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Ahmad, I.; Noor, R.M.; Ali, I.; Qureshi, M.A. (2017) The Role of Vehicular Cloud Computing in Road Traffic Management: A Survey. Lecture notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, 185. pp. 123-131. ISSN 1867-8211

Nasir, M.K.; Noor, R.M.; Iftikhar, M.; Imran, M.; Wahab, A.W.A.; Jabbarpour, M.R.; Khokhar, R.H. (2016) A Framework and Mathematical Modeling for the Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network Routing. Mobile Information Systems, 2016. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1574-017X

Jabbarpour, M.R.; Noor, R.M.; Khokhar, R.H. (2015) Green vehicle traffic routing system using ant-based algorithm. Journal of Network And Computer Applications, 58. pp. 294-308. ISSN 1084-8045

Christopher, C.; Noor, R.M.; Mostajeran, E. (2013) Optimizing wireless channel using adaptive modulation to improve QoS in VANET. Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, 26 (1). pp. 34-43. ISSN 0127-9084

Hassan Poor, A.; Hoodeh, H.; Zarrinnegar, A.; Emami, A.; Noor, R.M. (2012) Comparing QoS of DSDV and AODV routing protocols in vehicular network. In: 3rd International Conference on Network Applications, Protocols and Services (NETAPPS 2012), Kuala Lumpur.

Jahanirad, M.; Yahya, A.L.N.; Noor, R.M. (2012) Comprehensive network security approach: security breaches at retail company-a case study. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, 12 (8). p. 107.

Keshavarz, H.; Sattari, M.R.J.; Noor, R.M. (2012) Session initiation protocol attacks and challenges. arXiv preprint arXiv:1205.0480.

Sattari, M.R.J.; Noor, R.M.; Keshavarz, H. (2012) A taxonomy for congestion control algorithms in vehicular ad hoc networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1207.3943. ISSN 1207.3943

Noor, R.M.; Edwards, C. (2011) Evaluating user class approach for network mobility protocol. Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, 24 (3). p. 131.

Noor, R.M.; Khorsandroo, S. (2011) Quality of experience key metrics framework for network mobility user. International Journal of the Physical Sciences, 6 (28). pp. 6521-6528. ISSN 1992 - 1950

Jahanirad, M.; Yahya, A.L.N.; Noor, R.M. (2011) Security measures for VoIP application: a state of the art review. Scientific Research and Essays, 6 (23). pp. 4950-4959. ISSN 1992-2248

Noor, R.M.; Edwards, C. (2011) A comparative performance analysis on NEMO-QoS and MIPv6-QoS in heterogeneous environments. Journal of Applied Sciences, 11. pp. 3130-3141. ISSN 1812-5654

Alanazi, H.; Noor, R.M.; Zaidan, B.B.; Zaidan, A.A. (2010) Intrusion detection system: overview. Journal of Computing, 2 (2). pp. 130-133. ISSN 2151-9617

Noor, R.M.; Edwards, C. (2010) User class mechanisms for quality of service in network mobility. Scientific Research and Essays, 5 (24). pp. 3926-3931. ISSN 1992-2248

Alanazi, H.O.; Noor, R.M. (2010) The guide of implementing chat protocol: study case on using the socket programming concept and object-oriented programming. Journal of Computing, 2 (10). pp. 18-26. ISSN 2151-9617

Noor, R.M.; Edwards, C. (2006) A dynamic QoS provisioning model for network mobility. The 7th Annual PostGraduate Symposium on The Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking and Broadcasting. pp. 26-27.

Noor, R.M.; Hussin, N. (2004) First experience in implementing PBL for network design and management course. Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 2 (1). pp. 11-18.

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