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Adikan, F.R.M.; Noor, A.S.M.; Mahdi, M.A. (2004) Pumping scheme optimisation of 980-nm pumped L-band EDFA associated with broadband noise as the secondary pump. Optics Communications, 236 (1-3). pp. 167-172. ISSN 0030-4018

Adikan, F.R.M.; Yeo, K.S.; Mokhtar, M.; Hitam, S.; Mahdi, M.A. (2013) Gain smoothening filter in two-segment fiber-optical parametric amplifier. Optics Communications, 286. pp. 353-356. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Hassan, H.; Safaei, R.; Thambiratnam, K.; Ismail, M.F.; Amiri, I.S. (2017) Molybdenum disulfide side-polished fiber saturable absorber Q-switched fiber laser. Optics Communications, 400. pp. 55-60. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Hassan, S.N.M.; Ahmad, F.; Zulkifli, M.Z.; Harun, S.W. (2016) Broadband tuning in a passively Q-switched erbium doped fiber laser (EDFL) via multiwall carbon nanotubes/polyvinyl alcohol (MWCNT/PVA) saturable absorber. Optics Communications, 365. pp. 54-60. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Lee, C.S.J.; Ismail, M.A.; Ali, Z.A.; Reduan, S.A.; Ruslan, N.E.; Ismail, M.F.; Harun, S.W. (2016) Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles as saturable absorber in passively Q-switched fiber laser. Optics Communications, 381. pp. 72-76. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Ruslan, N.E.; Ali, Z.A.; Reduan, S.A.; Lee, C.S.J.; Shaharuddin, R.A.; Nayan, N.; Ismail, M.A. (2016) Ag-nanoparticle as a Q switched device for tunable C-band fiber laser. Optics Communications, 381. pp. 85-90. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Zulkifli, A.Z.; Kiat, Y.Y.; Harun, S.W. (2014) Q-switched fibre laser using 21 cm Bismuth-erbium doped fibre and graphene oxide as saturable absorber. Optics Communications, 310. pp. 53-57. ISSN 0030-4018

Ahmad, H.; Zulkifli, M.Z.; Latif, A.A.; Hassan, N.A.; Ghani, Z.A.; Harun, S.W. (2010) 120 nm wide band switchable fiber laser. Optics Communications, 283 (21). pp. 4333-4337.

Ahmed, R.; Rifat, A.A.; Sabouri, A.; Al-Qattan, B.; Essa, K.; Butt, H. (2016) Multimode waveguide based directional coupler. Optics Communications, 370. pp. 183-191. ISSN 0030-4018


Chew, K.H.; Tilley, D.R.; Osman, J. (2001) The nonlinear fabry-perot resonator: direct numerical integration. Optics Communications, 191 (3-6). pp. 393-404. ISSN 0030-4018


Hmood, J.K.; Emami, S.D.; Noordin, K.A.; Ahmad, H.; Harun, S.W.; Shalaby, H.M.H. (2015) Optical frequency comb generation based on chirping of Mach-Zehnder modulators. Optics Communications, 344. pp. 139-146. ISSN 0030-4018


Mahdi, M.A.; Adikan, F.R.M.; Poopalan, P.; Selvakennedy, S.; Ahmad, H. (2001) A novel design of bi-directional silica-based erbium-doped fibre amplifier for broadband WDM transmissions. Optics Communications, 187 (4-6). pp. 389-394. ISSN 0030-4018

Mahdi, M.A.; Adikan, F.R.M.; Poopalan, P.; Selvakennedy, S.; Chan, W.Y.; Ahmad, H. (2000) Gain-clamped fibre amplifier using an ASE end reflector. Optics Communications, 177 (1-6). pp. 195-199. ISSN 0030-4018

Mahdiraji, G.A.; Abas, A.F. (2012) Improving the performance of electrical duty-cycle division multiplexing with optimum signal level spacing. Optics Communications, 285 (7). pp. 1819-1824. ISSN 0030-4018

Mahdiraji, G.A.; Abas, A.F. (2012) Self-phase modulation effect on performance of 40 Gbit=s Optical duty-cycle division multiplexing technique. Optics Communications, 33. pp. 1-7. ISSN 0030-4018

Malekmohammadi, A.; Abas, A.F.; Abdullah, M.K.; Mahdiraji, G.A.; Mokhtar, M.; Rasid, M.F.A. (2009) Absolute polar duty cycle division multiplexing over wavelength division multiplexing system. Optics Communications, 282 (21). pp. 4233-4241. ISSN 0030-4018

Malekmohammadi, A.; Al-Mansoori, M.H.; Mahdiraji, G.A.; Abas, A.F.; Abdullah, M.K. (2010) Performance enhancement of absolute polar duty cycle division multiplexing with dual-drive mach zehnder-modulator in 40Gbit/s optical fiber communication systems. Optics Communications, 283 (16). pp. 3145-3148. ISSN 0030-4018


Naji, A.W.; Abidin, M.S.Z.; Al-Mansoori, M.H.; Adikan, F.R.M.; Mahdi, M.A. (2007) Optimisation of remotely-pumped Er3+-doped fibre amplifier location in repeaterless transmission systems. Optics Communications, 272 (1). pp. 205-210. ISSN 0030-4018


Samion, M.Z.; Ismail, M.F.; Muhamad, A.; Sharbirin, A.S.; Harun, S.W.; Ahmad, H. (2016) Tunable passively Q-switched thulium-doped fiber laser operating at 1.9 μm using arrayed waveguide grating (AWG). Optics Communications, 380. pp. 195-200. ISSN 0030-4018

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