Azimuthal correlations in photoproduction and deep inelastic ep scattering at HERA

Abt, I and Aggarwal, R. and Aushev, V and Behnke, O. and Bertolin, A. and Bloch, I and Brock, I and Brook, N. H. and Brugnera, R. and Bruni, A. and Bussey, P. J. and Caldwell, A. and Catterall, C. D. and Chwastowski, J. and Ciborowski, J. and Ciesielski, R. and Cooper-Sarkar, A. M. and Corradi, M. and Dementiev, R. K. and Dusini, S. and Ferrando, J. and Floerchinger, S. and Foster, B. and Gallo, E. and Gangadharan, D. and Garfagnini, A. and Geiser, A. and Gladilin, L. K. and Golubkov, Yu A. and Grzelak, G. and Gwenlan, C. and Hochman, D. and Jomhari, N. Z. and Kadenko, I and Karshon, U. and Kaur, P. and Klanner, R. and Klein, U. and Korzhavina, I. A. and Kovalchuk, N. and Kuze, M. and Levchenko, B. B. and Levy, A. and Loehr, B. and Lohrmann, E. and Longhin, A. and Lorkowski, F. and Lukina, O. Yu and Makarenko, I and Malka, J. and Masciocchi, S. and Nagano, K. and Nam, J. D. and Onderwaater, J. and Onishchuk, Yu and Paul, E. and Pidhurskyi, I and Polini, A. and Przybycien, M. and Quintero, A. and Ruspa, M. and Schneekloth, U. and Schoerner-Sadenius, T. and Selyuzhenkov, I and Shchedrolosiev, M. and Shcheglova, L. M. and Skillicorn, I. O. and Slominski, W. and Solano, A. and Stanco, L. and Stefaniuk, N. and Surrow, B. and Tokushuku, K. and Turkot, O. and Tymieniecka, T. and Verbytskyi, A. and Abdullah, W. A. T. Wan and Wichmann, K. and Wing, M. and Yamada, S. and Yamazaki, Y. and Zarnecki, A. F. and Zenaiev, O. and Collaboration, ZEUS (2021) Azimuthal correlations in photoproduction and deep inelastic ep scattering at HERA. Journal of High Energy Physics (12). ISSN 1029-8479, DOI

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Collective behaviour of final-state hadrons, and multiparton interactions are studied in high-multiplicity ep scattering at a centre-of-mass energy root s = 318 GeV with the ZEUS detector at HERA. Two- and four-particle azimuthal correlations, as well as multiplicity, transverse momentum, and pseudorapidity distributions for charged-particle multiplicities N-ch >= 20 are measured. The dependence of two-particle correlations on the virtuality of the exchanged photon shows a clear transition from photoproduction to neutral current deep inelastic scattering. For the multiplicities studied, neither the measurements in photoproduction processes nor those in neutral current deep inelastic scattering indicate significant collective behaviour of the kind observed in high-multiplicity hadronic collisions at RHIC and the LHC. Comparisons of PYTHIA predictions with the measurements in photoproduction strongly indicate the presence of multiparton interactions from hadronic fluctuations of the exchanged photon.

Item Type: Article
Funders: Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF) [Grant No: 05 H09PDF & 05h09GUF], UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), German Research Foundation (DFG) European Commission [Grant No: SFB 1225], German Research Foundation (DFG) [Grant No: SFB 676], Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT), Israel Science Foundation, Office of Nuclear Physics within the U.S. DOE Office of Science, Polish National Science Centre (NCN) [Grant No: DEC-2014/13/B/ST2/02486], Universiti Malaya [Grant No: UM.C/625/1/HIR/149, RU006-2013, RP012A-13AFR & RP012B-13AFR], Ministry of Education, Malaysia [Grant No: ER004-2012A]
Uncontrolled Keywords: Collective flow; Lepton-Nucleon Scattering (experiments); Particle correlations and fluctuations; Quark gluon plasma
Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
Depositing User: Ms Zaharah Ramly
Date Deposited: 26 May 2022 02:34
Last Modified: 26 May 2022 02:34

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