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Jeevan, T; Huang, N.M.; Thong, K.L. (2013) Colorimetric detection of DNA hybridization based on a dual platform of gold nanoparticles and graphene oxide. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 55 (2014). pp. 91-98.

Chook, S.W.; Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Ayob, M.K.; Chee, K.L.; Huang, N.M.; Neoh, H.M.; Lim, H.N.; Jamal, R.; Rahman, R.M.R.A. (2012) Antibacterial performance of Ag Nanoparticles and AgGO nanocomposites prepared via rapid microwave-assisted synthesis method. Nanoscale Research Letters, 7 (1). p. 541. ISSN 1931-7573

Fatin, S.O.; Lim, H.N.; Tan, W.T.; Huang, N.M. (2012) Comparison of photocatalytic activity and cyclic voltammetry of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles toward degradation of methylene blue. International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 7 (10). pp. 9074-9084. ISSN 1452-3981

Chang, B.Y.; Huang, N.M.; An'amt, M.N.; Marlinda, A.R.; Norazriena, Y.; Muhamad, M.R.; Harrison, I.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H. (2012) Facile hydrothermal preparation of titanium dioxide decorated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite. International Journal of Nanomedicine. ISSN 1176-9114

Huang, N.M.; Lim , H.N; Loo , C.H (2012) Facile preparation of graphene-based chitosan films: enhanced thermal, mechanical and antibacterial properties. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 358 (3). pp. 525-530. ISSN 00223093

Huang, N.M.; Darroudi, M.; Khorsand Zak, A.; Muhamad, M.R.; Hakimi, M. (2012) Green synthesis of colloidal silver nanoparticles by sonochemical method. Materials Letters, 66 (1). pp. 117-120. ISSN 0167577X

Vijay Kumar, S.; Huang , N.M.; Yusoff, N.; Lim, H.N. (2012) High performance magnetically separable graphene/zinc oxide nanocomposite. Materials Letters, 93. ISSN 0167-577X

Huang, N.M.; Marlinda, A.R; Muhamad, M.R; An'amt, M.N; Chang, B.Y.S; Yusoff, N; Harrison, I; Lim, H.N; Chia, C.H.; Kumar, S.V (2012) Highly efficient preparation of ZnO nanorods decorated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites. Materials Letters, 80. pp. 9-12. ISSN 0167-577X

Yusoff, N.; Huang , N.M.; Muhamad, M.R.; Kumar, S.V.; Lim, H.N.; Harrison, I. (2012) Hydrothermal synthesis of CuO/functionalized graphene nanocomposites for dye degradation. Materials Letters. ISSN 0167-577X

Golsheikh, A.M.; Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Harrison, I.; Muhamad, M.R. (2012) One-Pot hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of FeS2(Pyrite)/graphene nanocomposite. Chemical Engineering Journal, 218. ISSN 1385-8947

Vijay Kumar, S.; Huang , N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Marlinda, A.R.; Harrison, I.; Chia, C.H. (2012) One-step size-controlled synthesis of functional graphene oxide/silver nanocomposites at room temperature. Chemical Engineering Journal, 219. ISSN 1385-8947

Huang, N.M. (2012) Preparation and characterization of Tin Oxide, SnO2 nanoparticles decorated graphene. Ceramics International. ISSN 0272-8842

Zainy, M.; Huang, N.M.; Kumar, S.V.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Harrison, I. (2012) Simple and scalable preparation of reduced graphene oxide-silver nanocomposites via rapid thermal treatment. Materials Letters, 89. pp. 180-183. ISSN 0167-577X

Lim, H.N.; Huang, N.M.; Lim, S.; Harrison, I.; Chia, C.H. (2011) Fabrication and characterization of graphene hydrogel via hydrothermal approach as a scaffold for preliminary study of cell growth. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 6. pp. 1817-1823. ISSN 11782013

Huang, N.M.; Lim , H.N.; Nizar, N. S.R; Kassim , A; Lim, S.P (2011) Microstructural changes of carbonaceous monoliths synthesized via hydrothermal method. Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, 56 (1). pp. 584-586. ISSN 07179324

Huang, N.M.; Haw, C.Y.; Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Mohamed, F.; Radiman, S.; Teh, C.H.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S. (2011) Morphological studies of randomized dispersion magnetite nanoclusters coated with silica. Ceramics International, 37 (2). pp. 451-464. ISSN 02728842

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Yarmo, M.A.; Muhamad, M.R. (2011) Simple room-temperature preparation of high-yield large-area graphene oxide. International journal of nanomedicine, 6. pp. 3443-3448. ISSN 11782013

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Yarmo, M.A.; Muhamad, M.R. (2011) Simple room-temperature preparation of high-yield large-area graphene oxide. International Journal of Nanomedicine.

Huang , N.M. (2011) Synthesis and characterization of in 2S 3 nanorods in sucrose ester water-in-oil microemulsion. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2011. pp. 1-6. ISSN 16874110

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Kassim, A.; Lee, K.H.; Syahida, A.; Chia, C. H. (2010) High internal phase emulsion as reaction medium for precipitating brushite crystals. Ceramics International, 36 (5). pp. 1503-1509. ISSN 02728842

Huang, N.M.; Goh, S.C.; Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Yusoff, M.; Haw, C.Y.; Ahmadi, S.H; Lim, H.N. (2010) Hydrothermal preparation of high saturation magnetization and coercivity cobalt ferrite nanocrystals without subsequent calcination. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 120 (1). pp. 31-35. ISSN 02540584

Huang, N.M.; Haw, C.Y.; Mohamed, F.; Chia, C.H.; Radiman, S.; Zakaria, S.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents. Ceramics International, 36 (4). pp. 1417-1422. ISSN 02728842

Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N.; Chia, C.H.; Kassim, A. (2010) Microstructure of brushite crystals prepared via high internal phase emulsion. Central European Journal of Chemistry, 8 (1). pp. 202-206. ISSN 18951066

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Mohamed Saeed, G.H.; Gasaymeh, S.S.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Mild hydrothermal synthesis of NiCu nanoparticles. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2010. pp. 1-5. ISSN 16874110

Chia, C.H.; Zakaria, S.; Yusoff, M.; Goh, S.C.; Haw, C.Y.; Ahmadi, S.H; Huang, N.M.; Lim, H.N. (2010) Size and crystallinity-dependent magnetic properties of CoFe 2O 4 nanocrystals. Ceramics International, 36 (2). pp. 605-609. ISSN 02728842

An'amt, M.N.; Radiman, S.; Huang, N.M.; Yarmo, M.A.; Ariyanto, N.P.; Lim, H.N.; Muhamad, M.R. (2010) Sol-gel hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth-TiO2 nanocubes for dye-sensitized solar cell. Ceramics International, 36 (7). pp. 2215-2220. ISSN 02728842

Zakarya, S.A.; Kassim, A.; Lim, H.N.; Anwar, N.S.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Synthesis of titanium dioxide microstructures via sucrose ester microemulsion-mediated hydrothermal method. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (6). pp. 975-979. ISSN 01266039

Anwar, N.S.; Kassim, A.; Lim, H.N.; Zakarya, S.A.; Huang, N.M. (2010) Synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles via sucrose ester micelle-mediated hydrothermal processing route. Sains Malaysiana, 39 (2). pp. 261-265. ISSN 01266039

Lim, H.N.; Kassim, A.; Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Yarmo, M.A.; Yeong, S.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S. (2010) Three-component olive oil-in-water high internal phase emulsions stabilized by palm surfactant and their moisturizing properties. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 31 (1). pp. 95-101. ISSN 01932691

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Lim, H.N.; Yeong, S.K.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S.; Saeed, G.H.M.; Nadarajah, K. (2009) Gamma-Ray assisted synthesis of Ni3Se2 nanoparticles stabilized by natural polymer. Chemical Engineering Journal, 147 (2-3). pp. 399-404. ISSN 1385-8947

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Lim, H.N.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S.; Lee, K.H.; Syahida, A.; Hashim, R.; Chia, C.H. (2009) Gamma-Ray assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles in chitosan solution and the antibacterial properties. Chemical Engineering Journal, 155 (1-2). pp. 499-507. ISSN 1385-8947

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Lim, H.N.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S.; Chia, C.H.; Hashim, R. (2009) Synthesis and characterization of cobalt sulfide using sucrose ester micelles and application as dye adsorption agent. Sains Malaysiana, 38 (6). pp. 863-868. ISSN 01266039

Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Lim, H.N.; Yeong, S.K.; Khiew, P.S.; Chiu, W.S.; Kong, S.N.; Mohamed Saeed, G.H. (2009) Synthesis and characterization of ultra small PbS nanorods in sucrose ester microemulsion. Materials Letters, 63 (3-4). pp. 500-503. ISSN 0167577X

Chiu, W.S.; Khiew, P.S.; Isa, D.; Cloke, M.; Radiman, S.; Abd-Shukor, R.; Abdullah, M.H.; Huang, N.M. (2008) Synthesis of two-dimensional ZnO nanopellets by pyrolysis of zinc oleate. Chemical Engineering Journal, 142 (3). pp. 337-343. ISSN 13858947

Chiu, W.S.; Radiman, S.; Abdullah, M.H.; Khiew, P.S.; Huang, N.M.; Abd-Shukor, R. (2007) One pot synthesis of monodisperse Fe3O4 nanocrystals by pyrolysis reaction of organometallic compound. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 106 (2-3). pp. 231-235. ISSN 02540584

Khiew, P.S.; Radiman, S.; Huang, N.M.; Soot Ahmad, M.; Nadarajah, K. (2005) Preparation and characterization of ZnS nanoparticles synthesized from chitosan laurate micellar solution. Materials Letters, 59 (8-9). pp. 989-993. ISSN 0167577X

Huang, N.M.; Khiew, P.S.; Radiman, S.; Kan, C.S.; Ahmad Md, S. (2004) In situ polymerization of conducting polyaniline in bicontinuous cubic phase of lyotropic liquid crystal. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 247 (1-3). pp. 35-40. ISSN 09277757

Huang, N.M.; Shahidan, R.; Khiew, P.S.; Peter, L.; Kan, C.S. (2004) In situ templating of PbS nanorods in reverse hexagonal liquid crystal. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 247 (1-3). pp. 55-60. ISSN 09277757

Huang, N.M.; Kan, C.S.; Khiew, P.S.; Radiman, S. (2004) Single w/o microemulsion templating of CdS nanoparticles. Journal of Materials Science, 39 (7). pp. 2411-2415. ISSN 00222461

Khiew, P.S.; Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Ahmad, M.S. (2004) Synthesis and characterization of conducting polyaniline-coated cadmium sulphide nanocomposites in reverse microemulsion. Materials Letters, 58 (3-4). pp. 516-521. ISSN 0167577X

Khiew, P.S.; Radiman, S.; Huang, N.M.; Ahamd, M.S. (2004) Synthesis and characterization of copper sulfide nanoparticles in hexagonal phase lyotropic liquid crystal. Journal of Crystal Growth, 268 (1-2). pp. 227-237. ISSN 00220248

Khiew, P.S.; Huang, N.M.; Radiman, S.; Ahmad, M.S. (2004) Synthesis of NiS nanoparticles using a sugar-ester nonionic water-in-oil microemulsion. Materials Letters, 58 (5). pp. 762-767. ISSN 0167577X

Huang, N.M.; Kan, C.S.; Radiman, S. (2003) In situ synthesis of mesoporous CdS nanoparticles in ternary cubic phase lyotropic liquid crystal. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, 76 (4). pp. 555-559. ISSN 09478396

Khiew, P.S.; Radiman, S.; Huang, N.M.; Ahmad, M.D.S. (2003) Studies on the growth and characterization of CdS and PbS nanoparticles using sugar-ester nonionic water-in-oil microemulsion. Journal of Crystal Growth, 254 (1-2). pp. 235-243. ISSN 00220248

Conference or Workshop Item

Chook, S.W.; Chia, C.H.; Zakaria , S.; Ayob , M.K.; Chee, K.L.; Neoh, H.M.; Huang, N.M. (2011) Silver nanoparticles - graphene oxide nanocomposite for antibacterial purpose. In: 2011 International Conference on Nanomaterials, Synthesis and Characterization, ICNSC2011, 2011, Selangor, Malaysia. .

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