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Wong, Wei-Kei and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Ganapathy, Shubash Shander and Lim, Soo-Kun (2023) Metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) and advanced liver fibrosis among hemodialysis patients in a multiethnic urban population in Malaysia. Seminars in Dialysis, 36 (2). pp. 107-116. ISSN 0894-0959, DOI

Chong, Shi-En and Chang, Felicia Wen Si and Chuaha, Kee-Huat and Sthaneshwar, Pavai and Mustapha, Nik Raihan Nik and Mahadeva, Sanjiv and Chan, Wah-Kheong (2023) Validation of the Hepamet fibrosis score in a multi-ethnic Asian population. Annals of Hepatology, 28 (2). ISSN 1665-2681, DOI

Leung, Howard Ho-Wai and Puspanathan, Pavitratha and Chan, Anthony Wing-Hung and Mustapha, Nik Raihan Nik and Wong, Vincent Wai-Sun and Chan, Wah-Kheong (2022) Reliability of the nonalcoholic steatohepatitis clinical research network and steatosis activity fibrosis histological scoring systems. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 37 (6). pp. 1131-1138. ISSN 0815-9319, DOI

Younossi, Zobair M. and Ong, Janus P. and Takahashi, Hirokazu and Yilmaz, Yusuf and Hi, Yuichiro Eguc and El Kassas, Mohamed and Buti, Maria and Diago, Moises and Zheng, Ming-Hua and Fan, Jian-Gao and Yu, Ming-Lung and Wong, Vincent Wai-Sun and Alswat, Khalid and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Mendez-Sanchez, Nahum and Burra, Patrizia and Bugianesi, Elisabetta and Duseja, Ajay K. and George, Jacob and Papatheodoridis, George and Saeed, Hamid and Castera, Laurent and Arrese, Marco and Kugelmas, Marcelo and Romero-Gomez, Manuel and Alqahtani, Saleh and Ziayee, Mariam and Lam, Brian and Younossi, Issah and Racila, Andrei and Henry, Linda and Stepanova, Maria and Steatohepatiti, Global Nonalcoholic (2022) A global survey of physicians knowledge about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 20 (6). E1456-E1468. ISSN 1542-3565, DOI

Chan, Wah-Kheong and Tan, Soek-Siam and Chan, Siew-Pheng and Lee, Yeong-Yeh and Tee, Hoi-Poh and Mahadeva, Sanjiv and Goh, Khean-Lee and Ramli, Anis Safura and Mustapha, Feisul and Kosai, Nik Ritza and Raja Ali, Raja Affendi (2022) Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology consensus statement on metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 37 (5). pp. 795-811. ISSN 0815-9319, DOI

Prasoppokakorn, Thaninee and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Wong, Vincent Wai-Sun and Pitisuttithum, Panyavee and Mahadeva, Sanjiv and Mustapha, Nik Raihan Nik and Wong, Grace Lai-Hung and Leung, Howard Ho-Wai and Sripongpun, Pimsiri and Treeprasertsuk, Sombat (2022) Validation model of fibrosis-8 index score to predict significant fibrosis among patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 28 (15). pp. 1563-1573. ISSN 1007-9327, DOI

Tan, Eunice Xiang-Xuan and Lee, Jonathan Wei-Jie and Jumat, Nur Halisah and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Treeprasertsuk, Sombat and Goh, George Boon-Bee and Fan, Jian-Gao and Song, Myeong Jun and Charatcharoenwitthaya, Phunchai and Duseja, Ajay and Imajo, Kento and Nakajima, Atsushi and Seki, Yosuke and Kasama, Kazunori and Kakizaki, Satoru and Lesmana, Laurentius A. and Zheng, Kenneth and Zheng, Ming-Hua and Koh, Calvin J. and Ho, Khek-Yu and Goh, Khean-Lee and Wong, Vincent Wai-Sun and Dan, Yock-Young (2022) Non-obese non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in Asia: An inter-national registry study. Metabolism-Clinical And Experimental, 126. ISSN 0026-0495, DOI

Wu, Xi-Xi and Zheng, Kenneth and Boursier, Jerome and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Yilmaz, Yusuf and Romero-Gomez, Manuel and El Kassas, Mohamed and Targher, Giovanni and Byrne, Christopher D. and Huang, Zhi-Ming and Zheng, Ming-Hua (2021) acNASH index to diagnose nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: A prospective derivation and global validation study. Eclinical Medicine, 41. ISSN 2589-5370, DOI

Ting, Yi-Wen and Kong, Amanda Shen-Yee and Zain, Shamsul Mohd and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Tan, Hwa-Li and Mohamed, Zahurin and Pung, Yuh-Fen and Mohamed, Rosmawati (2021) Loss-of-function HSD17B13 variants, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and adverse liver outcomes: Results from a multi-ethnic Asian cohort. Clinical and Molecular Hepatology, 27 (3). pp. 486-498. ISSN 2287-2728, DOI

Gao, Feng and Huang, Jiao-Feng and Zheng, Kenneth I. and Pan, Xiao-Yan and Ma, Hong-Lei and Liu, Wen-Yue and Byrne, Christopher D. and Targher, Giovanni and Li, Yang-Yang and Chen, Yong-Ping and Chan, Wah-Kheong and Zheng, Ming-Hua (2020) Development and validation of a novel non-invasive test for diagnosing fibrotic non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in patients with biopsy-proven non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 35 (10). pp. 1804-1812. ISSN 0815-9319, DOI

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