion by targeting aryl hydrocarbon receptor in breast cancer cells. Oncology Research, 28 (6). pp. 615-629. ISSN 09650407, DOI

Kwong, Soke Chee and Abd Jamil, Amira Hajirah and Rhodes, Anthony and Taib, Nur Aishah and Chung, Ivy (2020) Fatty acid binding protein 7 mediates linoleic acid-induced cell death in triple negative breast cancer cells by modulating 13-HODE. Biochimie, 179. pp. 23-31. ISSN 03009084, DOI

Eh Suk, Vicit Rizal and Chung, Ivy and Misran, Misni (2020) Pegylated Oleic Acid-Lecithin Liposomes (Poll) for Anticancer Drug Delivery. Sains Malaysiana, 49 (1). pp. 19-27. ISSN 0126-6039, DOI

Lai, Sook Ling and Tan, May Leng and Hollows, Robert J. and Robinson, Max and Ibrahim, Maha and Margielewska, Sandra and Parkinson, E. Kenneth and Ramanathan, Anand and Zain, R.B. and Mehanna, Hisham and Spruce, Rachel J. and Wei, Wenbin and Chung, Ivy and Murray, Paul G. and Yap, Lee Fah and Paterson, Ian Charles (2019) Collagen Induces a More Proliferative, Migratory and Chemoresistant Phenotype in Head and Neck Cancer via DDR1. Cancers, 11 (11). p. 1766. ISSN 2072-6694, DOI

Cheong, Jae Eun and Zaffagni, Michela and Chung, Ivy and Xu, Yingjie and Wang, Yiqiang and Jernigan, Finith E. and Zetter, Bruce R. and Sun, Lijun (2018) Synthesis and anticancer activity of novel water soluble benzimidazole carbamates. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 144. pp. 372-385. ISSN 0223-5234, DOI

Wu, Yuan Seng and Chung, Ivy and Wong, Won Fen and Masamune, Atsushi and Sim, Maw Shin and Looi, Chung Yeng (2017) Paracrine IL-6 signaling mediates the effects of pancreatic stellate cells on epithelial-mesenchymal transition via Stat3/Nrf2 pathway in pancreatic cancer cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 1861 (2). pp. 296-306. ISSN 0304-4165, DOI

Zhang, Yaqing and Yan, Wei and Collins, Meredith A. and Bednar, Filip and Rakshit, Sabita and Zetter, Bruce R. and Stanger, Ben Z. and Chung, Ivy and Rhim, Andrew D. and di Magliano, Marina Pasca (2013) Interleukin-6 Is Required for Pancreatic Cancer Progression by Promoting MAPK Signaling Activation and Oxidative Stress Resistance. Cancer Research, 73 (20). pp. 6359-6374. ISSN 0008-5472, DOI

Patel, Nish and Chatterjee, Sabarni K. and Vrbanac, Vladimir and Chung, Ivy and Mu, Chunyao Jenny and Olsen, Rachelle R. and Waghorne, Carol and Zetter, Bruce R. (2010) Rescue of paclitaxel sensitivity by repression of Prohibitin1 in drug-resistant cancer cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (6). pp. 2503-2508. ISSN 1091-6490, DOI

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