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Abd Warif, Nor Bakiah and Idris, Mohd Yamani Idna and Wahab, Ainuddin Wahid Abdul and Salleh, Rosli and Ismail, Ahsiah (2019) CMF-iteMS: An automatic threshold selection for detection of copy-move forgery. Forensic Science International, 295. pp. 83-99. ISSN 0379-0738

Abd. Hamid, Mohd. Azam and Chung, Ying Tao and Rohani, Rosiah and Junaidi, Mohd Usman Mohd (2019) Miscible-blend polysulfone/polyimide membrane for hydrogen purification from palm oil mill effluent fermentation. Separation and Purification Technology, 209. pp. 598-607. ISSN 1383-5866

Abdul Samat, Nurul Fatin Nabilah and Yusoff, Rozita and Aroua, Mohamed Kheireddine and Ramalingam, Anantharaj and Kassim, Mohd Azlan (2019) Solubility of CO2 in aqueous 2‑amino‑1, 3‑propanediol (Serinol) at elevated pressures. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 277. pp. 207-216. ISSN 0167-7322

Abdulkareem-Alsultan, G. and Asikin-Mijan, Nurul and Mansir, Nasar and Lee, Hwei Voon and Zainal, Zulkarnain and Islam, Aminul and Taufiq-Yap, Yun Hin (2019) Pyro-lytic de-oxygenation of waste cooking oil for green diesel production over Ag2O3-La2O3/AC nano-catalyst. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 137. pp. 171-184. ISSN 0165-2370

Abdullahi, Haruna and Wong, Ka-Lun and Lim, Gin Keat and Awala, Hussein and Vicente, Aurélie and Ling, Tau Chuan and Mintova, Svetlana and Ng, Eng-Poh (2019) Effects of various alkali metal cations on the synthesis, crystallization and catalytic properties of NKX-2 aluminophosphites. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 222. pp. 81-86. ISSN 0254-0584

Abobakr Yahya, Abobakr Saeed and Ahmed, Ali Najah and Othman, Faridah and Ibrahim, Rusul Khaleel and Afan, Haitham Abdulmohsin and El-Shafie, Amr and Fai, Chow Ming and Hossain, Md Shabbir and Ehteram, Mohammad and El-Shafie, Ahmed (2019) Water Quality Prediction Model Based Support Vector Machine Model for Ungauged River Catchment under Dual Scenarios. Water, 11 (6). p. 1231. ISSN 2073-4441

Adnan, Syed Bahari Ramadzan Syed and Mohamed, Nor Sabirin and Mustaffa, Nur Amalina and Zainal, Norazlin and Ibrahim, Suriani and Radzi, Z.I. (2019) Thermal, structural and electrical properties of Li2BaSiO4 ceramic electrolyte. Ceramics International, 45 (1). pp. 1424-1429. ISSN 0272-8842

Afini Normadhi, Nur Baiti and Shuib, Liyana and Md Nasir, Hairul Nizam and Bimba, Andrew and Idris, Norisma and Balakrishnan, Vimala (2019) Identification of personal traits in adaptive learning environment: Systematic literature review. Computers & Education, 130. pp. 168-190. ISSN 0360-1315

Aflaki, Ardalan and Hirbodi, Kamran and Mahyuddin, Norhayati and Yaghoubi, Mahmood and Esfandiari, Masoud (2019) Improving the air change rate in high-rise buildings through a transom ventilation panel: A case study. Building and Environment, 147. pp. 35-49. ISSN 0360-1323

Aftab, Muhammad and Shah, Syed Zulfiqar Ali and Ismail, Izlin (2019) Does Gold Act as a Hedge or a Safe Haven against Equity and Currency in Asia? Global Business Review, 20 (1). pp. 105-118. ISSN 0972-1509

Ahmad, Aminah and Cheng, Xiau San and Paul, Mukul Chandra and Dhar, Anirban and Das, Shyamal and Ahmad, Harith and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi (2019) Investigation of the Brillouin effect in highly nonlinear hafnium bismuth erbium doped fiber. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 61 (1). pp. 173-177. ISSN 0895-2477

Ahmad, Harith and Aidit, Siti Nabila and Tiu, Zian Cheak (2019) Dissipative soliton resonance in a passively mode-locked praseodymium fiber laser. Optics & Laser Technology, 112. pp. 20-25. ISSN 0030-3992

Ahmad, Harith and Aidit, Siti Nabila and Tiu, Zian Cheak and Ooi, Shok Ing (2019) Application of MoWS2-rGO/PVA thin film as all-fiber pulse and amplitude modulators in the O-band region. Optical Fiber Technology, 48. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1068-5200

Ahmad, Harith and Reduan, Siti Aisyah and Aidit, Siti Nabila and Yusoff, Norazriena M. and Maah, Mohd Jamil and Ismail, Mohammad Faizal and Tiu, Zian Cheak (2019) Ternary MoWSe2 alloy saturable absorber for passively Q-switched Yb-, Er- and Tm-doped fiber laser. Optics Communications, 437. pp. 355-362. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, Harith and Reduan, Siti Aisyah and Ruslan, Nur E'zzati and Lee, Cherrie Sue Jing and Zulkifli, Mohd Zamani and Thambiratnam, Kavintheran (2019) Tunable Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser in the C-band region using nanoparticles (TiO2). Optics Communications, 435. pp. 283-288. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, Harith and Samion, Muhamad Zharif and Kamely, A.A. and Ismail, Mohammad Faizal (2019) Mode-locked thulium doped fiber laser with zinc oxide saturable absorber for 2 μm operation. Infrared Physics & Technology, 97. pp. 142-148. ISSN 1350-4495

Ahmad, Harith and Samion, Muhamad Zharif and Thambiratnam, Kavintheran and Yasin, Moh (2019) Widely Tunable Dual-Wavelength Thulium-doped fiber laser Operating in 1.8-2.0 mm Region. Optik, 179. pp. 76-81. ISSN 0030-4026

Ahmad, Harith and Zainudin, F.M. and Azmi, Atiqah Nabieha and Thambiratnam, Kavintheran and Ismail, Mohammad Faizal and Aminah, Nanik Siti and Zulkifli, Mohd Zamani (2019) Compact L-band switchable dual wavelength SOA based on linear cavity fiber laser. Optik, 182. pp. 37-41. ISSN 0030-4026

Ahmed, Ejaz and Naveed, Anjum and Gani, Abdullah and Ab Hamid, Siti Hafizah and Imran, Muhammad and Guizani, Mohsen (2019) Process state synchronization-based application execution management for mobile edge/cloud computing. Future Generation Computer Systems, 91. pp. 579-589. ISSN 0167-739X

Ahmed, Syed Muzamil and Kazi, Salim Newaz and Khan, Ghulamullah and Zubir, Mohd Nashrul Mohd and Dahari, Mahidzal and Ibrahim, Suriani and Abu Talip, Mohamad Sofian and Ahmad, Pervaiz and Chowdhury, Zaira Zaman (2019) Toward improved heat dissipation of the turbulent regime over backward-facing step for the AL2O3-water nanofluids: An experimental approach. Thermal Science, 23 (3 Part). pp. 1779-1789. ISSN 0354-9836

Ahsan, Sk.Md. Ali and Molla, Mohammad Robel and Rahman, Mohammad Saidur and Hossain, Md. Farhad and Wabaidur, Saikh Mohammad and Hoque, Md. Anamul and Rub, Malik Abdul and Khan, Mohammed Abdullah (2019) Investigation of the interaction of levofloxacin hemihydrate with surfactants in the occurrence of salts: Conductivity and cloud point measurement. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 274. pp. 484-496. ISSN 0167-7322

Al-Azzawi, Alabbas A. and Almukhtar, Aya A. and Reddy, P.H. and Das, Shyamal and Dhar, Anirban and Paul, Mukul Chandra and Arof, Hamzah and Ahmad, Harith and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi (2019) An efficient wideband hafnia-bismuth erbium co-doped fiber amplifier with flat-gain over 80 nm wavelength span. Optical Fiber Technology, 48. pp. 186-193. ISSN 1068-5200

Al-Douri, Yarub and Al-Samarai, Riyadh A. and Abdulateef, Sinan A. and Odeh, Ali Abu and Badi, Nacer and Voon, Chun Hong (2019) Nanosecond pulsed laser ablation to synthesize GaO colloidal nanoparticles: Optical and structural properties. Optik, 178. pp. 337-342. ISSN 0030-4026

Al-Samman, Ahmed and Abd. Rahman, Tharek and Al-Hadhrami, Tawfik and Daho, Abdusalama and Hindia, Mhd Nour and Azmi, Marwan and Dimyati, Kaharudin and Alazab, Mamoun (2019) Comparative Study of Indoor Propagation Model Below and Above 6 GHz for 5G Wireless Networks. Electronics, 8 (1). p. 44. ISSN 2079-9292

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Ali Ghrear, Tamara Mahmoud and Rigolet, Severinne and Daou, T. Jean and Mintova, Svetlana and Ling, Tau Chuan and Tan, Soon Huat and Ng, Eng Poh (2019) Synthesis of Cs-ABW nanozeolite in organotemplate-free system. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 277. pp. 78-83. ISSN 1387-1811

Allawi, Mohammed Falah and Jaafar, Othman and Mohamad Hamzah, Firdaus and El-Shafie, Ahmed (2019) Novel reservoir system simulation procedure for gap minimization between water supply and demand. Journal of Cleaner Production, 206. pp. 928-943. ISSN 0959-6526

Allawi, Mohammed Falah and Jaafar, Othman and Mohamad Hamzah, Firdaus and Koting, Suhana and Mohd, Nuruol Syuhadaa and El-Shafie, Ahmed (2019) Forecasting hydrological parameters for reservoir system utilizing artificial intelligent models and exploring their influence on operation performance. Knowledge-Based Systems, 163. pp. 907-926. ISSN 0950-7051

Alsaif, Norah A.M. and Ahmed, Saad M. Saleh (2019) Alpha-cluster preformation probability in even-even actinide nuclei. Results in Physics, 12. pp. 1158-1162. ISSN 2211-3797

Ambursa, Murtala M. and Lee, Hwei Voon and Juan, Joon Ching and Yahaya, Yakubu and Appaturi, Jimmy Nelson (2019) Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of dibenzofuran to fuel graded molecule over mesoporous supported bimetallic catalysts. Fuel, 236. pp. 236-243. ISSN 0016-2361

Amin, Mohammad Shafenoor and Chiam, Yin Kia and Varathan, Kasturi Dewi (2019) Identification of significant features and data mining techniques in predicting heart disease. Telematics and Informatics, 36. pp. 82-93. ISSN 0736-5853

Amiri, Iraj Sadegh and Ariannejad, Mohammad Mahdi and Kouhdaragh, Vahid and Seyedi, Seyedalireza A. and Yupapin, Preecha Promphan (2019) Microring resonator made by ion-exchange technique for detecting the CO2, H2O, and NaCl as cladding layer. Journal of King Saud University - Science, 31 (1). pp. 27-32. ISSN 1018-3647

Amiri, Iraj Sadegh and Ariannejad, Mohammad Mahdi and Sorger, Volker J. and Yupapin, Preecha Promphan (2019) Silicon microring resonator waveguide-based graphene photodetector. Microsystem Technologies, 25 (1). pp. 319-328. ISSN 0946-7076

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Anita Lett, J. and Sundareswari, M. and Ravichandran, Kulandaivelu and Latha, Bavani and Sagadevan, Suresh (2019) Fabrication and characterization of porous scaffolds for bone replacements using gum tragacanth. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 96. pp. 487-495. ISSN 0928-4931

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Asif, Muhammad Khan and Nambiar, Phrabhakaran and Mani, Shani Ann and Ibrahim, Norliza and Khan, Iqra Muhammad and Lokman, Najihah (2019) Dental age estimation in Malaysian adults based on volumetric analysis of pulp/tooth ratio using CBCT data. Legal Medicine, 36. pp. 50-58. ISSN 1344-6223

Auwal, S.T. and Ramesh, Singh and Zhang, Zequn and Liu, Jinge and Tan, Caiwang and Manladan, Sunusi Marwana and Yusof, Farazila and Tarlochan, Faris (2019) Influence of electrodeposited Cu-Ni layer on interfacial reaction and mechanical properties of laser welded-brazed Mg/Ti lap joints. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 37. pp. 251-265. ISSN 1526-6125

Aziz, Mohd Haiqal Abd and Othman, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan and Hashim, Nur Awanis and Rahman, Mukhlis A. and Jaafar, Juhana and Hubadillah, Siti Khadijah and Tai, Zhong Sheng (2019) Pretreated aluminium dross waste as a source of inexpensive alumina-spinel composite ceramic hollow fibre membrane for pretreatment of oily saline produced water. Ceramics International, 45 (2). pp. 2069-2078. ISSN 0272-8842

Aziz, Shujahadeen B. and Abdullah, Ranjdar M. and Kadir, Mohd Fakhrul Zamani and Ahmed, Hameed M. (2019) Non suitability of silver ion conducting polymer electrolytes based on chitosan mediated by barium titanate (BaTiO3) for electrochemical device applications. Electrochimica Acta, 296. pp. 494-507. ISSN 0013-4686

Azzi, O. and Hacene, F. Boukli and Ferouani, Abdel Karim and Ouahrani, Tarik and Reshak, Ali Hussain (2019) Electronic, bonding and optical properties of the LiGaGe2X6 (X = S, Se, and Te) compounds: An ab initio study. Optik, 180. pp. 782-791. ISSN 0030-4026


Bahrami-Karkevandi, Mojtaba and Nasiri-Tabrizi, Bahman and Wong, K.Y. and Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi, Reza and Fallahpour, Alireza and Saber-Samandari, Saeed and Baradaran, Saeid and Basirun, Wan Jefrey (2019) Mechanochemistry approach to produce in-situ tungsten borides and carbides nanopowders: Experimental study and modeling. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 224. pp. 47-64. ISSN 0254-0584

Bakar, Ilhamsyah Putra Abu and Muhammad-Aizat, K. and Nur-Akasyah, J. and Mohd-Syahmi, M.S. and Mohd Suib, Nurul Raihan and Chiu, Wee Siong and Abd-Shukor, Roslan (2019) AC susceptibility and electrical properties of rare-earth- and alkali metal-substituted (Tl0.7M0.3)Sr2CaCu2O7 with M = Er, Gd, La, Na, K and Rb. Applied Physics A, 125 (1). ISSN 0947-8396

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Beh, Loo See (2019) Digital economy: A paradise or threat in the new norm? In: 4th Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network Conference (AP-PPN 2019), 8-9 March 2019, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China.

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