Health risk estimation of metals bioaccumulated in commercial fish from coastal areas and rivers in Bangladesh

Bristy, Moumita Saha and Sarker, Kishor Kumar and Baki, Mohammad Abdul and Quraishi, Shamshad B. and Hossain, Md Muzammel and Islam, Arifin and Khan, Md Firoz Health risk estimation of metals bioaccumulated in commercial fish from coastal areas and rivers in Bangladesh. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY, 86.

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Metal contaminations in commercial fish have become a great public health concern worldwide including Bangladesh. The current study was conducted to provide preliminary evidence of nine metals in three commercially significant fish namely Pampus argenteus, Sardinella longiceps and Tenualosa ilisha collected from four coastal stations- Kuakata, Pathorghata, Cox's Bazar, and Pirojpur, and eight stations of five rivers- Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Katcha, and Nobogonga in Bangladesh. High magnitudes of Pb (0.74-4.59 mg/kg ww), Cd (0.07-0.24 mg/kg ww), and Mn (0.45-2.03 mg/kg ww) were recorded in the sampling stations that exceeded the maximum permissible limits (MPL) proposed by different recognized organizations. Significant mean differences of metal concentrations were observed (p < 0.05) between species and stations. In fish samples, excessive metals accumulations were recorded from Kuakata (St.1) at the coastal area, and Nobogonga (St. 12) among the rivers. The health risk assessment (HRA) was carried out comprehensively via the estimated daily intake (EDI), target hazard quotient (THQ), hazard index (HI), and target cancer risk (TR) calculations. The outcomes of EDI, THQ, and HI suggest that chronic exposure to towering Pb content might pose potential health threats to inhabitants particularly living in highly polluted stations of the coastal area. In addition, the massive TR values of Cd intake through fish consumption from the coastal area might create cancer risks. Accordingly, the ingestion of metals contaminated fish portends chronic as well as acute health risks to Bangladeshi people living both at home and abroad.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Public health; Commercial fish; Metals; Marine-riverine system; Health risk estimation
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