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Thakur, Amrit Kumar and Sathyamurthy, Ravishankar and Saidur, R. and Velraj, R. and Lynch, Iseult and Aslfattahi, Navid (2022) Exploring the potential of MXene-based advanced solar-absorber in improving the performance and efficiency of a solar-desalination unit for brackish water purification. Desalination, 526. ISSN 0011-9164, DOI

Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Arifutzzaman, A. and Abdelrazik, A. S. and Samylingam, L. and Sabri, Mohd Faizul Mohd and Sidik, Nor Azwadi Che (2022) Improved thermo-physical properties and energy efficiency of hybrid PCM/graphene-silver nanocomposite in a hybrid CPV/thermal solar system. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 147 (2). pp. 1125-1142. ISSN 1388-6150, DOI

Arifutzzaman, Abut and Soon, Chin Fhong and Morsin, Marlia and Lim, Gim Pao and Aslfattahi, Navid and Jubadi, Warsuzarina Mat and Sangu, Sangeetha Siva and Saheed, Mohamed Shuaib Mohamed and Nayan, Nafarizal and Saidurj, R. (2022) MXene as emerging low dimensional material in modern energy and bio application: A review. Journal of Nano Research, 74. pp. 109-154. ISSN 1662-5250, DOI

Kumar, P. C. Santhosh and Naveenkumar, R. and Sharifpur, Mohsen and Issakhov, Alibek and Ravichandran, M. and Mohanavel, V. and Aslfattahi, Navid and Afzal, Asif (2021) Experimental investigations to improve the electrical efficiency of photovoltaic modules using different convection mode. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 48. ISSN 2213-1388, DOI

Das, Likhan and Rubbi, Fazlay and Habib, Khairul and Saidur, R. and Islam, Nazrul and Saha, Bidyut Baran and Aslfattahi, Navid and Irshad, Kashif (2021) Hydrothermal performance improvement of an inserted double pipe heat exchanger with Ionanofluid. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 28. ISSN 2214-157X, DOI

Ahmad, Muhammad Shakeel and Pandey, A. K. and Abd Rahim, Nasrudin and Aslfattahi, Navid and Mishra, Yogendra Kumar and Rashid, Bushra and Saidur, R. (2021) 2-D Mxene flakes as potential replacement for both TCO and Pt layers for Dye-Sensitized Solar cell. Ceramics International, 47 (19). pp. 27942-27947. ISSN 0272-8842, DOI

Aslfattahi, Navid and Loni, Reyhaneh and Bellos, Evangelos and Najafi, Gholamhassan and Kadirgama, K. and Harun, W. S. W. and Saidur, R. (2021) Efficiency enhancement of a solar dish collector operating with a novel soybean oil-based-MXene nanofluid and different cavity receivers. Journal of Cleaner Production, 317. ISSN 0959-6526, DOI

Mahamude, Abu Shadate Faisal and Harun, Wan Sharuzi Wan and Kadirgama, Kumaran and Farhana, Kaniz and Ramasamy, D. and Samylingam, L. and Aslfattahi, Navid (2021) Thermal performance of nanomaterial in solar collector: State-of-play for graphene. Journal of Energy Storage, 42. ISSN 2352-152X, DOI

Rubbi, Fazlay and Das, Likhan and Habib, Khairul and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Ul Alam, Sanney (2021) A comprehensive review on advances of oil-based nanofluids for concentrating solar thermal collector application. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 338. ISSN 0167-7322, DOI

Nagaraja, Santhosh and Kodandappa, Ramesha and Ansari, Khalid and Kuruniyan, Mohamed Saheer and Afzal, Asif and Kaladgi, Abdul Razak and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saleel, C. Ahamed and Gowda, Ashwin C. and Bindiganavile Anand, Praveena (2021) Influence of heat treatment and reinforcements on tensile characteristics of aluminium AA 5083/silicon carbide/fly ash composites. Materials, 14 (18). ISSN 1996-1944, DOI

Das, Likhan and Rubbi, Fazlay and Habib, Khairul and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Saha, Bidyut Baran and Algarni, Salem and Irshad, Kashif and Alqahtani, Talal (2021) State-of-the-art ionic liquid & ionanofluids incorporated with advanced nanomaterials for solar energy applications. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 336. ISSN 0167-7322, DOI

Afzal, Asif and Yashawantha, K. M. and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Razak, R. K. Abdul and Subbiah, Ram (2021) Back propagation modeling of shear stress and viscosity of aqueous Ionic-MXene nanofluids. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 145 (4). pp. 2129-2149. ISSN 1388-6150, DOI

Auliya, Rahmat Zaki and Ooi, Poh Choon and Sadri, Rad and Talik, Noor Azrina and Yau, Zhi Yong and Haniff, Muhammad Aniq Shazni Mohammad and Goh, Boon Tong and Dee, Chang Fu and Aslfattahi, Navid and Al-Bati, Sameer and Ibtehaj, Khatatbeh and Jumali, Mohammad Hafizuddin Hj and Wee, M. F. Mohd Razip and Mohamed, Mohd Ambri and Othman, Masuri (2021) Exploration of 2D Ti3C2 MXene for all solution processed piezoelectric nanogenerator applications. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). ISSN 2045-2322, DOI

Rashid, Bushra and Anwar, Ayaz and Shahabuddin, Syed and Mohan, Gokula and Saidur, Rahman and Aslfattahi, Navid and Sridewi, Nanthini (2021) A comparative study of cytotoxicity of ppg and peg surface-modified 2-d ti3c2 mxene flakes on human cancer cells and their photothermal response. Materials, 14 (16). ISSN 1996-1944, DOI

Sharath, Ballupete Nagaraju and Venkatesh, Channarayapattana Venkataramaiah and Afzal, Asif and Aslfattahi, Navid and Aabid, Abdul and Baig, Muneer and Saleh, Bahaa (2021) Multi ceramic particles inclusion in the aluminium matrix and wear characterization through experimental and response surface-artificial neural networks. Materials, 14 (11). ISSN EISSN 1996-1944, DOI

Parashar, Naman and Aslfattahi, Navid and Yahya, Syed Mohd. and Saidur, R. (2021) An artificial neural network approach for the prediction of dynamic viscosity of MXene-palm oil nanofluid using experimental data. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 144 (4). pp. 1175-1186. ISSN 1388-6150, DOI

Arifutzzaman, A. and Ismail, Ahmad Faris Bin and Alam, Md Zahangir and Khan, Ahsan Ali and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. (2021) Static and dynamic combined effects on the thermal conductivity of water based ironoxide nanofluids: Experiments and theories. Smart Science, 9 (2). pp. 133-146. ISSN 2308-0477, DOI

Tan, K. H. and Samylingam, L. and Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Kadirgama, K. (2021) Optical and conductivity studies of polyvinyl alcohol-MXene (PVA-MXene) nanocomposite thin films for electronic applications. Optics & Laser Technology, 136. ISSN 0030-3992, DOI

Parashar, Naman and Aslfattahi, Navid and Yahya, Syed Mohd and Saidur, R. (2021) ANN modeling of thermal conductivity and viscosity of MXene-based aqueous IoNanofluid. International Journal of Thermophysics, 42 (2). ISSN 0195-928X, DOI

Bakthavatchalam, Balaji and Habib, Khairul and Saidur, R. and Aslfattahi, Navid and Yahya, Syed Mohd and Rashedi, A. and Khanam, Taslima (2021) Optimization of thermophysical and rheological properties of MXene ionanofluids for hybrid solar photovoltaic/thermal systems. Nanomaterials, 11 (2). ISSN 2079-4991, DOI

Rahmadiawan, Dieter and Aslfattahi, Navid and Nasruddin, N. and Saidur, Rahman and Arifutzzaman, A. and Mohammed, Hussein A. (2021) MXene based palm oil methyl ester as an effective heat transfer fluid. Journal of Nano Research, 68. pp. 17-34. ISSN 1661-9897, DOI

Sajid, Imran Haider and Aslfattahi, Navid and Sabri, Mohd Faizul Mohd and Said, Suhana Mohd and Saidur, R. and Salleh, Faiz and Nik-Ghazali, Nik Nazri and Hasan, Syed Waqar (2019) Synthesis and characterization of novel p-type chemically cross-linked ionogels with high ionic seebeck coefficient for low-grade heat harvesting. Electrochimica Acta, 320. p. 134575. ISSN 0013-4686, DOI

Conference or Workshop Item

Aslfattahi, Navid and Saidur, R. and Sabri, Mohd Faizul Mohd and Arifutzzaman, A. (2021) Thermal conductivity and rheological investigation of aqueous poly(ethylene) glycol/MXene as a novel heat transfer fluid. In: 13th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME), 18-20 December 2019, Bangladesh Univ Engn & Technol, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Krishna, Yathin and Saidur, R. and Aslfattahi, Navid and Faizal, M. and Ng, K. C. (2020) Enhancing the thermal properties of organic phase change material (palmitic acid) by doping MXene nanoflakes. In: 13th International Engineering Research Conference (EURECA), 27 November 2019, Taylors Univ Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

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