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Choo, S.W.; Wee, W.Y.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Mitchell, W.; Tan, J.L.; Wong, G.J.; Zhao, Y.; Xiao, J. (2014) Genomic reconnaissance of clinical isolates of emerging human pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus reveals high evolutionary potential. Scientific Reports, 4. ISSN 2045-2322

Liam, C.K.; Pang, Y.K.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Wong, Y.L. (2013) Mycobacterium abscessus – to treat or not to treat? Respirology Case Reports. pp. 1-3.

Ng, K.P.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Yew, S.M.; Hassan, H.; Soo-Hoo, T.S.; Na, S.L.; Chan, C.L.; Hoh, C.C.; Lee, K.W.; Yee, W.Y. (2012) Draft Genome Sequence of Daldinia eschscholzii isolated from blood culture. Eukaryotic Cell, 11 (5). pp. 703-704. ISSN 1535-9778

Wong, V.L.; Chook, S.W.; Tan, J.L.; Ong, C.S.; Ng, K.P.; Ngeow, Y.F. (2012) Draft genome sequence of mycobacterium bolletii strain M24, a rapidly growing mycobacterium of contentious taxonomic status. Journal of Bacteriology, 194 (16). p. 4475. ISSN 0021-9193

Ng, K.P.; Yew, S.M.; Chan, C.L.; Soo-Hoo, T.S.; Na, S.L.; Hassan, H.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Hoh, C.C.; Lee, K.W.; Yee, W.Y. (2012) Genome sequence of an unclassified pleosporales species isolated from human nasopharyngeal aspirate. Eukaryotic Cell, 11 (6). p. 828. ISSN 1535-9778

Ngeow, Y.F.; Wee, W.Y.; Wong, Y.L.; Tan, J.L.; Ongi, C.S.; Ng, K.P.; Choo, S.W. (2012) Genomic analysis of mycobacterium abscessus strain M139, which has an ambiguous subspecies taxonomic position. Journal of Bacteriology, 194 (21). pp. 6002-6003. ISSN 0021-9193

Ng, K.P.; Yew, S.M.; Chan, C.L.; Soo-Hoo, T.S.; Na, S.L.; Hassan, H.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Hoh, C.C.; Lee, K.W.; Yee, W.Y. (2012) Sequencing of Cladosporium sphaerospermum, a Dematiaceous Fungus isolated from blood culture. Eukaryotic Cell, 11 (5). pp. 705-706. ISSN 1535-9778

Chook, J.B.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Yap, S.F.; Tan, T.C.; Mohamed, R. (2011) Combined use of Wild-Type HBV precore and high herum iron marker as a potential tool for the prediction of cirrhosis in chronic Hepatitis B infection. Journal of Medical Virology, 83 (4). pp. 594-601. ISSN 0146-6615

Raja, N.S.; Karunakaran, R.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Awang, R. (2005) Community-acquired vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium: a case report from Malaysia. Journal of medical microbiology, 54 (Pt 9). pp. 901-3. ISSN 0022-2615

Chung, P.Y.; Chung, L.Y.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Goh, S.H.; Imiyabir, Z. (2004) Antimicrobial activities of Malaysian plant species. Pharmaceutical Biology, 42 (4-5). pp. 292-300. ISSN 1388-0209

Thong, K.L.; Ling, G.Y.; Kong, L.W.; Theam, L.C.; Ngeow, Y.F. (2004) Macrorestriction analysis of streptococcus agalactiae (group B Streptococcus) isolated from Malaysia. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 53 (10). pp. 991-997. ISSN 0022-2615

Thong, K.L.; Mohd, N.M.D.; Goh, Y.L.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Parasakthi, N. (2001) Rapid pulsed field gel electrophoresis method for Streptococcus spp. Asia Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, 9 (2). pp. 143-146.

Ngeow, Y.F. (1996) Limitations of serodiagnosis in chlamydial genital tract infections. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 25 (2). pp. 300-4. ISSN 0304-4602

Thong, K.L.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Altwegg, M.; Navaratnam, P.; Pang, T. (1995) Molecular analysis of Salmonella enteritidis by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and ribotyping. Journal of clinical microbiology, 33 (5). pp. 1070-4. ISSN 0095-1137

Ngeow, Y.F.; Rachagan, S.P.; Ramachandran, S. (1990) Prevalence of chlamydial antibody in Malaysians. Journal of clinical pathology, 43 (5). pp. 400-2. ISSN 0021-9746

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