Virtual method to compare treatment options to assist maxillofacial surgery planning and decision making process for implant and screw placement

Balakrishnan, Y.K. and Rathinam, A.K. and Tung, T.S. and Waran, V. and Rahman, Z.A.A. (2011) Virtual method to compare treatment options to assist maxillofacial surgery planning and decision making process for implant and screw placement. In: Virtual method to compare treatment options to assist maxillofacial surgery planning and decision making process for implant and screw placement. 2nd International Visual Informatics Conference, IVIC 2011, 7066 L . Springer-Verlag., Selangor, pp. 361-367.


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The paper explores a biomodelling method comprising of several visual and virtual reality methods to assess different surgical procedures using the computer. A computer tomography (CT) medical scan of a patient was obtained and was converted into a three dimensional virtual biomodel. This mandible biomodel was then subjected to graphical post-processing to split it into two portions mimicking actual surgery to correct jaw deformity. In such cases, screws and/or implants are used in various positions to link the two parts of the mandible. In this evaluation all possible configurations of a 5 holes L-plate implant (Synthes) were computed to evaluate the various surgical approaches. The nine configurations were ordered on stability of treatment based on the least amount of movement between the two bone parts upon receiving a virtual force of 500N simulating a jaw bite. Although the best treatment method was highlighted for this particular case but other factors such as bone thickness need to be incorporated in order to further substantiate this option. This system could be used in future by maxillofacial surgeons as a pre-surgical planning tool to decide which of the various available configurations would be suitable for a given patient based on the patients' medical scan data. Such results would also pave the way for Evidence based Medicine practice (EBP) where the decision for a particular treatment approach would be guided and strengthened by data from virtual simulation studies of the outcome of the surgery. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

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Additional Information: Conference code: 87315 Export Date: 4 September 2012 Source: Scopus doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-25191-7₃₅ Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Balakrishnan, Y.K.; Virtual Reality Centre, University of MalayaMalaysia References: Koch, R.M., Gross, M.H., Carls, F.R., Von Büren, D.F., Fankhauser, G., Parish, Y.I.H., Simulating Facial Surgery Using Finite Element Models (1996) SIGGRAPH 1996 Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Computers & Graphics, 30, pp. 421-428. , ACM, NY; Tan, S.T., Rathinam, A.K., Kumar, Y., Rahman, Z.A.A., Additional Cues Derived from Three Dimensional Image Processing to Aid Customised Reconstruction for Medical Applications (2009) LNCS, 5857, pp. 148-155. , Badioze Zaman, H., Robinson, P., Petrou, M., Olivier, P., Schröder, H., Shih, T.K. (eds.) IVIC 2009. Springer, Heidelberg; Hassfeld, S., Mühling, J., Computer assisted oral and maxillofacial surgery - A review and an assessment of technology (2001) Int. J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 30 (1), pp. 2-13; D'Urso, P.S., Atkinson, R.L., Lanigan, M.W., Earwaker, W.J., Bruce, I.J., Holmes, A., Barker, T.M., Thompson, R.G., Stereolithographic (SL) biomodelling in craniofacial surgery (1998) Br. J. Plast. Surg., 51 (7), pp. 522-530; Casap, N., Tarazi, E., Wexler, A., Sonnenfeld, U., Lustmann, J., Intraoperative computerized navigation for flapless implant surgery and immediate loading in the edentulous mandible (2005) Int. J. Oral. Maxillofac. Implants, 20 (1), pp. 92-98; Cox, T., Kohn, M.W., Impelluso, T., Computerized analysis of resorbable polymer plates and screws for the rigid fixation of mandibular angle fractures (2003) J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 61 (4), pp. 481-487. , discussion 487-488; Vollmer, D., Meyer, U., Joos, U., Vègh, A., Piffko, J., Experimental and finite element study of a human mandible (2000) J. Craniomaxillofac. Surg., 28 (2), pp. 91-96; Timmermans, S., Mauck, A., The promises and pitfalls of evidence-based medicine (2005) Health Aff, 24 (1), pp. 18-28. , Millwood; Erkmen, E., SimÅ�ek, B., Yücel, E., Kurt, A., Comparison of different fixation methods following sagittal split ramus osteotomies using three-dimensional finite elements analysis. Part 1: Advancement surgery-posterior loading (2005) Int. J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 34 (5), pp. 551-558; Chuong, C.J., Borotikar, B., Schwartz-Dabney, C., Sinn, D.P., Mechanical characteristics of the mandible after bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy: Comparing 2 different fixation techniques (2005) J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 63 (1), pp. 68-76; Bettega, G., Dessenne, V., Raphael, B., Cinquin, P., Computer-assisted mandibular condyle positioning in orthognathic surgery (1996) J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 54, pp. 553-558; Colchester, A.C., Zhao, J., Holton-Tainter, K.S., Henri, C.J., Maitland, N., Roberts, P.T., Harris, C.G., Evans, R.J., Development and preliminary evaluation of VISLAN, a surgical planning and guidance system using intra-operative video imaging (1996) Med. Image Anal., 1 (1), pp. 73-90; Hassfeld, S., Zöller, J., Albert, F.K., Wirtz, C.R., Knauth, M., Mühling, J., Preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation in skull base surgery (1998) J. Craniomaxillofac. Surg., 26 (4), pp. 220-225; Casap, N., Wexler, A., Persky, N., Schneider, A., Lustmann, J., Navigation surgery for dental implants: Assessment of accuracy of the image guided implantology system (2004) J. Oral. Maxillofac. Surg., 62 (9 SUPPL. 2), pp. 116-119 Sponsors: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM); Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM); Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM); University Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP); Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Biomodel Evidence Based Medicine Maxillofacial Pre-surgical planning Visual Informatics Evidence-based medicine Presurgical planning Bone Computerized tomography Implants (surgical) Information science Medical computing Screws Three dimensional Virtual reality Transplantation (surgical)
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