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Mujar, M.; Dahlui, M.; Yip, C.H.; Taib, N.A. (2013) Delays in time to primary treatment after a diagnosis of breast cancer: does it impact survival? Preventive Medicine, 56 (3-4). pp. 222-224. ISSN 0091-7435

Abdullah, A.; Abdullah, K.L.; Yip, C.H.; Teo, S.H.; Taib, N.A.; Ng, C.J. (2013) The decision-making journey of Malaysian women with early breast cancer: a qualitative study. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 14 (12). pp. 7143-7147. ISSN 1513-7368

Bhoo-Pathy, N.; Yip, C.H.; Hartman, M.; Saxena, N.; Taib, N.A.; Ho, G.F.; Looi, L.M.; Bulgiba, A.M.; van der Graaf, Y.; Verkooijen, H.M. (2012) Adjuvant! online is overoptimistic in predicting survival of Asian breast cancer patients. European Journal of Cancer, 48 (7). pp. 982-9. ISSN 1879-0852

Dahlui, M.; Gan, D.E.H.; Taib, N.A.; Lim, J.N.W. (2012) Breast screening and health issues among rural females in malaysia: how much do they know and practice? Preventive Medicine, 57. S18-S20. ISSN 0091-7435

Bhoo-Pathy, N.; Hartman, M.; Yip, C.H.; Saxena, N.; Taib, N.A.; Lim, S.E.; Iau, P.; Adami, H.O.; Bulgiba, A.M.; Lee, S.C. (2012) Ethnic differences in survival after Breast Cancer in South East Asia. PloS one, 7 (2). e30995. ISSN 1932-6203

Dahlui, M.; Gan, D.E.H.; Taib, N.A.; Pritam, R.; Lim, J. (2012) Predictors of breast cancer screening uptake: a pre intervention community survey in Malaysia. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 13 (7). pp. 3443-3449. ISSN 1513-7368

Yip, C.H.; Bhoo Pathy, N.; Uiterwaal, C.S.; Taib, N.A.; Tan, G.H.; Mun, K.S.; Choo, W.Y.; Rhodes, A. (2011) Factors affecting estrogen receptor status in a multiracial Asian country: An analysis of 3557 cases. The Breast. ISSN 09609776

Ching , H.C.; Naidu , R.; Seong , M.K.; Har , Y.C.; Taib , N.A. (2011) Integrated analysis of copy number and loss of heterozygosity in primary breast carcinomas using high-density SNP array. International Journal of Oncology, 39 (3). ISSN 10196439

Rozita , A.M.; Marniza , S.; Mastura , M.Y.; Wan Zamaniah , W.I.; Yip, C.H.; Taib , N.A. (2010) Patterns of breast cancer relapse at University of Malaya Medical Centre. Journal of the University of Malaya Medical Centre (JUMMEC), 13 (1). pp. 24-32. ISSN 1823-7339

Tan, G.H.; Taib, N.A.; Choo, W.Y.; Teo, S.H.; Yip, C.H. (2009) Clinical characteristics of triple-negative breast cancer: experience in an Asian developing country. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 10 (3). pp. 395-8. ISSN 1513-7368

Tham, T.; Iyengar, K.R.; Taib, N.A.; Yip, C. (2009) Fine needle aspiration biopsy, core needle biopsy or excision biopsy to diagnose breast cancer - which is the ideal method? Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 10 (1). pp. 155-8. ISSN 1513-7368

Tan, G.; Choo, W.; Taib, N.A.; Yip, C (2009) Factors associated with HER2 overexpression in breast cancer: Experience in an Asian developing country. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 10 (5). pp. 837-40. ISSN 1513-7368

Haron, N.H.; Taib, N.A.; Yip, Cheng-Har (2008) Is clinical assessment of the axilla a reliable indicator for lymph node metastases in breast cancer? ANZ Journal of Surgery, 78 (11). pp. 943-4. ISSN 1445-2197

Velaiutham, S.; Taib, N.A.; Ng, K.L.; Yoong, B.K.; Yip, C.H. (2008) Does the pre-operative value of serum CA15-3 correlate with survival in breast cancer? Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 9 (3). pp. 445-8. ISSN 1513-7368

Yip, C.H.; Taib, N.A.; Mohamed, I. (2006) Epidemiology of breast cancer in Malaysia. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention : APJCP, 7 (3). pp. 369-74. ISSN 1513-7368

Ramanujam, T.M.; Ramesh, J.C.; Goh, D.W.; Wong, K.T.; Ariffin, W.A.; Kumar, G.; Taib, N.A. (1999) Malignant transformation of mesenchymal hamartoma of the liver: case report and review of the literature. Journal of pediatric surgery, 34 (11). pp. 1684-6. ISSN 0022-3468

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