Benzyl N-{(1S)-2-hydroxy-1-[N'-(2-nitrobenzylidene)hydrazinylcarbonyl]ethyl\ carbamate

de Souza, M.V.N. and Pinheiro, A.C. and Tiekink, E.R.T. and Wardell, S.M.S.V. and Wardell, J.L. (2010) Benzyl N-{(1S)-2-hydroxy-1-[N'-(2-nitrobenzylidene)hydrazinylcarbonyl]ethyl\ carbamate. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 66 (8). O2023-U1254. ISSN 1600-5368,

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The carbamate and hydrazone groups in the title compound, C(18)H(18)N(4)O(6), are approximately orthogonal [dihedral angle = 83.3 (4)degrees], and the carbonyl groups are effectively anti [O=C...C=O torsion angle = -116.2 (7)degrees]. The conformation about the imine bond [1.295 (11) A] is E. The crystal packing is dominated by O-H...O and N-H...O hydrogen bonding, which leads to two-dimensional arrays in the ab plane.

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