Evaluation of copper concentration in subclinical cases of white muscle disease and its relationship with cardiac troponin I

Ataollahi, F. and Mohri, M. and Seifi, H.A. and Pingguan-Murphy, Belinda and Wan Abas, Wan Abu Bakar and Abu Osman, Noor Azuan (2013) Evaluation of copper concentration in subclinical cases of white muscle disease and its relationship with cardiac troponin I. PLoS ONE, 8 (2). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1932-6203, DOI https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0056163.

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The present study aims to evaluate the serum level of copper (Cu) in lambs suffering from subclinical forms of white muscle disease (WMD) and its relationship with cardiac troponin I (cTn-I) as a novel biomarker of cardiovascular disorders. Ten milliliters of jugular blood were taken from 200 lambs less than one year old to measure serum concentrations of Cu, selenium (Se), and cTn-I. The subjects were divided into 2 groups, namely, the deficient group which included 36 lambs, and the control group which included 164 lambs according to the reference serum Se concentration (50 ng/mL). Serum Se levels in the deficient group were lower than 50 ng/mL. By contrast, the control group showed Se levels higher than 50 ng/mL. Differences among the serum Cu and cTn-I levels were determined in both groups. The mean ±SD and median of serum Cu and cTn-I levels in the deficient group were lower and higher than those in the control group, respectively. A significant positive correlation was observed between serum Cu and Se levels, and also serum Cu and Se levels showed a negative correlation with serum cTn-I concentrations. Stepwise linear regression analysis showed that serum Cu levels were correlated positively with serum Se levels (p<0.05). Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis indicated that the area under curve (AUC) of Cu was significantly higher than that of cTn-I based on the reference diagonal line. It is important to keep in mind that the value of AUC for the ROC curve is between 0.5 and 1.00, in which the lowest accuracy is related to the reference diagonal line with AUC of 0.5. A cut-off was determined to indicate which Cu level can discriminate between affected and healthy lambs. The cut-off level, sensitivity, and specificity of Cu in this study were 144.5 ng/mL, 74, and 61, respectively.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 24 February 2014 Source: Scopus Art. No.: e56163 PubMed ID: 23409147 Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Ataollahi, F.; Department of Clinical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran; email: foroughat@yahoo.com Chemicals/CAS: copper, 15158-11-9, 7440-50-8; selenium, 7782-49-2; troponin I, 77108-40-8; Copper, 7440-50-8; Selenium, 7782-49-2; Troponin I References: Kutil, B., Ostadal, P., Vejvoda, J., Kukacka, J., Cepova, J., Alterations in serum selenium levels and their relation to troponin I in acute myocardial infarction (2010) Mol Cell Biochem, 345, pp. 23-27; Johansson, L., Gafvelin, G., Arnér, E.S.J., Selenocysteine in proteins-properties and biotechnological use (2005) Biochim Biophys ACTA (BBA), 1726, pp. 1-13; Jihen, E.H., Imed, M., Fatima, H., Abdelhamid, K., Protective effects of selenium (Se) and zinc (Zn) on cadmium (Cd) toxicity in the liver of the rat: Effects on the oxidative stress (2009) Ecotox Environ Safe, 72, pp. 1559-1564; Orun, I., Talas, Z.S., Ozdemir, I., Alkan, A., Erdogan, K., Antioxidative role of selenium on some tissues of (Cd2+, Cr3+)-induced rainbow trout (2008) Ecotox Environ Safe, 71, pp. 71-75; Altekin, E., �oker, C., �i�man, A.R., �nvural, B., Kuralay, F., The relationship between trace elements and cardiac markers in acute coronary syndromes (2005) J Trace Elem Med Bio, 18, pp. 235-242; Maggini, S., Wintergerst, E.S., Beveridge, S., Hornig, D.H., Selected vitamins and trace elements support immune function by strengthening epithelial barriers and cellular and humoral immune responses (2007) Br J Nutr, 98 (SUPPL. 1), pp. S29-S35; Rayman, M.P., The importance of selenium to human health (2000) The Lancet, 356, pp. 233-241; Navarro-Alarcon, M., Lopez-Martinez, M.C., Essentiality of selenium in the human body: relationship with different diseases (2000) Sci Total Environ, 249, pp. 347-371; Gunes, V., Ozcan, K., Citil, M., Onmaz, A.C., Erdogan, H.M., Detection of myocardial degeneration with point-of-care cardiac troponin assays and histopathology in lambs with white muscle disease (2010) Vet J, 184, pp. 376-378; Kozat, S., Altuǧ, N., Yüksek, N., �zkan, C., Evaluation of the levels of homocysteine, troponin I, and nitric oxide in lambs with subclinical white muscle disease (2011) Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg, 17, pp. 441-444; Pilarczyk, B., Balicka-Ramisz, A., Ramisz, A., Adamowicz, E., Pilarczyk, R., Selenium concentration in liver and kidney of free living animals (roe and red deer) from West Pomerania (Poland) (2009) Eur J Wildlife Res, 55, pp. 279-283; da Cunha, S., Albanesi Filho, F.M., da Cunha Bastos, V.L., Antelo, D.S., Souza, M.M., Thiamin, selenium, and copper levels in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy taking diuretics (2002) Arq Bras Cardiol, 79, pp. 454-465; Fonfara, S., Loureiro, J., Swift, S., James, R., Cripps, P., Cardiac troponin I as a marker for severity and prognosis of cardiac disease in dogs (2010) Vet J, 184, pp. 334-339; Tunca, R., Erdoǧan, H.M., Sözmen, M., �itil, M., Devrim, A.K., Evaluation of cardiac troponin I and inducible nitric oxide synthase expressions in lambs with white muscle disease (2009) Turk J Vet Anim Sci, 33, pp. 53-59; Blood, D.C., Radostits, O.M., Henderson, J.A., Veterinary medicine: A textbook of the diseases of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses (2000) J Equine Vet Sci, p. 625. , Ninth Edition (2000); edited by OM Radostits, CC Gay, DC Blood and KW Hinchcliff; published by W.B. Saunders; 81/2"X11" hardbound; Whitley, E., Ball, J., Statistics review 6: Nonparametric methods (2002) Crit Care, 6, pp. 509-513; Park, S.H., Goo, J.M., Jo, C.H., Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve: practical review for radiologists (2004) Korean J Radiol, 5, pp. 11-18; Ko�ar, F., Sahin, I., Ta�kapan, C., Küçükbay, Z., Güllü, H., Trace element status (Se, Zn, Cu) in heart failure (2006) Anadolu Kardiyol Derg, 6, pp. 216-220; Sahin, T., Gurgoze, S.Y., Camkerten, I., Yuksek, N., The Effect of Transport Stress on Erythrocyte Glutathione Peroxidase Activity, Plasma Concentrations of Lipid Peroxidation and Some Trace Element Levels in Beef Cattle (2009) J Anim Vet Adv, 8, pp. 2223-2227; Tekin, S., Sema, Y.G., Ilker, C., Nazmi, Y., The Effect of Transport Stress on Erythrocyte Glutathione Peroxidase Activity, Plasma Concentrations of Lipid Peroxidation and Some Trace Element Levels in Beef Cattle (2009) J Anim Vet Adv; Shokrzadeh, M., Ghaemian, A., Salehifar, E., Aliakbari, S., Saravi, S., Serum Zinc and Copper Levels in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy (2009) Biol Trace Elem Res, 127, pp. 116-123; Archer, J., Cardiac biomarkers: a review (2003) Comp Clin Path, 12, pp. 121-128
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