Preparation of a nontraditional ultralight fluid for increasing oil production using natural, ground, and acid-activated clay

Munawar, K. and Badrul, M.J. and Abdul Raman, Abdul Aziz (2011) Preparation of a nontraditional ultralight fluid for increasing oil production using natural, ground, and acid-activated clay. Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils, 46 (6). pp. 392-400. ISSN 00093092 (ISSN),

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The effect of previously treated and natural clay on the rheological properties of an ultralight drill-in fluid was investigated. The clay was used as a disperser to create a stable, low-density drilling mud. The clay was treated by grinding and acid activation. The effect of incorporating different types of clay in the fluid was determined by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (IR), x-ray diffraction analysis, x-ray spectral fluorescence analysis, electron scanning microscopy, and granulometric particle analysis. It was shown that in contrast to treated clay, on addition of untreated clay, the stability of the fluid increased significantly. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

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Additional Information: Export Date: 4 November 2012 Source: Scopus Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Munawar, K.; University of Malaya (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia References: Ibrahim, H., Harrasi, A., Salsman, A., SPE European Formation Damage Conference, , Scheveningen, The Netherlands (May 27-29, 2009), SPE 121964; Handren, P.J., Jupp, T.B., Dees, J.M., 68 Th Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, , Houston, Texas (October 3-6, 1993), SPE 26515; Papamichos, E., Vardoulakis, I., Ouadfel, H., (1993) Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci. Geomech. Abstr., 30 (7), p. 1223. , 10.1016/0148-9062(93)90099-Y; King, G.E., Anderson, A.R., Bingham, M.D., (1986) J. Petrol. Technol., 662; Cuthill, D.A., SPE European Formation Damage Conference, , Hague, Netherlands (May 21-22, 2001), SPE 68920; Walton, I.C., SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, , Dallas, Texas (October 1-4, 2000), SPE 63108; Badrul, M.J., Rae, G.R., Noor, M.I., (2009) SPE Drilling Completion, 326; Gadsen, J.A., (1975) Infrared Spectra of Minerals and Related Inorganic Compounds, , Butterworths London; Novakovic, T., Rozic, L., Petrovic, S., Rosic, A., Synthesis and characterization of acid-activated Serbian smectite clays obtained by statistically designed experiments (2008) Chemical Engineering Journal, 137 (2), pp. 436-442. , DOI 10.1016/j.cej.2007.06.003, PII S1385894707004056; Yildiz, N., Aktas, Z., Calimli, A., Sulphuric Acid Activation of a Calcium Bentonite (2004) Particulate Science and Technology, 22 (1), pp. 21-33. , DOI 10.1080/02726350490422392; Meesuk, L., Vorasith, N., (2006) J. Environ. Sci. Health Part A, 41, p. 1189. , 1:CAS:528:DC2BD28XmtVans7g3D
Uncontrolled Keywords: Clay disturbance of formation performance properties caused by perforation drill-in fluid oil production Acid activation Activated clay Drilling mud Electron scanning microscopies Natural clays Particle analysis Rheological property Spectral fluorescence Ultra-light Untreated clay Drills Fluids Fluorescence Infrared spectroscopy Oil well drilling Particles (particulate matter) Rheology X ray diffraction X ray diffraction analysis
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