Effect of liners on microleakage in class II composite restoration

Ab Malik, N. and Lin, S.L. and Abd Rahman, N. and Jamaludin, M. (2013) Effect of liners on microleakage in class II composite restoration. Sains Malaysiana, 42 (1). pp. 45-51. ISSN 0126-6039,


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This study was carried out to evaluate the microleakage of Class II cavities restored with various types of lining materials. Four types of composite resins (Esthet-X-Denstply, USA, Filtek (TM) Z350-3M ESPE, USA, Beautifil- Shofu, Japan and Solare P-GC, Japan) were used and the lining were the Fuji IXGP (GC, Japan), the Beautifil flow (Shofu, Japan), the Filtex (TM) Z350 flow (3M ESPE, USA) and the Esthet-X flow (Denstply, USA). All the specimens were thermocycled and immersed in 0.5 basic fuschin dye for 24 h. The microleakage was scored using the ISO microleakage scoring system. The data were entered using SPSS version 12.0 and analyzed using STATA software programme. This study showed that none of the materials used in this study was able to eliminate microleakage. However, it was shown that the glass ionomer cement was better in reducing the incident of microleakage at the cervical margin. Among the flowable composite resin, Filtex (TM) Z350 flow showed less microleakage at the cervical margin.

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Additional Information: ISI Document Delivery No.: 085NV Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 17 Cited References: Anusavice K.J., 2003, PHILIPS SCI DENT MAT Beznos C, 2001, OPER DENT, V26, P60 Chuang SF, 2001, J PROSTHET DENT, V85, P177, DOI 10.1067/mpr.2001.113780 Chuang SF, 2003, AM J DENT, V16, P84 CHUNG KH, 1990, J ORAL REHABIL, V17, P487, DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2842.1990.tb01419.x Civelek A, 2003, OPER DENT, V28, P635 Estafan D, 2000, AM J DENT, V13, P192 Gallo JR, 2010, QUINTESSENCE INT, V41, P497 HEMBREE JH, 1989, J PROSTHET DENT, V61, P28, DOI 10.1016/0022-3913(89)90103-0 Lee IB, 2003, DENT MATER, V19, P298, DOI 10.1016/S0109-5641(02)00058-1 Leevailoj C, 2001, OPER DENT, V26, P302 Neme AL, 2002, OPER DENT, V27, P600 Olmez A, 2004, OPER DENT, V29, P713 PASHLEY DH, 1992, OPER DENT, V17, P229 Peutzfeldt A, 2002, OPER DENT, V27, P569 Sharma V., 2011, J INTERDISCIPLINARY, V1, P22, DOI 10.4103/2229-5194.77195 Tredwin CJ, 2005, OPER DENT, V30, P32 Ab Malik, Normaliza Lin, Seow Liang Abd Rahman, Normastura Jamaludin, Marhazlinda University of Malaya Vot F: F0104/2005C This research was supported by Research Grant Vot F: F0104/2005C from the University of Malaya. Univ kebangsaan malaysia Selangor
Uncontrolled Keywords: Cervical margin class II cavities flowable composite resin glass ionomer cement microleakage packable resin composites internal voids flowable composites in-vitro margin cavities
Subjects: R Medicine > RK Dentistry
Divisions: Faculty of Dentistry
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Date Deposited: 16 Jul 2013 03:29
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