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Abu-Madi, M.A.; Reid, A.P.; Lewis, J.W.; Mohd-Zain, S.N. (2000) Genomic variability within laboratory and wild isolates of the trichostrongyle mouse nematode heligmosomoides polygyrus. Journal of Helminthology, 74 (3). pp. 195-201. ISSN 0022-149X

Agamuthu, P.; Mahalingam, R.; Chan, Y.M. (2000) Asbestos waste audit and recycling in an automobile brake manufacturing facility. Journal of Environmental Systems, 28 (3). pp. 243-255. ISSN 00472433

Agamuthu, P.; Praven, V.V.; Hasan, S.; Choong, L.C. (2000) Kinetic evaluation of composting of agricultural wastes. Environmental Technology, 21 (2). pp. 185-192. ISSN 0959-3330

Baba, A.S.H.; Buttery, P.J.; Harper, J.M.M. (2000) Effects of gastric inhibitory polypeptide, somatostatin and epidermal growth factor on lipogenesis in ovine adipose explants. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B : Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 127 (2). pp. 173-182. ISSN 0305-0491

Baba, A.S.H.; Noraida, I.; Sembiring, M. (2000) The effects of supplementation with selected browse plants on feed intake, production and composition of milk in lactating Katjang-cross goats. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 13 (1). pp. 369-372. ISSN 1011-2367

Baba, A.S.H.; Sembiring, M.; Shafit, H.; Zainur, A.S. (2000) Immunisation of cattle against somatostatin: effects on carcass composition and the responsiveness of viable fat explants to digestive tract hormones. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 13 (1). pp. 313-316. ISSN 10112367

Chan, Y.M.; Mahalingam, R.; Agamuthu, P. (2000) Solidification and stabilization of asbestos brake lining dust using polymeric resins. Environmental Engineering Science, 17 (4). pp. 203-213. ISSN 1092-8758

Chan, Y.M.; Mahalingam, R.; Agamuthu, P. (2000) Solidification and stabilization of asbestos waste from an automobile brake manufacturing facility using cement. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 77 (1-3). pp. 209-226. ISSN 0304-3894

Chandel, D.S.; Nisar, N.; Thong, Kwai Lin; Pang, T.; Chaudhry, R. (2000) Role of Molecular Typing in an Outbreak of Salmonella paratyphi A. Tropical Gastroenterology, 21 (3). pp. 121-123. ISSN 0250-636X

Eamsobhana, P.; Yong, H.S.; Ambu, S. (2000) Immunoblot analysis of antigens from Parastrongylus cantonensis, P. costaricensis and P. malaysiensis using serum antibodies against P. cantonensis. Japanese Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 28 (2). pp. 115-119. ISSN 0304-2146

Goh, Y.L.; Puthucheary, S.D.; Thong, Kwai Lin (2000) Application of Ribosomal RNA Gene Restriction Patterns Analysis and Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis in Distinguishing Salmonella Weltevreden Isolates in Malaysia. Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health.

Khaironizam, M.Z.; Norma-Rashid, Y. (2000) A new record of the Mudskipper Parapocryptes serperaster (Oxudercinae: Gobiidae) from peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Science, 19. pp. 101-104. ISSN 13943065

Mariana, A.; Ho, T.M.; Sofian-Azirun, M.; Wong, A.L. (2000) House Dust Mite Fauna in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 31 (4). pp. 712-721. ISSN 01251562

Merican, A.F.; Rahman, N.A.; Asi, A.M. (2000) Molecular modeling studies of c-terminal arginine repressor protein (ARGRC) interaction with its co-repressor, L-arginine. Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 8 (1). pp. 13-25. ISSN 0128-7451

Moneti, G.; Jones, G.R.; Sledge, M.F.; Fortunato, A.; Turillazzi, S.; Francescato, E.; Hashim, R. (2000) Use of dufour's gland secretion in nest defence and brood nutrition by Hover Wasps (Hymenoptera, Stenogastrinae). Journal of Insect Physiology, 46 (5). pp. 753-761. ISSN 0022-1910

Nair, S.; Schreiber, E.; Thong, Kwai Lin; Pang, T.; Altwegg, M. (2000) Genotypic Characterization of Salmonella typhi by Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism Fingerprinting Provides Increased Discrimination as Compared to Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis and Ribotyping. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 41 (1). pp. 35-43. ISSN 0167-7012

Subbiah, R.M.; Sastry, C.A.; Agamuthu, P. (2000) Removal of zinc from rubber thread manufacturing industry wastewater using chemical precipitant/flocculant. Environmental Progress, 19 (4). pp. 299-304. ISSN 0278-4491

Subramaniam, G.; Puthucheary, S.; Yssin, R.; Pang, T.; Thong, Kwai Lin (2000) Genomic analysis of salmonella species based on 16S rRNA gene sequences. Asia Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, 8 (2). pp. 155-160.

Thong, Kwai Lin (2000) Genomic analysis of Salmonella species based on 16SrRNA gene sequences. Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

Thong, Kwai Lin; Altwegg, M.; Pang, T. (2000) Comparative analysis of salmonella typhi by rRNA gene restriction and phage typing. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 3. pp. 738-739. ISSN 1028-8880

Thong, Kwai Lin; Bhutta, Z.A.; Pang, T. (2000) Multidrug resistant Salmonella enterica Serotype Typhi are genetically homologous and coexist with antibiotic- sensitive strains as distinct independent clones. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 4. pp. 192-195. ISSN 1201-9712

Thong, Kwai Lin; Bhutta, Z.A.; Pang, T. (2000) Multidrug-Resistant Strains of Salmonella enterica serotype typhi are Genetically Homogenous and Coexist with Antibiotic-Sensitive Strains as Distinct, Independent Clones. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 4 (4). pp. 194-197. ISSN 1201-9712

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